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Author, Facilitator and Educator of #Befriendurmind, she shares her years of experience to inspire you to live truthfully and develop practical solutions to all relationships that matter to you, most importantly your relationship with yourself. She gently prepares you to sit with the self: train the mind, increase self-awareness and discover the I’M in IMpossible. With over 10 years of experience applying yoga as a therapy and as a mindful method for relationships and with an extensive education backgrounding including business and international relations, she breaks the practice down step-by-step for you. She amusingly turns the mindFULLness into MindLESSness, so expect a sassy, zen attitude as you work with her adapting this ancient method for modern lifestyles. Kirti currently runs an online Zen Studio with programs:
Myndsnaps: 33 Days to build a free relationship with yourself
Zengrams: 4 weeks for a conscious relationship with difficult relationships
#Befriendurmind Workshops
Ready to #Befriendurmind?
Contact: - Linkedin: KirtiDaryanani and social media @kirti168

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy is writing it for others benefit. Sharing a practice, a solution to feel peace of mind and see others be themselves in relationship, is what makes a difference in the world. That gives me the greatest joy, that a book can offer an alternative way of being.
What do your fans mean to you?
I'm cautious of the words fans, because it's an attachment. I appreciate the loyalty and trust a client places with me, it motivates me to research and be open to new possibilities or ways to guide them to their own insights. Their appreciation to what I do feels as a contribution to their self-worth. Their life matters.
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Kirti is a guide with no labels, many see her as a button pusher with a sassy attitude. She shares the practice of meditation, yoga and other lifestyle practices based on Eastern Philosophy. Indian-Dutch roots, her life is full of color and spice.She currently travels the world facilitating in workshops for clients to befriend the mind; a practical solution to stress-free relationships. Visit her online Zen Studio: @Kirti168, for information on various programs and workshops.


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59 daily mindful practices training the mind to increase self-awareness, be with what is and experience a practical solution for all walks of relationships.

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