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Smashwords book reviews by Stormswift

  • Lovely on Feb. 05, 2013

    A short and rather sad story. Alice is overwhelmed by the emotional and physical abuse inflicted by her parents. She is contemplating suicide as a means of escape and relives one day over and over again. Will she learn from her prior decisions and make the right choice at the end? There are a few spelling errors but these are not distracting.
  • Adelaide Confused on July 25, 2013

    Enjoyable. Adelaide is an empath who was forced by her mother to use pills and therapy to control her ability. She left home at 18, broke off all contact with her family and moved to a small island where she works as a receptionist of a small hotel. Her gift has made it difficult for her to socialise with others. She is unexpectedly pursued by the charismatic and wealthy Reed Wallace, but he has a hidden agenda. She is very attracted to her taciturn neighbour Lucas who appears to finds socialising just as difficult as she does. Adelaide has to pretend to be Reed’s girlfriend but then has to fend off his jealous secretary and his business rival’s violent cronies. I loved the author’s prose and at times I laughed aloud especially when Adelaide yells at a ghost to prevent him from pointing to letters on the Ouija board as he has to work though her: the medium and not spoil her fun! I hope there’ll be a sequel to this novel as the author has left some unanswered questions: what exactly will Adelaide do with the demon book; is Reed romantically interested in her at all or was he just using her and why can’t she sense Lucas’ emotions? Also published review on
  • Love Through Cobra's Eye on Sep. 11, 2013

    An unusual paranormal romance. Rashi Sharma prevents some folk from killing a king cobra. That night, she finds the cobra in her bedroom and it starts talking to her – it’s grateful that she saved its life. She’s terrified and asks it to leave. Shortly thereafter she is hired by the wealthy Chauhan family to be the PA of the very handsome and charming Shesh whose two older brothers: friendly Vrithra and his wife Nuwa; the misogynistic Ahi are equally good looking. Aside from being tall and handsome the brothers share another trait: hairless arms and slitted pupil eyes. Rashi starts getting nightly phone calls from Vasu, the were snake she saved, and after months of calls she falls in love with him and wants to meet him in his human form but he seems oddly hesitant. It’s obvious that one of the brothers is Vasu but is it Shesh who is clearly romantically interested in her or could it be Ahi who scolded her for the temerity to enter his office (a domain in which no women are allowed)? Warning: this book needs editing due to the spelling and grammatical errors. Please don’t allow the errors to put you off from reading this and the other books in this series as this is an entertaining read.
  • Vampire University (Book One in the Vampire University Series) on Nov. 02, 2013

    Taylor’s first week as a university freshman reveals a new world to her: the existence of vampires; gargoyles and leprechauns. Her gregarious roommate Hannah is oddly controlling in her opinions as to whom Taylor should befriend which Taylor naturally resents. Friendly Eric Evans and his dour twin brother Joseph are freshmen who both show an interest in Taylor but whilst both of them are dangerous, one intends to harm her. Between discovering her immunity to the vampires’ enthrallment; the fact that her blood seems to be a “cure” for vampirism; her resident advisor’s snarky behaviour and the freshman Dean’s obnoxious manner, Taylor will be lucky to survive her first week at university. I enjoy the paranormal genre and this novel was entertaining. I did hope that Taylor would have a romantic interest with a certain Evan’s brother but when he noticed his RA Tom’s beautiful green eyes, it was clear that he would not be interested in her.
  • Sanity Siphoned on Nov. 04, 2013

    Well written story with realistic themes. Severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a cruel bully; self harming; subsequent sexual relationship with said bully (a type of Stockholm syndrome!); underage and unprotected sex (luckily heroine was not impregnated); attempted suicide. Even the heroine admits that it’s weird for her to be attracted to the bully. Julienne has been emotionally and physically abused by Michael for two years in guise of “bullying” at school. Their mothers become friends and Michael insults Julienne in her own home. She’s so upset that she cuts herself. Michael later feels physically attracted to her and starts exerting sexual pressure upon her. She’s so emotionally starved that she fails to recognise another form of control being exercised over her. He declares that he’s in love with her yet he fails to make their relationship public and fails to provide her with the emotional support she needs – she’s essentially his booty call. He doesn’t even visit her in the psychiatric facility after her attempted suicide. I think that her HEA with Michael was unbelievable and frankly scary (since realistically it’s like a woman remaining with an abusive partner after he promises that he’s changed). The only bright threads that I could discern in this book were her sincere friendship with Nick Sheldon (a lifeline that Julienne needs) and the fact that she receives the psychiatric care she so desperately needs.
  • Heart of Stone on Nov. 06, 2013

    Gabby is sweet and wears her heart on her sleeve though she’d better develop that filter between her brain and her mouth as she blurts out whatever she’s thinking resulting in embarrassment. Aiden is sophisticated, domineering and definitely controls the relationship. Hot romance with a bitter end. Luckily this is only part one. Liked it, but the frequent use of incorrect words eg. idol vs idle; thou vs though ; dual vs duel was distracting – book needs editing since spell checker will not correct such errors.
  • Lovers on Nov. 06, 2013

    Elaina Freeman is emotionally scarred from childhood sexual abuse. As an adult, she picks up men for one night stands of unprotected sex whilst teasing her married boss Felix de La Cruz. Elaina also initiates sex with her boss. This error culminates in a vicious assault as her boss is not all that he originally appears to be – he’s a remorseless serial killer. Thereafter even she admits that she erred. Duh! Christian Dubois and Malachi Porter are very attractive and wealthy best friends who share Christian’s house and later also share Elaina. The book ends with the three of them in a merrily committed relationship cemented by the exchange of rings and the signature of a palimony agreement to protect her interests and that of their children. A score of 1 is given as whilst the book was a piece of erotic fiction (focusing more on erotica than the background story), the spelling and grammar in this book were very poor. Book desperately needs editing. Heroine was not sympathetic; had a non-existent moral compass and was very aggressive toward women she viewed as rivals. *Scenes of explicit sex and violence. For over 18s only.
  • A Plain Jane Book Two on Nov. 06, 2013

    Story is fast paced and exciting – more so than the first book. Jane finally accepts that she is not plain at all aside from the embarrassing blue spots that are a dead giveaway of her emotional state (eek!) and the shimmering blue streaks in her hair! She becomes more decisive and essentially her own person, now that the nasty “assister” has been removed from her brain – pity she lost the speed, agility and kick a** abilities though! Jane is revealed to be the last of the Paran monarchy (from admin assistant to space princess in less than a month!) and has 9 super powerful robots (and one assassin robot) at her beck and call. Lucas and Jane’s relationship is finally progressing as they rid themselves of doubts and uncertainties. Lucas seems less arrogant and less of the perfect soldier than he was in the first book and becomes more emotional and likeable. Book ends on an utter cliffhanger scene and I’ve already bought book 3 to see what happens next. I think the greatest praise that I can give any book is that I think these books would be a great series of movies. The Galactic Senate scene description reminded me of the Galactic Senate in Star Wars (perhaps that’s where author got the idea?). Grammatical errors are distracting, book needs editing. *Review also published on
  • Colossus on March 11, 2014

    The first half of this novel was rather like a fairytale: with the friendship between young Alice Kenworth and a timid mythical stone man who is thousands of years old yet still a child amongst the other Collossi . This was no fairytale however as the last half quickly descended into an all too grim and brutal reality. It was a poignant ending. Well written and absorbing fantasy tale. *Review also published on diesel ebooks.
  • The Amber Ring (A Novella) on April 01, 2014

    A well written fairy tale about Maya, a sceptical heroine reluctantly taking up the reins after the death of her heroic sister. There’s a dash of death; a significant betrayal and plenty of whimsy. Loved the cute pet names that the cobbler couple had for each other and try saying Gnarlington Gnibblemeister the Geographer Gnome 3 times fast! Enjoyed the novel, hoping that author will publish more in this genre. *Also published review on
  • Hevun's Rebel on July 28, 2014

    Humans are kept alive until they’re past breeding age and then executed. The Tu-atta are aliens of a humanoid type that keep humans enslaved on a large space station. Sahra Johnston is one of 17 children. None of her family bothered to teach her how to speak properly so she mis-pronounces many words but this is no reflection upon her intelligence. She’s a child prodigy although she’s only six! She is mocked by both her siblings and other children who work in the mines but she cares deeply for the welfare of her family who are on the brink of starvation. Eon was an overlord at the station until rebels planted a bomb with the intention of killing him. As a shapeshifter he’s hard to kill so he ends up as a gelatinous blob oozing along the tunnels absorbing sustenance. Sahra mistakes him for a slime dog and cares for and loves him as a pet. At first he regards her as a stepping stool on his way back up the ladder but starts to realise that she is the only being who loves him. It’s a shocking finale and one is left wondering – did little Sahra and Eon die? (If Eon can die that is…) Implausible yes indeed but highly entertaining.
  • Daughter Of The Wind --Western Wind on July 28, 2014

    Bellana had a tendency to blush furiously as a child and earned the nickname Pink. She was sold into slavery after her father died and her mother re-married. At the age of 17, Pink begins to attract unwanted male attention and she fears that her owner may send her to a brothel. She hides in the forest but is caught and kills a man whilst defending herself. As a slave she knows the punishment for this is death and she runs away. She is given shelter by the kindly Johann, a wizard who recognises that Bella has a powerful magical ability. He hides her from Garec (who claims to be her new owner) and flees with her to a large city . En route, they stop at Tomas Ruben’s farm and she learns to heal with magic. She also meets new friends: a half breed unicorn who she names Angel (although he has the disposition of a demon) and a large enchanted wolf: Conlann who can hear her thoughts. Angel’s sire, a unicorn Lorhn, is the first to call Bella: Daughter of the Wind. Later a captured Tergal soldier refers to her as a faerie; a changeling. Conlann teaches her sword fighting. When they reach the city, Bella enlists in the army (to prevent being forced back into slavery) and her sword skill attracts the attention of Prince Torel a captain in the King’s Guard. Conlann (a man who had been forced into a wolf form) has been sans companionship for two hundred years and quickly falls in love with Bella and is jealous of the men she meets. She acknowledges her feelings for him too but knows that it cannot last if his enchantment is unbroken. Torel orders Bella and her “brother” to infiltrate the court of the Tergral. Magic; adventure; a dash of romance – overall a great fantasy novel. There are a few editing issues that can be corrected by proofreading. *Review also published on the site.
  • Carpe DiEmily (Part 1): A Free Romance / Romantic Comedy Chick Lit on July 28, 2014

    Depressed Emily plans to commit suicide but is convinced by the unscrupulous Mr. Becker to sell all of her organs for a large sum of money that she can use to fulfil some of her dreams for a year before fulfilling her end of the deal. Emily’s bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies: Country dancing; adopting a pet; getting drunk; parasailing; visiting a tropical island; getting a tattoo; visiting New York; skinny dipping; meeting Woody Allen; having a one-night stand; running with the bulls in Pamplona and making love under the stars in Paris. There is of course the added goal of doing all of the above before end of 12 months at which point creepy Mr. Becker gets all of her organs. *Review also published on
  • Australian Magic on Sep. 27, 2014

    In the year 2036, anarchy occurred when the supernatural beings of the world came out of hiding and overthrew human rule. Everything before then is known as BA (before anarchy). In this world an extremely powerful supernatural being called the Mediator married a witch and their child is M. Years later after her mother is murdered M’s dad mysteriously leaves her. During her travels she reaches a Seelie forest and is trained by an elite unit. She meets fairies (who look like Tinkerbell but are carnivorous and have been known to eat people alive; dwarves famed for their metalwork; reconnects with her giant friend Manny; Seelie and Unseelie fae; Werewolves; and a sexy black dragon in human form who declares her to be his hoard. She unwittingly becomes the next mediator when she stands up for the rights of the lesser fae.
  • Tortured Dreams on Nov. 11, 2014

    Wow! It’s been years since I’ve read such a chilling novel. This book is not for the faint hearted or those with sensitive stomachs! Rather gruesome descriptions of torture. Story centres around Aislinn Cain (think of a female version of that Dexter character) a sociopath from childhood (with a genius level IQ). At the age of 8 she was kidnapped, then killed her abductor and escaped. Since then several serial killers gravitated towards her and attacked her under the mistaken belief that she is prey when in fact she’s the predator. Aislinn is invited to join the SCTU (Serial Crimes Tracking Unit) and is nicknamed Ace by her team mates. Ace’s first case involves tracking a killer(s) that is murdering people in groups of ten via ancient torture methods e.g. the Iron Maiden. Her 2 friends: Nyleena (a prosecutor) and Malachi (an FBI agent) can barely tolerate each other but love her. Malachi is a psychopath who admits to Aislinn that she is the only person he’d exchange his life for. A good (albeit disturbing) read that was difficult to put down. * Review also published on
  • Elysium Dreams on Nov. 11, 2014

    My favourite lines in this book are spoken by Aislinn (nicknamed Ace): “I’m a monster but a good monster. I can live with that.” Aislinn Cain (think of a female version of that Dexter character) is a sociopath from childhood (with a genius level IQ). At the age of 8 she was kidnapped, then killed her abductor and escaped. Since then several serial killers gravitated towards her and attacked her under the mistaken belief that she is prey when in fact she’s the predator. Book 2 picks up about 6 months after Ace joined the SCTU (Serial Crimes Tracking Unit). It’s as gruesome as book 1 (Tortured Dreams): not for the faint hearted or those with sensitive stomachs!. A serial killer in Alaska has murdered and skinned dozens of women. The SCTU team is called in to investigate. This time the reader is told almost from the beginning who the killer is, so it’s interesting to read about the team’s interactions with him (as they don’t know that he’s the man they’re hunting). Ace proves just how tough she is during his first attempt to abduct her, when she inflicts far more damage to him than vice versa. Poetic justice. He’s intelligent, ruthless, extremely dangerous and he may just prove to be Ace’s nemesis. A good (albeit disturbing) read that was difficult to put down. The book was well written, aside from a few editing errors and I thought that the author repeated the words “serial killer” too often. If you haven’t read book 1, the author has summarised part thereof during Ace’s explanations to others.
  • Revived (Revived, #1) on Dec. 26, 2014

    Great sci-fi / dystopian concept. This interesting book grabbed and kept my attention throughout. The cover art is striking. In 2075, Vivian Clancy is revived from cryogenic storage 30 years after her murder. She’s in a huge underground complex where the predominant decorating colour is a cold clinical white. The Earth’s surface has apparently been devastated hence the underground facility. Prior to her revival she was implanted with a robotic heart, but what is the purpose thereof? She is one of six people who have an odd black swirl tattooed on the right hand. Her questions about what has happened are ignored. Rob, a scientist, keeps trying to kill her – as he says she murdered his father. Dr. Dara Janelle lies frequently and blocks Vivian from receiving any pertinent information. Meanwhile Piers, Vivian’s brother, while initially glad to see her, subsequently largely ignores her. The frequent use of incorrect words (incorrect tense etc) can be corrected by proof reading. Due to the following factors I’ve deducted 2 stars from my review: there was no explanation given as to why the surface air was poisonous; a machine intended to clean the Earth’s air of poison gas has to be started with a kick (yes, a kick – this was even questioned by one of the characters in the book); there is no decontamination process when people return from a sojourn into the poisonous air and the book’s end was very abrupt. If the author intended this to be first of a series; this should have been specified in the title or synopsis.
  • Small Acts of Supernatural Kindness on March 02, 2015

    10 Year old Makensie meets a Sasquatch that needs help. Well written and delightful short story. I rather hope that the author will publish a novel continuing the adventures of Makensie.
  • Beneath the Waves on March 02, 2015

    Beneath The Waves Three generations ago, starships deposited human colonists on a planet. Unfortunately the planet was already occupied by aquatic beings who did not take kindly to the construction of a floating city. These beings changed the planet’s weather patterns resulting in a waterworld with one last small human village. Meredith is 14 years old and often day dreams about what could be living beneath the waves. She is the only person who can hear a haunting melody and this means that she is the only being that can right the wrongs done to the world. Together with the help of various aquatic species, Meredith will strive to re-balance the world. Enjoyable fantasy tale. To rescue a hero A bitter sweet short story that is a sequel to Beneath The Waves. Meredith mysteriously disappeared and was never found despite diligent searches by her companions. Generations later, many of the races of the re-balanced world no longer respect the need for unity amongst all species. The time has come for the greatest hero to be found.
  • Portal to Freedom on March 10, 2015

    Although Char (which is a great name for a dragon) at first scares young Dusk, he soon pities the frightened young kitsune (3 tailed fox) and is determined to help her escape from the Zoo and find the portal to their world. Well written, entertaining short story. Loved the concept that Char had to eat spicy food before breathing fire! Plenty of scope for the author to expand the tale to a novel as there are unanswered questions e.g. why would a young kitsune be abandoned and why was Char exiled from his home world?
  • The Family Secret - Sara & the Sarcastic Creatures Book 1 on Dec. 15, 2015

    I enjoyed this highly entertaining novel of whimsical adventure. Weird creatures (albeit not sarcastic!) included Oliver who resembled an onion; a debonair Parisian gargoyle tour guide; a fortune-telling con artist toad and many others. If you enjoy fantasy novels do read this, but be may be left wondering about what may be bathing in your cup of coffee (heh! heh!). Eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. There were a few editing errors that can be corrected with proofreading.
  • Wind: Book one of the 360 series on March 07, 2016

    Every 360 days the Earth spins in the opposite direction resulting in some people; animals and inanimate objects falling into another world, another Earth where no one ages and no babies are born. Seventeen year old Nicky awakens to find to her horror that she’s trapped in this world, with no possible escape. She meets various people: some of whom will help her survive in this new reality while others will try to hurt her. Liked this so I was disappointed to find that there’s no sequel yet. Storyline was exciting enough to make me not want to put the book down until I’d finished it. Book reminded me of Sea of Dreams by C.L. Bevill. Several homophone errors e.g. their vs there; tale vs tail that can be corrected with proofreading.
  • Beyond the Plains on April 04, 2016

    This is book 1 of the World of Myth series. If you enjoyed the fantasy worlds of the Dragonlance and Harry Potter series, you’ll find that the World of Myth series is equally entertaining. Absorbing fantasy saga. The author has created a fantastic world that incorporates various fabled sentient species including amongst others: minotaurs; gnomes; leprechauns; ogres; colossi and a few angels. Each species has their individual character traits and foibles. Emily Stout is a plucky 16-year-old human heroine who was raised on a farm in the Plains, a harsh life tempered by the support of her loving family. Emily (as with most other teenagers raised in humble surrounding) longs for greener pastures, to see the world beyond the plains. She travels to the city of Lucifan that is under the protection of 5 angels, one of whom takes an interest in her. She also develops a crush on knight based in Lucifan. When she encounters trouble, she’s all too aware of her limitations but determined to do what is right. The kind of heroine you can root for. Book is well written. I'm eagerly anticipating reading the rest of the books in the series. *Review also published on Amazon.
  • Aperture on July 09, 2016

    This is more of a post apocalyptic novel than a fantasy. Tess/Jessica sees through the eyes of and feels the emotions of another woman occasionally, a woman who is a killing machine. Despite the implication in the synopsis Tess didn't manipulate the emotions of others in this book, perhaps if she'd done so, the people that tried to help her wouldn't have been killed. This novel was essentially: girl gets caught by an evil man who threatens to force her into prostitution (fortunately he didn't enact that threat), she escapes, is re-captured by the same man with same threat. She has the opportunity twice to kill said man but lets him go and he immediately kills people that tried to help her. At the end of the novel, Tess suddenly displays some telekinetic ability just in time to lose a fight with a creepy claw beast/woman. Various homophone errors noted. Overall I didn't enjoy the read as too many threads left unfinished/unexplained e.g. how was Tess separated from her family; where did the claw beast come from; why didn't Tess use her abilities sooner? Based on this novel, I'm not inclined to read others in The Last Revenant series.
  • The Legend of Oescienne - The Finding (Book One) on July 09, 2016

    An epic fantasy adventure tale. A land where once humans; elves; dragons; unicorns; faun etc. lived in harmony is now under an evil king’s rule. Centuries ago, the king destroyed all humans and transformed the last humans of the city of Tanaan into dragons. Then a prophecy foretold that pure blood human girl would be born and would vanquish the king. Jahrra is that child, placed by dragons in the care of a poor but caring couple. She is raised to believe that she is Nesnan (mix of humn/elvish/dwarven blood). She attends school and makes two friends but is tormented endlessly by a pair of wealthy cruel twins. She becomes the ward of kindly dragon Hroombra who is so old he can no longer fly, but she hates the younger dragon Jaax who is cold towards her. Delightful story - after finishing this book, I bought the next 4 books in the series. I deducted 1 star due to the grammar errors that could be corrected with proofreading.
  • The Legend of Oescienne - The Beginning (Book Two) on July 09, 2016

    17 years have passed since Jahrra was found and she’s spent half her life as the ward of Hroombra, an elderly dragon (who wears specially made spectacles to read his many books (loved that imagery!)). Her friendship with the witch/hag of the swamp Denaeh is still a secret from Hroombra and Jaax. Denaeh is aware of the girl’s destiny and tries to give her clues of this, by sending her into a creepy area where she meets dangerous mythical creatures. The dragons on the other hand try to prepare her for her future by sending her for combat training with an elven couple and by teaching her Draggish, the language of the dragons. Jahrra (still unaware that she is human) is content with her life and her friends despite the ongoing torment by the other children at school. Unfortunately that contentment is destroyed by the death of someone she loves dearly. This prompts the need for her to flee with Phrym, her pet semequin (type of horse) and under the protection of Jaax despite her continued dislike of him. Delightful fantasy adventure tale. I deducted 1 star due to the grammar errors that could be corrected with proofreading.
  • Horse With No Name on July 23, 2016

    Julia Thoms, an only child of a judge, was content until her father laughed at her dream of becoming the first female lawyer in their town. She is now estranged from her parents and has lived for 6 weeks in the small town named Horse. Whilst coping with being the school teacher and avoiding the matchmaking efforts of the mayor's wife, she cannot stop her curiosity about the attack on the solitary James Hunter. Her efforts to bring his attackers to justice are unappreciated by widower Jack Merrick, the only constable in town. Unfortunately her stubborness may endanger her life as the truth about James Hunter (I didn't suspect that at all!) and his attacker is revealed. Enjoyable cosy mystery with moderate violence, an awkward hero and a headstrong female sleuth. Hoping that further books in the series will develop a sweet romance for Julia with either Jack or Walt the blacksmith who seems to hiding a few secrets of his own. *review also published on amazon.
  • Good Vs. Evil High on July 24, 2016

    Kristine was recruited into North Haven after an act of incredible bravery attracted the attention of the school. Whilst I like the main character, I was disappointed with her lackadaisical attitude towards her "relationship" with Roman. She was quick to assert to her friends that he was not her boyfriend but she didn't say this to him - a sign of her immaturity. This was a direct contributor to what later happened. Despite this Roman's behaviour was inexcusable. It was weird how none of the students at NHHS found it creepy that their movements were being constantly recorded. Surely their kind Headmaster should not have allowed this? Luke Knight - the bad boy (quite literally) that Kristine falls for is the stereotypical handsome guy. However he was a criminal and chose to remain on that path even when given a better option, Kristine doesn't find this at all worrying, yet another sign of her immaturity. Cinder high - the school for villains was disturbing. Morose, violent students who find it insulting to be thanked. A cruel Headmaster that kills students for insolence. A good light read. *Review also published on Amazon
  • Shreiber and Tome: Unlucky Vamps on July 26, 2016

    Laughed often whilst reading this. If you like detective novels with a paranormal twist and plenty of humour you’ll find this to be enjoyable too. With tips from (un)reliable sources including a vampire wearing pink fluffy bat shaped slippers and a cross-dressing demon stylishly (ahem!) attired in a blue sequinned gown, Lil and her partner are on the case. They're hoping that they’ll be paid by the vampire prince who hired them to find a serial killer and not be treated to a view of their internal organs on the outside of their bodies. May we all be protected from CBP (Chronic Body Plop) –an illness suffered by various characters in the book whereby limbs fall off and need to be sewn back on (often done by the limb owner by his/herself). Heh! Heh! Favourite lines: “Don’t come crying to me if you get eviscerated, desiccated or any other –ated.” “I have you on speed dial, under: Irritating person I wouldn’t bite to save my mother.”
  • The Lost Wagon Train on July 30, 2016

    A well written story geared for children and the young at heart. 12 year old Retta Barre hopes for adventure and to be something other than ordinary. She has a crush on her friend's brother but he sees her only as a pal. Then she meets and befriends Two Bears a Shoshone Indian and his family and her adventures begin.
  • Book 6: Spirit Light on Aug. 03, 2016

    If you like tales about dragons and dragon riders, you'll enjoy this book. Rehema is a Dragon Ryder - her bond is La'Kera the first Dy'Monian dragon hatched in 300 years. The pair have special powers that continue to enhance as they grow stronger. In this book Rehema has a new mentor Damien Balrok. The term mentor from hell is a mild description of this sadistic Ryder who punishes her with zaps of lightning, beats her during their sparring sessions and doesn't seem to be teaching her anything about magic. It's disconcerting that the academy allowed that kind of abuse. Her abilities do give forewarnings of delgori (a type of vampire) attacks that Damien at first ignores but later takes seriously. Her spirit light power is impressive as it turns delgori into ash. Rehema's heartache over the two year separation from her kindred spirit Connor doesn't preclude her pursuing a forbidden relationship with Creston (Connor's twin). I gave this 4 stars as whilst I enjoyed the story, there were many errors incl. homophone errors that should (by book 6 in a series) be picked up by proofreading.
  • The Guardians of the Forest: Book One on Aug. 05, 2016

    Enjoyable fantasy read. Although the book has a somewhat slow start when Kiethara was basically alone in the forest, it was necessary to set the main character of a fabled powerful guardian. As any lonely, isolated person would, she longed for company. Her world expanded when she met Navadar, her first human friend who became her first love. Whilst he was sweet and initially a good match for her (despite his wariness of magic), the change in his character towards the end of the book was unexpected. The identity of her father was quite a twist. Kiethara's journey to and brief stay in the city was also an eye-opener for her in various ways. Eagerly anticipating reading the next book. Deducted 1 star due to the errors that can be corrected with proof-reading. *Review also published on amazon.
  • The Guardians of the Forest: Book Two on Aug. 06, 2016

    Enjoyable fantasy read. After her nasty experiences in Redawn and her fight with Navadar, Kiethara is relieved to be back in the forest. However Aaron, the spirit that guided her since she was three, now starts training her to fight Gandador. Aaron's origins are finally explained in this book. On her 16th birthday, she finally experiences the full power that a forest guardian is capable of but also learns that she must be the one to kill Gandador. Kiethara makes her first female friend, Camella a girl of her own age who lessens her loneliness. Navadar comes back and resumes his role as romantic interest although I thought Kiethara was far too quick to forgive the awful things he said during their fight. Gandador grows in power too and acquires sidekicks that are evil strong magic users. His cruel influences starts spreading in Redawn and other cities and it's just a matter of time until he attacks Kiethara again. Kiethara's overwhelming grief over the loss of a beloved friend, distracts her from her duty as a guardian. Will she be able to defeat Gandador with the help of her remaining allies? A good conclusion to this 2 part book series. Book needs proof reading to correct spelling and other errors. *Review also published on amazon.
  • Allie Bedeviled on July 01, 2017

    Favourite line “When situational crazy is driving the train, you should always keep your personal crazy tucked in the attic” While fleeing from Frank the psychotic rapist and blind date from hell, Allie falls through ice covering a frozen pond and keeps falling. She lands in the lowest level of hell, meets Ferrous a minion, and begins her climb up through hell’s nine circles. Along the way she meets many lost souls including Myrtle (who in life upholstered furniture in skins of her victims) and Boo Boo (a cannibalistic clown). The minion has devious plans that involve Allie and Satan. Allie’s only goals are to get her slipper back from crazy Frank, and escape from hell armed only with her fuzzy slippers, tablecloth and penguin covered pjs. Perhaps a cold day in hell will lead to her escape. Entertaining black comedy novel. There were a few errors that can be corrected with proofreading.
  • The Wall on July 08, 2017

    Well written apocalyptic novel. Like most other people after the disease outbreak, Sarah's family has died but she finds others to care about: Mrs. Franklin an elderly neighbour, Mary an orphan, a stray cat, and Martin an infected man from the South Zone. Despite only knowing Martin for less than a week, Sarah strives to help him get medicine to the infected in the South Zone. This places Sarah and those she cares about at risk when gangs break through the wall. A good and rather realistic story in my opinion, displaying both kindness and cruelty in human nature. *review also published on amazon
  • Georgia on July 18, 2017

    Chelsea grew up in Georgia and has a heavy southern accent to prove it! Hired killers try to murder her , but being a tough gal, she kills them! She flees and enlists in the navy. Sadly the FSN (Federal States Navy) recruitment officer’s spiel of career possibilities falls far short of the reality. This leads to the part of the book that I didn’t like: women recruited into the navy are not allowed to learn as the males do e.g. space navigation; advanced weaponry etc. Instead women are there to ensure the comfort of the men (i.e. the women are concubines!)Fortunately Chelsea is under seventeen and she’s exempted from that “training”. She receives preferential treatment due to her surprisingly influential biological family and is granted the position of an ensign aboard a warship. With many amusing phrases like “Grinning like a fresh water squid” the book was interesting and action packed. 2 Stars removed since downloading epub version resulted in network errors, twice!, so book was read online. *review also published on amazon.
  • Ruth's Adventure on July 23, 2017

    I purchased this book thinking it was a heart-warming adventure of a child on a wagon trail in the old west. Unfortunately this was not the case at all. I do not recommend this book for younger readers and sensitive older readers as the book has (fortunately inexplicit) references to emotional , physical and sexual abuse of a child; rape; adultery; voyeurism; nudity; assault and seriously odd conversations between a mother and Ruth, her 8 year old daughter about the mother’s lover. *1 star is awarded for the portrayal of the Andrews sibling relationship and the courage of the children. *Review also published on amazon.
  • Emergence on July 29, 2017

    An interesting cross genre (scifi and fantasy) novel. In a future world where hover cars and superhumans are the norm, Darby Shaw's main concern is whether or not she's passed the detective's exam. She's wholly unaware of her superhuman genes until at the scene of a murder, she resuscitates the murder victim. Darby's life becomes very complicated when the "Alphabet soup" of many government agencies demand to take away her rights and place her in a facility for testing. The story was so intriguing I bought the next 2 books in the series at another retailer as, unfortunately the discounted trilogy version with the free short story is presently unavailable on smashwords.
  • Beast on Jan. 03, 2018

    A modern re-telling of the beauty and the beast fairytale. Twists include: Annie experiences the last few minutes of murder victims' lives in real time so she can nothing to save them; Alex (contrary to other versions of the beast) does not keep Annie prisoner; Annie's dad is a rock star and thus steals nothing from the beast; Sydney a powerful and immortal witch pretending to be a high schooler and of course the werewolf (the reader is kept in the dark as to this person's human identity until the end of the novel). If you liked the movie: Beastly then you’ll enjoy this novel (I kept picturing those characters as I read this).
  • Flecks on Jan. 14, 2018

    An unusual fantasy tale about a young shapeshifter who can transform into various animals. She only discovers her ability and the fact that other non humans exist, when she’s in her teens. Enjoyable read, but needs professional editing to clear the spelling etc errors. Whilst this is a stand alone novel, it’s a pity that there’s no sequel available as I would’ve liked to read more about Riley’s abilities and whether she made the right choice between her 2 romantic interests.
  • Raven's Flight: A Dragon Romance on July 04, 2018

    This story began with the birth (not hatching!) of a seeker dragon. This concept was so unusual that I was immediately intrigued, thinking this could be one of the best fantasy novels I've read. Unfortunately the story soon segued into biblical preaching by Audrey. As the author is a priest, I guess this is understandable but the novel is in the fantasy genre, with the tags dragon fantasy and dragon romance. The religious segue was frankly weird in a fantasy novel, and ruined my enjoyment of the story. 3 stars for the fresh concept at the start of the novel. The available excerpt of the book: Temptation of Dragons clearly follows the same trend of biblical preaching although that is also a fantasy novel. 3 stars for the fresh concept at the start of the novel.
  • The Summer Apprentice (The First Season of Elsewhen) on July 31, 2018

    A great start to an epic fantasy adventure. There is segregation in Amedian society- the Wizards provide magic for tasks from lighting hearthfires and healing broken bones to maintaining weather patterns. The Plain are folk without magic who provide the labour force for the Wizards. This status quo is about to change as a Plain girl becomes one of the most powerful Wizards ever. She also has a rare magical ability that has existed twice before in Grand Wizard Stormcloud and Blight. An entertaining read.
  • Strain of Resistance (Bixby Series book 1) on Sep. 10, 2018

    A good post apocalyptic tale. Unfortunately it ends on a cliff hanger and a sequel is not yet published at Sept 2018 .
  • The Fourth Law on Nov. 13, 2018

    Unique blend of Catholicism and science fiction. Story grasped my interest. Intriguing concept of machine civilisation. Book expands on the well known (at least among readers familiar with the science fiction genre) Asimnov's 3 laws of robotics: by adding a fourth law. This new law is a compulsion not a command and the robots are able to disregard the 1st 3 laws. A dystopian setting in the US as the implication in this novel is that life continued as normal in the rest of the world whilst the "Break up" occurred in the US. A major unanswered question: why did Mr. Barrett commit the atrocities? An English translation / glossary should have been provided for the Japanese words and phrases used in the book.
  • Mystery in Pink: Adventures in the Wine Country #1: on Nov. 17, 2018

    Jessica a newly divorced ex-cop moves to wine country to be a trail guide. She has a one-night stand with a married man. She's aware of his reputation for having many affairs but she decides he's her soul mate. She’s shocked when he dumps her. The end. As the book was in the categories: Chick lit; Humor; Mystery and Detective, I expected a crime solving female sleuth with humorous romantic entanglements. Instead the book is about horses; food; and wine (all 3 topics discussed ad nauseam) and a mystery vortex with healing and hallucinogenic properties. Unamusing. Not much of a mystery / detective tale. Book was so boring, I skipped many pages of tedious descriptions. Photos e.g. a pic of a rattlesnake and sage, were included in the book, thus accounting for the large 1.9mb size. The only parts of the book that lifted the tedium were the rattlesnake and stable killer incidents plus Jessica's affirmations of being a strong woman (hence the 2 stars).
  • Shutter on Nov. 18, 2018

    Suspense filled short story. Mim an orphan adopted by a couple from a poor farming community, is thrilled to inherit a house, that if sold, could mean her attendance at college. Unfortunately the evil contained in the house has been the cause of many deaths. Unexpected ending. Story needs proof reading to correct use of incorrect words e.g. sheik versus chique or chic.
  • Mystery at the Covington Museum, " A Knight to Remember", Volume 2 on Nov. 20, 2018

    3 Stars for a well written book and an adventurous tale of Jamie: a young escapee from an orphanage where she was bullied by the other girls and by the teacher. She now lives in the attic of a museum with the help of the kindly janitor. The statues of the knights come alive at night (which reminded me of the "Night at the Museum" film series). Jamie is taken by Sir Destrian to a medieval world. She is forced to work in the stables with Alwin who patiently teaches her how to care for the horses. Her longing to see the stars at night leads the pair to an old wizard in the woods who allows the orphans a brief glimpse of magic. While this is an adventure tale it should not in my opinion be in the genre "Mystery & detective" or "Woman Sleuths" - as there is no detective reasoning in this book. Sir Destrian in addition to being an evil knight is also a pedophile. The references to sexual assaults of children (the little girl who froze to death and the stable boy) were very disturbing.
  • Deceit on Nov. 26, 2018

    This is one of the most action packed books I've ever read. Definitely the one with the most fight scenes. Morgana is a vampire ±250 years old with the ability to transform into mist; a swarm of bats and a black wolf and to re-generate/self-heal her injuries. The latter skill is useful as despite her long years of existence, she hasn't acquired many fighting skills. This book can be considered to be a stand alone novel. A sequel would be interesting, especially if Morgana has a re-match with Lu Bei. Sensitive readers should note: Scenes of graphic violence and LGBT scenes.
  • Farcrest on Dec. 23, 2018

    Having come of age and thus become Freeborn, Tear sets off on a journey to find her father. The adage 'be careful what you wish for' is apt for this well written short story with a very unexpected twist in the tale.
  • Taken Liberty: A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles on Dec. 26, 2018

    A thought provoking book showing that abuse; bigotry and indifference are intensely cruel and that freedom can never be over-rated. The Confederated Worlds comprises inter alia: The Confederates (bio-enhanced humans); Terrans (non-enhanced humans); Hecate (a planet where all humans are wiccans) ; Phaetorian (mind reading abilities and can also control the human body e.g, ordering someone's heart to stop) and Varthans (the slavers and their sex slaves referred to as ferals). The Confederacy needs the food produced by the Varthans and so turns a blind eye to the slavery that is supposed to be outlawed. No slave escapes the Varthans but Aer'La did. After being abused from a very young age, her need to escape emerges after a young male slave is murdered for the crime of loving her. She eventually serves as a bosun on the Titan. The ship is commanded by Captain Jan Atal, the only male she had met thus far who did not try to take sexual advantage of her. Instead he treated her with kindness and hid the fact that she was an escaped slave allowing her to form friendships with other young midshipmen. Her tenuous contentment is ripped away when a particularly nasty ship's doctor realises via a DNA scan that she's a Varthan feral and notifies the authorities. (I hoped that the ship's Wiccan would turn that doctor into a toad) Will Aer'La choose to end her life to avoid returning to slavery or will she choose a life of freedom? Sensitive readers: the descriptions of sexual abuse of children is disturbing but comprise a minimal part of the book.
  • Taryn's Hunt: A Gryphon's Story on Dec. 28, 2018

    A great story. A world parallel to our own, where mythical creatures have jobs e.g. unicorns are doctors and lawyers and others are very different to the typical genre e.g. vampires who eat solid food cannot fly. Taryn received commendations for her police work but due to her small stature (the size of a house cat) and her alcoholic father she gets minimal attention from other gryphons. When her last partner is injured during their capture of a rogue vampire, her boss assigns Taryn a new partner Peter, a human with little knowledge of her world. She distrusts him but they'll have to work together to solve a serial murder.
  • The Winged Guardian on Jan. 02, 2019

    Leigh becomes the contract holder for the school's demon heartthrob, Dylan. This contract means that if she requests him to do anything, he'll take her soul. Although the angel/demon storyline isn't new, there were a few interesting twists that give this novel great potential. The forest dwellers were charming and the ravens were pets. Thus 2 stars. Unfortunately this book needs editing and proof reading. Many spelling errors. I thought that none of the following in the book added value to the story: use of the word "s..t" 5 times in 2 lines; a paragraph solely repeating the word "ignore" and another paragraph solely repeating the acronym "wtf". Per the cover- this is book 1 of the World with Demons series. Due to the editing/spelling issues mentioned above, I'm unlikely to read the sequels when available.
  • The Culling on Jan. 03, 2019

    The villagers' peaceful vegetarian lifestyle would be idyllic except for the Clacamash who brutally cull the villagers each year. The unfortunate are carted away to a fate that is feared to be food. Young Corlu wishes her village would move far away, to be free of their tormentors, but the adults have accepted the cullings as part of life. When a second culling occurs mere weeks after another, 3 of Corlu's friends join her quest to find a better place for their people. Their quest leads to adventure; danger; tragedy and betrayal by others. It'll take a willingness to see beyond fear if Corlu and friends are ever to see their village again. A sweet romance between Corlu and Lian (the young man who was her childhood friend) is a thread to the story but not the main focus thereof. A well written, interesting; (refreshingly) clean and stand alone novel. A sequel would be great to find out whether the villagers managed to find peace again and whether the Clacamash received justice.
  • Miss Landon and Aubranael on Jan. 07, 2019

    Absolutely delightful fantasy tale that I shall enjoy re-reading.It’s a large file >5mb on my e-reader; book is 225 pages with lovely illustrations. Aylfenhame is a magical realm parallel to the normal world (in this case the town of Tilby in 1811 England). Aubranael’s face is badly disfigured by a dark magic curse. He's been alone and friendless since childhood in a realm that values beauty. Some brownies and goblins do menial labour for the humans of Tilby and some like Balligumph the troll have a self appointed job. In his case – toll-keeper of the bridge (demanding secrets and gossip as a toll instead of cash). Miss Sophy Landon is the only child of Tilby’s impoverished parson. She’s kind, clumsy, plain and in her late twenties so she is regarded as being “on the shelf” and unlikely to catch a rich husband. The troll gives her passage to Aylfenhame and there she meets Aubranael. He's enchanted by her and visits a witch who temporarily grants him a handsome visage. He visits Tilby in the guise of Mr. Stanton, with the help of the mysterious Mr. Green, and uses his new face to try to win Sophy's heart. The glamour will fade, and what will happen when Sophy realises that the handsome and wealthy Mr. Stanton is an illusion? What price will the witch demand for her spell?
  • Death of a Succubus on Jan. 12, 2019

    Book 5 of the series picks up 6 months after the events of Council of Betrayal. Olivia cares for Logan's baby Ginny as if she were her own child. The legal settlement with the betrayer Grams is just finalised, when Olivia is shot and hovers on the brink of death. For the first time, there are chapters in Logan's perspective as he struggles to find the shooter whilst coping with his mate's injuries. Master vampire Tate is starving his coven and if they go on a feeding frenzy, they'll devastate the city. There are plot twists as we discover Olivia's origins in an alternate dimension; her parents (who are the opposite of the Waltons); and the truth about how she ended up being raised by the sadistic Selena.
  • Legacy of the Succubus on Jan. 12, 2019

    In the 6th and final book of the series, Olivia is tasked to rescue the fae despite her doubts about whether they deserve such a rescue. She also has to keep her promises to free the mermaids and grumpy unicorns who assisted her when she was in the alternate dimension (read about her promise in the book: Death of a Succubus). Olivia will need the help of her mate Logan; her father the Magician; her friends and even a dragon with a sense of humour. She'll have to face the darkness within her if she hopes to succeed. This was an exciting series. Sensitive readers should note: series contains scenes of explicit sex and violence and reference to abuse of children and teenagers.
  • Qualify on April 01, 2019

    A dystopian novel reminiscent of the Hunger Games. When Earth is threatened by an extinction level event (an asteroid), all hope is lost until humans from another galaxy (from the fabled Atlantis) offer a chance for some. 10 million teenagers will have a chance to flee Earth via 2000 ark ships. There's catch, instead of a lottery, teenagers who want to qualify for a place on the ark ships will have to endure brutal contests where they are allowed and even encouraged to kill each other. Gwen Lark is a below average candidate until her powerful voice is revealed, a voice that'll give her an edge.
  • Current Affair on April 02, 2019

    Liked this well written and unusual fantasy romance. As a teen, Cordelia had a crush on her friend Dardagat a merman who was oblivious to her feelings. Years later, Cordelia (now a Sea Witch) helped a certain little mermaid princess to get her legs. Cordelia returns to Okeanos but she's inherited the bad reputation of all sea witches (they tend to make tricky deals with sea folk - a buyer beware scenario). Dardagat has grown to be a knight and the king's champion. He has the same view of sea witches as other merfolk. He is sent to question Cordelia to find out why she is in the kingdom. The overall imagery and language e.g. slow as a turtle were delightful.
  • Just Cause on April 05, 2019

    If you enjoyed the X-Men movies/comics, then this book is a must read. Instead of mutants, these heroes are referred to as parahumans. Saleana Thompson aka Mustang Sally is a speedster just like her mom and grandmother. At 18 years old, she's recommended for an internship at Just Cause, a team of heroes. There she meets and falls in love with Jason. She also encounters Destroyer, who killed her father. Many people are being murdered by Destroyer and Just Cause heads out to deliver justice. When battle ensues, some heroes will not survive. The book is a good blend of fantasy; romance (note that the book should be tagged adult due to sexual situations); adventure; action and a bit of humour e.g. the bands "Velma's Glasses" and "Neville and his toad" (if you like the fantasy genre you'll know where those names originated).
  • Blade Song on April 07, 2019

    Kitasa Colbana is half human and half aneis. Her childhood was a nightmare as she was raised by her grandmother was sadistic and cruel. Kit escaped when she was 16 and she heard the song of her late mother's blade. Only some of the aneis can hear the blade song and specific weapons teleport to them when they need it. Now Kit is a private investigator working for the supernatural community of witches; shifters and vampires. Damon Lee a cat shifter brings her a job offer that she can't turn down: finding the runaway nephew of the local cat alpha. A paranormal romance/adventure that you'll won't want to put down.
  • Night Blade on April 07, 2019

    Night Blade picks up Kits story a few months after Blade Song ended. Kit has been bitten by Damon (again) and the pack acknowledges his claim and her importance in his life. Doyle (the young tiger shifter she'd saved before) resents her until he's finally told that his rescue was due to her insight. Justin, a powerful witch and Kit's ex, is back with job offer for Kit that could result in her saving Damon's life. Justin's spell prevents her from telling Damon about this. Damon breaks her heart and then Jude (the vampire) kidnaps her; breaking her spirit and body. Her bond with the blade is broken too and she can't hear the blade song. Will her friends come for her before its too late? A fast paced paranormal fantasy, considerably darker than book 1.
  • Broken Blade on April 07, 2019

    Broken Blade picks up Kits story 4 months after Night Blade. T.J. and Goliath have been Kit's support since her rescue. She's serving at the bar in wolf haven and wants nothing to do with her prior job. Damon finally breaks through the wards placed against him and pleads for her to return but Kit's trust in him is broken. T.J. pushes Kit to accept a job that has her picking up the threads of her old life and re-entering Damon's world. A new ancient, mysterious and powerful client asks Kit to find a lost artifact. Kit's suspicions are well founded as the artifact is Pandora's box and the owner will wreak havoc on all supernaturals. It's time for the witches; shifters and vampires to work together. A paranormal fantasy that you'll want to read in one sitting.
  • Hayden's Will on April 08, 2019

    Hayden tried to rape Rudy when they were alone in the cabin. He should have been arrested instead Rudy quickly forgives this behaviour and marries him. That's not romance, that's scary and reminds me of stockholme syndrome.
  • In the name of water on April 10, 2019

    Liked this intriguing and well written short story. Especially as I know that the water restrictions in certain South African cities are still in place at present!
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #0 Dragon's Brood: Egg Hatchlings' Ritual on April 10, 2019

    A short story (26 pages on my e-reader) that introduces the reader to Cara-Aabilynn, an unloved and unwanted child born with a stunted arm and leg. She was only 5 years old when her father gave her to Bork in settlement of a debt. After 7 years of enslavement and enduring misery and ill treatment by Bork and his family, Cara arrives at the Dragon Rite. She's there as Bork's slave but her world changes when she sees a small, cracked and unwanted dragon egg. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern.
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #1 Breaking Dawn Riders: Those Who Are Chosen And Those Who Are Cast Off on April 10, 2019

    Cara, the 12 year old slave has become one of the candidates for the Dragon Rite. She revels in the first taste of freedom and happiness she's ever known. She showers Bold, the little dragon hatchling, with all her love, care and affection. Meanwhile the largest hatchling, Black Fire, watches her with anger. On the selection day, when the hatchlings choose their dracoman or dracowoman, Cara will suffer betrayal, cruelty and shattering heartbreak. There are a few editing errors that could be corrected with proofreading. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #2 Esspell, Dragon's Sorcery: Might Of Swords, Might Of Magic on April 10, 2019

    Cara received the mark of selection from an unexpected source-and her training begins. Due to her stunted arm and leg she can't keep up with the other plebes and endures ridicule. Meanwhile,her hatchling is unable to form a basic plasma bolt (magical weapon) and the dragon elders fear that he was born sans magic. Cara and her hatchling are removed from plebe training but their bond is strong and they vow to continue their training on their own. During The Time of Endurance (survival training), the 12 year old girl and the dragon hatchling who is less than 1 year old encounter a vicious merciless threat. Editing errors that could be corrected with proof reading. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern.
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #3 Magic As Sharp As Swords: Dark Sorcery Strikes on April 10, 2019

    These novellas are short (80 pages on my e-reader) but packed with action and you'll want to read each book in one sitting. 12 Year old Cara and her dragon hatchling are attacked by a warlock and his leviathan (a creature much larger than a full sized dragon). Cara thinks her pair has finally accessed his magic. I suspect that the magic source is not the dragon and look forward to the next book to see if I'm right. The pair continue to receive comfort and support from Wyndfree, their attendant, who is not human and has a hidden agenda. The pair are reinstated to plebe training despite the protests of one dracoman who is rather antagonistic towards Cara. His dragon had a much nicer attitude. Venetian Purple Scribes (powerful healer pairs) from Athenia Palace arrive at Firedrake ostensibly to aid an elder dracoman under a dark curse, but these visitors have other motives. A cliff hanger ending - glad the other books are available already. Editing errors that could be corrected with proof reading. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern.
  • Life on Top A Cassandra Marcella Mystery on April 11, 2019

    Cass Marcella is the best lawyer in NYC. There's one type of case she doesn't accept and that's when the victim is a woman. Her reasons for this are unspecified but readers can draw conclusions based on the author's hints. Cole Ryder is a Dom (hence the title Life on Top) accused of murdering his submissive and desperately needs Cass to accept his case. He's attracted to her, but shes uninterested in his lifestyle. As Cass's team investigates they find a BDSM underworld where unspeakable atrocities are committed. How far will they have to go to find justice? A good mystery with unexpected twists and a sprinkle of humour ("sock wearing wartless toad"). Pity that a sequel isn't published yet. Sensitive readers: this book contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations.
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #4 Cleave The Infection As With A Sword on April 12, 2019

    These novellas are short but packed with action and you'll want to read each book in one sitting. Cara and her dragon hatchling were tricked into a ceremony that would sever their bond. As the pair grow weaker, and the dragon elders struggle to rescue them, something amazing occurs to he bloodstone found by Cara on her first day at Firedrake. A badly injured Cara receives help from an unexpected source, Bold the cruel hatchling - that dragon has so many facets (most of them nasty). My guess about the magic source was right! The plebe pair's bond is exceptionally strong so they promise to stay together and flee Firedrake as the fanatical Venetian Purple Scribes will continue to try to kill Cara. Cara's trust is betrayed yet again by someone she loves. Another cliff hanger ending...(pun intended). Editing errors that could be corrected with proof reading. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern.
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #5 Dragoon'Essenere, Demon Slayers and Dragon Eaters on April 12, 2019

    These novellas are short but packed with action and you'll want to read each book in one sitting. Cara uses her new healing powers to save an injured girl HuntMa, who declares that she owes Cara a life. Unfortunately, HuntMa is part of the dragon slayer tribe who kill and eat dragons to absorb their power. It was heartwarming how happy Cara was that Black Fire's mother, the dragon queen would treat her as a daughter (the child was so deprived of a loving family). Loved the imagery of Cara sleeping wrapped in her pair's wings. A shocking reveal by Bold (who is oddly concerned for Cara) explains part of his betrayal, but sly and cruel as he is, can he be trusted? The dragonslayer tribe have been hired by a fanatical dracoman, how many dragons will be slaughtered before they reach their target? Another cliff hanger ending.... Editing errors that could be corrected with proof reading. This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern
  • Peripheral on April 12, 2019

    Short but sweet story. Lizette is different to other children and endures mockery from them. She resigns herself to never finding a boyfriend due to her looks. But as they say, never say never. Inspirational for all ages - being different should be embraced not shunned.
  • AabiLynn's Dragon Rite #6 Battle For Firedrake And The Final Act on April 12, 2019

    This series will be enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. Each novella was short but action packed. The author created a world of dragons (variety of species), men; elves and other sentient species. Dragon Queen Modor calls her sister queens from their nests to lend their support while her egg containing her daughter, the next queen, grows. The queen hints to her sisters of ulterior motives towards Cara and if so more heartbreak and betrayal lie ahead for this child. Just when I think the dragon slayers can't get worse, they become cannibals! The fanatical Venetian Purple Scribe Ados and his dragon pair Nev along with 900 dragon pairs lay siege to Firedrake as they want to kill Cara. Many foes are left unvanquished at the end of the series (incl. Hlysnan an evil scribe who wants to raise an egg of a creature that can kill dragons). Various editing errors that could be corrected with proof reading.
  • Realization In a World of Harmony on April 13, 2019

    Pros: 2 Stars for a unique story concept. Every 15 year old human writes a Fairy Exam and if they pass, they receive a fairy with a unique ability that is used to help the human. If the fairy is harmed, the human is imprisoned. Lyla is convinced she'll get the best fairy ability, instead she gets one with a unique ability that makes her the laughing stock of the school. However, this unwanted fairy could change Lyla's life. Lighthearted story is balanced by dark overtones e.g. kidnap of certain characters. Cons: 1. Advert for the publishing house on page 3 & 4. Author's note at the end also refers to the publishing house. As a reader I expect adverts for the author's other books. 2. Numerous (i.e. on every page of most of the book) spelling and grammatical errors and use of incorrect words (had to re-read some sentences to understand the meaning).
  • The Late Christmas Gift on April 14, 2019

    A short well written story with a wholly unexpected twist in the tale that left me thinking "Argh, really!". Cannot help but root for Larissa, who gives up on trying to please her abusive husband and instead seeks freedom via revenge.
  • AabiLynn’s Test Of Dragons, Test Of Swords #1 The Birth Of A Dragon Queen And The Birth Of Sorrows on April 14, 2019

    A short story that picks up Cara-Aabilynn's story after the end of the Dragon Rite. Cara and her hatchling bond are now recruits and both eagerly await the hatching of their new little sister. Cara's happiness is a fragile thing. The peace is brutally shattered when Firedrake is attacked and Cara loses two loved ones.
  • 24 Hours on April 17, 2019

    If you could go back in time to any day in history, but only for 24 hours, who would you save? Interesting concept and a good short sci-fi/ fantasy read.
  • Spear of the Sigilla (Songs of Sevria 1) on April 17, 2019

    Book 1 of an epic fantasy adventure. Teenager Rinn and her father Marshal left the capital city in order to reside in a ruined home in the wilderness. They adopt a humanoid feline Catherine (who was childish and adorable). After befriending Molo (with his pet pock Clive who may be sentient), Rinn meets an enslaved dwarf. This injustice motivates her to free the dwarf using her newfound powers. As the redheaded clansmen wage war against the hilltop village that shelters victims of the raids, Rinn's powers escalate. Some villagers are cruel and call her a witch. What will happen if/when Rinn loses control of her power? Rinn is a gutsy heroine beginning a legendary quest that you'll want to cheer to victory. Eagerly anticipating the next book. Editing issue that can be corrected with proof reading.
  • The Forest of Angor on April 19, 2019

    Book 2 of the World of Myth series begins after Emily and the amazons fled from the city of Lucifan. Emily is plagued by nightmares that she's sure is a warning by the angel who saved her in Lucifan. There's a traitor amidst the amazons but if the one Emily suspects is innocent, she could cause irrevocable harm. En route to Themiscyra, Emily learns to shoot a bow and hand to hand combat - she learns to be an amazon. Unlike them, she shows mercy to a treant. Her adventures continue in the Forest of Angor during attacks by bugbears; vengeful centaurs and bloodthirsty werewolves. Some unexpected help from the elves (old enemies of the amazons) will prove useful. Meanwhile, the traitor is biding her time to strike... An epic fantasy adventure.
  • The Fall of Lucifan on April 19, 2019

    Book 3 of the World of Myth series begins as Emily and Adelpha embark on their quest for revenge after the murder of a loved one by the traitor Heliena. They are stunned to find the City of Lucifan wholly changed - the angels have left. The evil amazon has already unleashed the basilisk poison leaving Drowin the immortal vampire and the greedy leprechauns in control of the city. A delightful aspect of this book was Madam Sweeney a plump, elderly gnome and the orphans under her care: humans; leprechauns; gnomes; a minotaur and an ogre. Emily, her family and friends will have to take a stand for sake of the people of Lucifan. A few spelling/grammatical errors that can be corrected with proof reading.
  • Journey to Savara on April 19, 2019

    Book 4 of the World of Myth series begins as Emily ignores the advice of her friends and seeks further adventure by embarking on a pirate ship en route to Savara. After 6 months at sea with the obnoxious pirates, she's regretting not taking the trader ship, but she's learnt lock picking skills! She encounters mermaids; a leviathan; vikings; a giant roc; slave traders and a satyr in her latest adventure. She also meets Takeo again who may still be seeking revenge for his brother's death. With formidable foes such as Jabbar the rakshasha and a jinni who grants wishes but at a terrible cost, Emily will need allies to survive. A continuing epic fantasy adventure. A few spelling/grammatical errors that can be corrected with proof reading
  • Juatwa on April 19, 2019

    In Book 5 of the World of Myth series, Emily has found her true love and her feelings are reciprocated. She remains utterly focused on her quest to kill Heliena and to stop Shogun Katsu who is destroying the beautiful country of Juatwa by waging war. This book is considerably darker than the 1st 4 books in the series. Emily and Takeo are betrayed by a trusted friend (I didn't expect that person to be a traitor at all!). She encounters the brutality of war waged not merely by men but by oni and komainu. Emily discovers a great power but will this be enough to save her before she succumbs to torture in Katsu's fortress? A few spelling/grammatical errors that can be corrected with proof reading
  • A Legend Ascends on April 20, 2019

    An epic fantasy adventure, that you won't want to put down. Emily wrought the revenge she travelled across the world to find, but she's not yet done as Jabbar the shape shifting rakshasha is headed to pillage Lucifan (whose citizens are blissfully unaware that their leader is a vampire). There's a significant change in Emily, from the 16 year old farmer in the Plains who dreamt of adventure to the warrior woman that lost count of the foes she killed and harshly broke a knight's heart. The war in Juatwa is over, but the battle for Lucifan is yet to begin. A Legend Ascends brings the end of an epic journey of a pivotal character in this series. Its not the HEA (that I hoped for) but I was reminded of the scenes "Death is a gift" (Buffy season 5) and "We do not mourn those who die fulfilling their destinies" (Dragonlance novel - in Darken Woods). Which hero will the valkyrie take to a well deserved rest and to reunite with a loved one? A few spelling/grammatical errors that can be corrected with proof reading.
  • Unshakeable on April 22, 2019

    A clean and well written sci-fi romance. Iscee Cole is illegally conscripted into the spoiled young Duke's army that is known as the Breakers as they are vile young hooligans. Political unrest escalates as Mars born folk despise Earth borns and are rebelling against the autocratic rule of the various Dukes, Iscee's only goal to to get back to her family. Help is offered by the Duke's handsome cousin Derry but at a treasonous cost.
  • Black Jade Dragon on April 22, 2019

    Liked this! Unusual to find a book about the dragons of Chinese mythology (the sinuous ones sans wings). "A creature in its prime doing harm to the old goes against the way. That which goes against the way comes to an early end." Now there's a subtle threat by a dragon! Angie Tanaka is a flawed heroine: a thief and a liar. She sometimes makes impulsive choices when prodded by her conscience. Whilst trying to flee the police, Angie attracts the attention of Daiyu the black dragon, one of 9 that live on the island of Shaolong. Daiyu and her kindred protect the island. Angie cannot leave without stealing a soft ball sized pearl, but this act leads to tragedy and a grief stricken dragon wreaks havoc. Fantasy adventure at its best, you'll want to read it in one sitting. Proof reading is needed to correct the few instances of incorrect word use.
  • Papa weet niet alles... on April 22, 2019

    A creepy short story about a child's night terrors that are disregarded by his father. Can the boy trust his father's word that monsters don't exist?
  • Avalee and the Dragon on April 23, 2019

    An enjoyable clean fantasy adventure. A few decades ago a bargain was struck: every 10 years a young girl would be sacrificed to the dragon and in exchange the dragon would leave the village unharmed for 10 years. A good bargain - for everyone except the sacrificed girl and her family. Avalee is selected but she steals a sword (must admire her pluck as she's clueless as to its use!) and vows to kill the dragon although it may mean her death. Her first valiant attempt is in vain and she's carried off to the dragons lair where she learns a shocking secret. When she gets another opportunity to kill the dragon, will she succeed? Wholly unexpected magical twist in the tale that I didn't expect- and I'm not referring to the romance.
  • Ethan's Wild Rose Bride (Texas Frontier Brides Book 2) on April 28, 2019

    A sweet wholesome historical romance set in the wild west. Hallie is having a hard time managing the ranch on her own. Her closest neighbour Ethan decided to get a mail order bride. He’s illiterate so he decides to ask former school teacher Hallie for help in exchange for labour on her ranch. Hallie’s feelings for Ethan grow and she’s hurt when he announces that he’s seeking a mail order bride. As she doesn’t want to spend her life alone, she answers an ad for a mail order husband. Will this pair end up together or with mail order spouses?
  • Even Spinsters Need Company on May 01, 2019

    A steamy historical western romance with various twists including a murderer that I didn't suspect. Can Hannah an independent woman with aspirations to complete her medical training even think of settling down with Nick a male chauvinist? A creepily inbred and pretentious family controlled the town for generations and they have many secrets including abduction and murder. Proof reading is needed to correct the many spelling errors.
  • Craig's Hometown on May 04, 2019

    A sweet contemporary second chance romance about a woman who re-invents herself while her divorce from her cheating spouse is being finalised. Kathryn's heart is still hurting due to her failed marriage and has no thoughts of finding another love. Then sweet sexy Craig enters her life and her new romance begins. Enjoyed the descriptions of Victoria and the First Nations people.
  • If You Could Only See on May 07, 2019

    Two stars as: Shane displayed admirable determination to rise above her poor background by obtaining a college education. Mason's brothers Aiden, Gabriel, and Michael were kind and protective towards Shane. The story was contemporary but not a romance, stalking and obsessive behaviour are not romantic. The fact that the leads formed a relationship (of sorts) was disturbing as the female lead was afraid of the male lead for 3 years!
  • Lucky Number Four on May 10, 2019

    An enjoyable and well written contemporary romantic comedy. Dora a full time student wants to finish her studies but she also hopes to find a nice ordinary guy to replace her ex who cheated on her. Instead she meets Drew; Liam and Colin- 3 of the hottest male models in the city, who are not only extraordinary but also determined that Dora will be their new roommate. Dora quickly develops a crush on one of them, but are her feelings returned and will she get her HEA? Her rollercoaster adventure is just beginning, helped by her best friend Jeff and hindered by her bickering grandmothers who think that her roommates are gay.
  • Mine-The Winterburg Series Book 1 on May 14, 2019

    A contemporary and explicit teen romance with plenty of cursing by most characters. 4 stars for the unique albeit disturbing aspect that made this an unusual romance. Disturbing as the main male character was a felon of the worst kind: his actions led to a vicious assault that ruined a young girl's life; he also murdered a man in front of the main female character. She's OK with this behaviour. Could this be the start of a modern Bonnie and Clyde? Books needs editing as there are various font changes.
  • Vile Blood 3: Reunion on June 20, 2019

    This series is action packed. Seven years have passed since Sarain last saw Aion, her evil father. She's still a demon hunter but she may not be able to pass for human much longer. Twists include meeting both Winston and her first love again. A shocking ending, glad the next book is already available. Several spelling and grammar errors that can be corrected via proofreading.
  • Luminescence (The Rayne Trilogy #1) on June 22, 2019

    Exciting and unusual adventure. Difficult to put down. Rayne was treated as a lesser member of society for 15 years as she didn't experience the Luminescence - a type of awakening of one of ten types of special powers. She is of an advanced humanoid species that has eradicated the cruelty of homo sapiens (now extinct). She is subjected to bullying by her classmates that is ignored by her adoptive parents and the magisters (teachers). On her 17th birthday, she experiences the Luminescence but her powers are varied and exceptional. Rayne leaves to find her origins but soon regrets leaving. Proofreading is needed to correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Almost Heroes on June 24, 2019

    Lighthearted entertaining adventure for all ages. Santana's pinned all her hopes in vain on a full ride art scholarship. When her dream falls flat she has to keep to the deal with her mom - S needs to find an after school job. It seems like easy money when gangly Damien offers to pay S to be Whisper the sidekick to his Ethereal superhero. A funny and madcap escapade ensues with Ethereal (a modern Don Quixote) aided by Whisper (who sincerely hopes that no one will recognise them in their caped spandex costumes) hot on trail of Ribaldi his archnemesis. S is convinced that Ribaldi exists only in Damien's head until Ribaldi tries to kill S. Awesome cover art. I'd like to read more about the heroic escapades of Ethereal and Whisper. On another side, a reader could see this book as being a commentary on a lonely boy embarking on a crusade and a girl subjected to parental pressure on the topic of her future career.
  • OuterSphere (The Rayne Trilogy #2) on June 24, 2019

    Exciting and unusual adventure. Difficult to put down. Rayne's detour to the Outersphere atop her golden-eyed master eagle (delightful imagery) has led to her capture by homo sapiens who live in a decimated portion of the planet. These last survivors, of a species long thought to be extinct, coerce her to help them. Her belief system is overturned as she discovers that generations of the board have lied to cover their genocide attempts. Where will her loyalties lie when others who share her amazing abilities arrive to take her to the Capitol city? Proofreading is needed to correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • An I.O.U. from a Billionaire on July 06, 2019

    Delightful romance with a lead pair that has great chemistry. A feisty nurse that isn't interested in his wealth, may be just the woman that Liam falls for.
  • Dani’s Demons on July 07, 2019

    Enjoyable flash fiction read (the 5 tales are about 131 pages on my e-reader). If you liked the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show, you'll enjoy this series. Would have preferred the books to be longer to detail more of Dani's training and battles with demons. Abrupt ending but perhaps there are more stories to be released in this series.
  • Fear University Series (Books 1-3 + Novella) on July 10, 2019

    A very dark paranormal adult fantasy with an intriguing tale that you won't be able to put down. Ollie's wanted for murder (the reader can decide whether her action was justified). She wants a safe stable home and a family after her horrendous foster care upbringing. She believes she's found such a home at Fear University and her true (albeit dysfunctional) love in Luke Aultstriver but neither are what they seem. Her disease enables her immunity to the fear impulse caused by aswangs (that are human by day and beast by night). After rigorous training she becomes a coldly efficient killer of aswangs. The fact that Ollie's weapon of choice is a whip makes this story unique. Plenty of twists in the tale e.g. Ollie's birth parents were totally unexpected. She'll cross the breaking point before she learns: Who are the true evil doers - the human hunters or the aswangs? Sensitive readers: The books contain graphic descriptions of cutting and torture.
  • Return to Wonderland on July 14, 2019

    After years of therapy and home schooling Alice has been convinced that Wonderland never existed. She's hopeful that she can be a normal student at the Lucena boarding school. She quickly befriends her roommate Adrianna and her six brothers. Alice is settling in well at school until the Cheshire Cat shows up proving that Wonderland was real. She's tricked into returning to Wonderland that has changed for the worse as the Queen is now taking hearts. Cat is now dangerous and scares Alice. Why is he so determined that she read a certain book? An entertaining spin on the popular Alice in Wonderland story.
  • Post Magic on July 16, 2019

    Enjoyable read, with a haiku at the start of each chapter. A futuristic setting on another planet Renga, where technology doesn't work . Nikta is a chimera or kem, a breed of human who in prior generations were engineered with panther DNA to enable survival on Renga's harsh landscape. She enjoys her job as a post runner, but misses her twin who denies his kem heritage. She travels to the city where the poor living standards of kems shock her and the racial prejudice of the regs (regular humans) infuriate her. Dangers lurk in the city and her job has suddenly become a lot riskier. Loved the fact that Nikta's DNA and magic abilities gave her an edge.
  • Hometown Love on July 17, 2019

    A sweet, clean romance. A school teacher who secretly longs to be noticed by a widowed farmer. The farmer who thinks he is isn't good enough for an educated woman. The farmer's sweet little daughter that's desperately in need of a mother. Can these three people form a happy family?
  • The Power Of One on Aug. 02, 2019

    Favourite line: "you have a good heart that has not yet learned to harbour hate." Adventurous sword and sorcery novel about a courageous young woman ready defend the weak. Messavi's are a warrior race fiercely protective of their traditions and the code of honour. Can a fifteen year old Messavi girl armed with twin swords match wits and battle skills with a sorcerer that's trying to kill a witch and her son? Innocent people will die trying to help Yssela and her charges get to safety. Book needs editing to correct a few spelling errors.
  • Champ on Aug. 02, 2019

    Champ was an outsider in the village. Her constant wariness pays off when she fights off would-be rapists. She's captured for study and then abducted by space pirates (hard to decide whether the scientists or the pirates were the worst humans!). Champ's a gal who'll fight to the bitter end in self defence and also for her share of the food and water. One can't help rooting for the heroine. Loved her steady weapons upgrade and take no prisoners attitude! Gagged at her choice of husband - but suspect that she was ignorant of the type of man he truly was. Book needs proof reading to correct spelling errors. The Earthers consistent use of the word "like" was annoying. Spoilers ahead: Short novel with many nuances, some of which will be disturbing to sensitive readers i.e. (fortunately inexplicit) references to abduction; rape; torture; abuse; and also that non white humans were kept on a preserve whilst other humans advanced to being a space faring race.
  • The Drifters on Aug. 02, 2019

    Post apocalyptic drama (sans gore filled violence) with a sweet teen romance. Drifters - ordinary people moving from place to place in search of supplies and a safe haven. Scavengers - people who kill Drifters as they (Scavengers) don't want to share the food supply. Strays - feral teenagers who kill others for sport. Green zones - last human strongholds (cities) where people betray each other for ration cards. Iris is 16, brave and a bit reckless but prepared to risk her life to find supplies for others in her group. Her Drifter group are trying to find a safe place to settle permanently but safety may be impossible under the constant threat of the scourge; Scavengers and Strays. Her two romantic interests are polar opposites in appearance and demeanour: will she choose the sweet boy or the surly one? A mystical find opens a path to a fantastic new world (with sabre tooth tigers) but escape for the Drifters may not be so easy.
  • End of the Line on Aug. 05, 2019

    3 Stars for an entertaining action and adventure packed post-apocalyptic drama. 17 Year old Lauren and Aaron find themselves acting as parents to younger teens and kids when their families die during an asteroid shower. Admired the care and effort the teens showed in caring for the others. Unfortunately both also behave like the immature teens they are: Lauren storming off into the woods (after a baffling argument); Aaron storming off (hormonal angst) in a town of folk gone crazy. These actions have devastating consequences. This is the 1st time I've read a post-apocalyptic novel where: 1. I wanted to yell "You dimwits!!" at the main characters. 2. A teen picked up enough medical knowledge from TV shows to successfully treat a gun shot wound (character says "I can't believe I'm alive"- my reaction "Neither can I" with a disbelieving chuckle). 3. There's no food/supplies scavenging/storage or planning ahead of any kind by the main characters after they survive the asteroids- they just drift along.... (cue my surprise at their survival). Book needs proofreading to correct the spelling; grammatical errors and missing words.
  • 300 Best Jokes: Funny Joke Books for Adults and Teenagers Collection on Aug. 05, 2019

    If you're ready for a laugh; if you appreciate clean jokes, you'll enjoy this. I chuckled through my commute with gems like: "In the beginning, God created the heaven, hell, and the earth. Everything else ever since was made in China." "TV news starts with ‘Good evening,’ and then they tell you why it isn’t."
  • High Barrens on Aug. 12, 2019

    Enjoyable fantasy read that is a stand alone novel. Flint dreams of becoming a weedwise (medicine woman) by studying at the School for Wizards. People she encounters tend to resent her mysterious ability. Flint eventually reaches the school but faces prejudice due to her poor background. She faces challenges with kindness and strength. Kindness to a starving monster may yield Flint's greatest ally. Magical beings and battles add twists to the story. As this is a coming of age novel, I would've liked Flint to find love and a place to call home.
  • Blood Mountain on Dec. 19, 2019

    Wow! A well written contemporary novel that really makes you think. If only a character had escaped an abusive relationship before the abuse escalated. If only - one of the saddest phrases.... Many issues are covered in this short novel - a cheating partner; parents that don't deserve the title; abusive relationships. The author achieves realistic scenarios without graphic scenes. Well worth the read.
  • The Spring of Storms: The Fourth Season of Elsewhen on Dec. 25, 2019

    The 4th book of this epic fantasy adventure series. The decimation of the bulk of the Wizard population resulted in more that just the lack of magical assistance in the daily tasks of the Plain folk. Wizards had also helped to control the weather. Now storms rage unabated (why did Amedia not stop these!) and will destroy the remaining people. To prevent this further catastrophe, young Astra Fairweather must work with the mass murderer Blight to protect the cities from the storms. I did wonder though - while Blight was mostly sane and inclined to help, why did Astra not ask him to fully heal a young apprentice who suffered daily? The novel ends with the Amedian's sentience's extraordinary request of Astra - which I guess is going to result in "the year that never was". Astra's choice regarding her friends (sans their knowledge or consent) is morally grey - surprising for a character whose maturity thus far has always belied her youth. An entertaining read
  • A King's Treasure on Dec. 25, 2019

    A well written novel. I expected a sweet historical romance with a May/December aspect. Less than half of the story lived up to my expectations in this regard. Spoilers ahead. Liked the loving support provided by Amalie's fiance. I did not like the following: 1. Insta love for the 2 main characters - story would have better if he had actually needed to court her and win her heart. 2. Sensitive readers note: More than half of the book was about the savage sexual assault of Amalie by an unwanted suitor and the aftermath of the assault. The book should have been tagged accordingly.
  • The Laird's Willful Lass on Dec. 26, 2019

    An autocratic Laird used to being obeyed and an independent artist used to going her own way. This steamy historical romance is a great read.
  • Mere Mortal on Dec. 28, 2019

    An entertaining read. Samantha is human in a world where the existence of non humans was revealed and is now regulated. Registered vampires must get written notarised consent from their donors. Each person in Sam’s office has specific vampire clients who make regular visits. One of these vampires is Angie a petite, old and extremely dangerous vampire who never fails to scare Sam.
  • To Save a Forest on Dec. 28, 2019

    "Just because we're on opposite sides doesn't mean he's my enemy." Entertaining fantasy adventure suitable for all ages. Unique aspect - purifiers - humans who have the magical ability to cure poison effects in themselves; other humans; fauna and flora. Inez's unwavering loyalty to her queen drives her to also fight when the tree top warriors encounter arsonists burning the forest. When she is captured by Jagger one of the arsonists, she is forced to purify the infected lakes. Will it be too late to save the forest and its inhabitants when Inez eventually realises the truth? Book needs proofreading to correct a few errors.
  • Cheek to Cheek on Dec. 29, 2019

    Well written short story. Spoilers ahead: Unfortunately Nadiene's an unlikeable female lead who aptly describes herself as a "superficial jerk". When a lead character is unlikeable, one cannot root for her to succeed. Derrick, the male lead is denied "playtime" by Nadiene so he immediately dumps her as his swing dance partner - good grief!
  • Let It Go on Dec. 29, 2019

    Intriguing story. Kept my attention from start to finish. Review contains spoilers. In 1936 a pregnant woman was murdered by the "sterling" residents of a supposedly peaceful small town. Sixty years later, a young woman is twice nearly beaten to death by some townsfolk. The perpetrators were never punished. Reader needs a sense of vicarious justice! I guess that's where the title "Let it go" applies... 15 Year old Mary and her maternal grandmom are the only normal members of the family. An alcoholic dad who can't bring home a steady income; a mom who: beats her husband and Mary (an elbow to the face is not accidental - my opinion) and fails to discipline her eldest daughter -a 17 year old who leads an unsavoury life just like her aunt. The family move to the small town of Port Isaac, Cornwall after Mary's dad wins a guest house in a card game. They briefly enjoy a much needed fresh start before the actions of 1 family member has serious repercussions. I think the ending was abrupt as it left a rather vital question unanswered. Book needs editing/proofreading to correct errors.
  • Dr. Trouble on Dec. 29, 2019

    Liked this amusing sci-fi story (albeit not the cover art!). Grossly unfair that Xandria earned the monicker of Dr Trouble when she solved problems. Fortunately her aptitude is noticed by a mysterious alien species she's never met before. Amusing eventual solution to an alien health problem. A full length novel about Xandria and the various alien species she encounters would be great.
  • Bud on Dec. 29, 2019

    Short well written flash fiction. A homeless child bravely faces a vicious monster.
  • The Batgirl on Dec. 29, 2019

    2 Stars for an awesome story concept: an African-American Batgirl. Numerous (i.e. on every page of the book) spelling and grammatical errors. Still don't know what onetacles means. Spoilers ahead: This story has its amusing aspects: villain "Prepare to eat my fury". Barb (heroine) declaring herself to be an independent woman (after slipping back home to raid both the food cupboard and her mom's wardrobe and also to get money from her dad).... I'm wondering about the cave: why was Barb allowed to access it at all?; cave didn't have a bathroom, how did Barb survive sans using facilities and also without showers/baths?
  • An Unexpected Life on Dec. 30, 2019

    Post apocalyptic tale. Review contains spoilers. It was awesome the way Raine's father planned and prepared when war broke out - this laid the foundation for what Raine (a tough heroine) was able to achieve. Liked the almost totally self sustaining community created by her in the aftermath of the war. Also liked the close friendship she had with Martin (I think he was her soulmate!). Didn't like: 1. The double standard- Raine prohibited unprotected sex and pregnancy for all other members of the community - except herself. 2. A hugely significant betrayal by a character is shockingly (considering what had been done) immediately forgiven by the community. 3. Kade, the hero (or rather anti-hero) who allows the planned rape and murder of his supposed beloved to be casually discussed. Proofreading is needed to correct the spelling errors and use of incorrect words e.g. undo vs undue.
  • Ronah on Jan. 02, 2020

    Awesome fantasy adventure tale. You'll want to read the book in one sitting. On the island of Ronah, Shari Dawn is bullied by other children and their parents as everyone believes that she is Blank i.e. born without Innarn - a magical control of the elements. No one except Shari and her mentor, Guardian Jon Baun, know that she is in fact the powerful saviour their world awaits. Some of my favourite scenes: toddler Shari wins a battle against a minotaur (loved his dazed escape from the tiny warrior); her uniquely non-humanoid first mentors who train her for years before Baun even found out her identity. A tentacled entity that has terrorised the realms for centuries (by busily torturing and/or eating every being indiscriminately) is Shari's greatest foe - thus far. Sensitive readers: there are a few graphically gory scenes involving this entity - I'm thinking of the brain scene as i write this. In all the fantasy tales I've read, this is the first with such an amazing outcome after the main battle.
  • The Deputy & Mirabel on Jan. 03, 2020

    A short clean historical romance set in frontier America in 1884. This is the 4th in the series and book contains references to the couples from the 1st 3 books. Mirabel's a trained and competent nurse unjustly fired for allegedly helping Danny escape justice. She's ashamed and flees to her cousin in Dakota territory. Spoilers ahead I didn't like this about the story - she meets and marries Micah within 6 days - per my count. There's no declaration of love or affection by either party - two kisses then he proposes and she accepts! I think there wasn't much romance at all. This novel had more action re outlaw Danny, than romance.
  • The Servant's Voice on Jan. 04, 2020

    Wow! An intricate and incredible historical mystery - a stand alone book. Ricossan society is brutal and cruel to the poor. Wealthy families (cretins!) want Voiceless servants so to keep their secrets. Can you guess how they mutilate a person to get such a servant? That's what was done to 12 year old Hridnaya - a bright intelligent girl who eagerly wanted to work to provide for her family. Eighteen years after becoming a Voiceless servant for the b'Nida family, Hridnaya's uncle is killed. Murder or manslaughter and why? She wants to find out but she's an illiterate; mute and poor servant. Her courage; tenacity and sheer determination to find the truth make her the hero of the story. She encounters various people on her journey; some kind; others treacherous and cruel (Mobira is a nasty piece of work!). Truths will be uncovered about more than just her uncle's murder but also about other innocent blood being spilled due to conspiracies by the monarchy. There are references to the Christian faith in the book, but this not preaching to the reader. Instead one is left in doubt whether the wealthy Ricossans live up to the tenets of their faith. I didn't like the cover art though - it seemed too plain to convey how great the story is!
  • Redemption on Jan. 07, 2020

    A good contemporary stand alone romance novel. Lilah's a lovely strong independent female lead and the male lead Diego is smart and gorgeous. Their swift and steamy chemistry set the foundation for a great romantic read. The parts about the community upliftment projects were interesting until I was bored by the detail and started to skim the pages. Book needs proofreading to correct errors. Spoilers ahead Story was spoilt (no pun intended) by the stereotypical unplanned pregnancy and the consequent shotgun wedding (I think this book wins the prize for the fastest shotgun wedding ever!). Diego didn't propose-he just organised the marriage license using his influence to cut corners..
  • 24 Hours My Prince on Jan. 07, 2020

    Nice time travel flash fiction / fanfiction based on the 2015 Korean drama Splash Splash Love (the cover art picture is also from that show). Story needs proofreading to correct spelling and grammar errors.
  • Fairy World M.D., Boxed Set One on Jan. 09, 2020

    An epic fantasy series. Olive's the half elf half human child of emotionless parents. She was lovingly raised by her adoptive father, the sky king dragon, and she still thinks of him as her parent. Trained on earth as a psychiatrist she uses her fledgling magic and medical skills to help patients who've travelled to the magic kingdom of Faythander. In these 3 books Olive falls in love with Kull, a Wult prince but this relationship seems doomed to failure. She learns of a terrible truth about the origins of a magical species and her destiny as the Deathbringer. Her skills are needed to save children from an evil dreamweaver and Faythander from the vengeance of a goblin and others. With scenes ranging from the whimsical "fairy beds made of dandelion down" to the macabre "hearts ripped out of their chests" - this series is sure to entertain those who enjoy the fantasy genre. Proofreading is needed to correct grammar errors.
  • Sydney Chambers: First Officer on Jan. 14, 2020

    An entertaining read. A mixture of adventure, sci-fi and mystery. Pirates are attacking freighters and killing anyone who dares to resist - citizens of the 16 Cygni system are pleading for help. Sydney Chambers is a rising star in the Terran Space Military fleet and on the fast track to success. Unfortunately she's transferred to the First Officer position aboard the shady Captain Steubing's ship. He's quite likely in league with the pirates - will this derail Sydney's career? This space military tale (albeit sans aliens) will definitely appeal to fans of Star Trek.
  • Sydney Chambers: Captain on Jan. 14, 2020

    An entertaining read. A mixture of adventure and sci-fi. Pirates are attacking freighters of the 16 Cygni system and killing anyone who dares to resist. Only 1 Terran Space Military warship was sent to quell the pirates. Sydney Chambers is newly promoted to captain of the old but refurbished Cahan Morrigan and she's eager to prove herself after the recent court martial. Unfortunately she has to defeat 2 separate groups of pirates lead by: Patrick a modern day Robin Hood and the brutal Hans who is 3 steps ahead and wants to wreak vengeance on her. This space military tale (albeit sans aliens) will definitely appeal to fans of Star Trek. Spoilers ahead: The references to sexual assaults of Krista were in my opinion irrelevant to the story. Too much focus was placed on the pirates' stories which was disappointing. I expected more focus on Sydney's journey as captain. I read the books in order and found that a few pages were repeated verbatim from the First Officer book - thus deduction of 1 star.
  • Good Trouble on Jan. 14, 2020

    Steamy contemporary romance set in Australia. Erik and Annie agree to a friends with benefits relationship but a good type of trouble occurs when they start falling in love but are too stubborn to admit it. Both have unsavoury exes and secrets that threaten to derail their fledgling relationship. Will they stay together or will Annie return to London?
  • The Midwife and the Lindworm on Jan. 14, 2020

    "No defenestration during that birth at all." Amusing short fantasy story. The Midwife was not bothered by the Queen's request to defeat the Lindworm and devised a clever way to achieve this.
  • Wild Thing on Jan. 21, 2020

    "Most people who looked inside of a fridge and found body parts would freak out. She was merely irritated." A very dark paranormal read that you'll want to read in one sitting to find out whether Lexy will overcome the odds. Some parts of the book are very disturbing i.e. horrific abuse of children (these scenes are fortunately inexplicit); cutting etc. These disturbing aspects set the scene for Lexy's development as a cold blooded killer. Whilst initially feral, she becomes civilised but is still capable of shutting off her emotions to embrace the kill. Her affectionate relationship with Grey seems a romantic dead end as he has "intimacy induced amnesia". Hope that in other books she'll focus her interest elsewhere. Book needs proofreading to correct the spelling errors and usage of incorrect words.
  • Android and the Werewolf on March 03, 2020

    Awesome and well written novel that you'll want to read in one sitting. An alien substance that transforms people into bloodthirsty werewolves. The crew of a space freighter trapped on board their ship with an unstoppable werewolf. Kerry, a 13 year old girl trying to find her uncle Rue. Alcoholic Rue, a brilliant engineer trying his utmost even beyond death to protect Kerry. These form the core of one of the most exciting space adventure novels you'll read this year.
  • Lifters on March 03, 2020

    Emma Prothero is an accomplished young store detective in 1908 Seattle. She's hot on the trail of a gang of shoplifters. Unfortunately she's hampered by family tragedies of the darkest kind. Emma's endeavours to protect her little brother places her life and her reputation at risk. Shoplifting is the least of the crimes depicted, as there are various murders; con artists and even perjury. Also, a blatant lie leads directly to the death of a character, but can the reader regret that passing, knowing the evil perpetrated by that one? Fascinating snapshot of Seattle at that time: vehicles beginning to crowd the streets no doubt jostling with the horse drawn wagons, whilst women were not allowed to be jury members. Enjoyable and well written mystery although I skipped through the pro-wrestling descriptions.
  • Unforgivable Sin on March 04, 2020

    Well written short story with a strong message of forgiveness. Spoiler ahead A woman marrying her rapist is a frankly disturbing story.
  • Exchange Students on March 06, 2020

    Delightful anthology. Most of the stories are sci-fi but a few are fantasy/supernatural. The range of stories will appeal to sci-fi and fantasy fans. My favourite was the "Student Database notes" told from the perspective of a teacher who was happy with the variety of students "segmented; non-segmented; bifurcated; translucent; xylophagous and chronobound".
  • She Who Sees Through Darkness on April 01, 2020

    Exciting fantasy novella. Katrina is a nasty person who destroys her own life and career by not managing her addiction; deliberately humiliating herself; her employer and her family. No wonder she was fired by Indigo the magic wielding spy group. Then, she volunteers to be genetically altered. The best character in this story was Payaa the wyvern who is kind and friendly, but sadly unlucky enough to be bonded to the traitorous Katrina. Will Payaa survive to see her family again? Grammar errors can be corrected with proofreading.
  • Memories Of A Monster on April 03, 2020

    A chilling insight into the mind of a killer. This book is not gore filled instead its a suspense filled thriller that you won't want to put down. The suspense is not about who the killer is (that's made very clear early in the book), its focussed about how and if the newly formed Cold Case unit will catch him. Thomas Ellis is a rapist and murderer committing evil acts for 55 years. He relishes his memories of his sickening deeds and readers will be infuriated at the way he exerts psychological torment upon the bereaved relatives. Rosie Butler the lead detective's investigation seemed too pat - 55 years and no one thought to look for evidence in certain obvious areas (seriously!! and extremely unrealistic). Sensitive readers: many LBGT scenes in the book. Rosie has a sexual relationship with her subordinate Petra Lewis. Their flirtation continues whilst working - this seems ethically gray.
  • Playing With Fire on April 07, 2020

    Interesting read that caught and held my attention throughout. Realistic characters including the heroine Farris who is flawed but likeable. Her brave and spunky attitude reminded me of Veronica Mars. She endangers her life when she recklessly pursues the person behind the sabotage at the air base. The "side matter" that she attended to, would've preferred if she'd sent an anonymous tip when she first found out the truth, to save a young person from further abuse. A few errors (usage of incorrect words) that can be corrected with proof reading.
  • Win on July 07, 2020

    A well written blend of scifi; action adventure; fantasy (who doesn’t want a talking Pegasus with a sense of humour?) and romance. “The Games are Forever”. Gwen Lark is amongst many of the lucky teenagers to arrive on Atlantis having escaped the impending extinction level event (ELE). If it can be called luck to survive the gruelling trials of Qualify and Compete (1st 2 books in the series). An unexpected proposal and Gwen has an adoring Imperial Bridegroom. Unfortunately her prospective father-in-law deems her unsuitable and forces her to enter the Grail Games – a contest for citizenship – citizens have more freedom and privileges. The Games are vicious killing grounds and Gwen is not a killer. She gradually gathers a team that helps each other through the game. Will she outlast the bloodthirsty celebrity contenders and the sadistic stages of the game? An epic novel with a story and length well worth the price tag.
  • The Lost Chord on July 20, 2020

    A well written and diverting sci-fi/fantasy read. Liked the unusual spin of an autistic pivotal character. Didn't like the overt racism of one of the Keys. The alternate dimensions twist is explained simply and sans the heavy terminology used in hard sci-fi novels. A satisfying ending to the standalone novel - but I would've liked a sweet romantic spin for the autistic teen.
  • Starship: First Flight on July 27, 2020

    As a fan of the sci-fi genre I found this to be a well written novel albeit not the exciting sci-fi adventure I expected. Spoilers ahead: Novel can be viewed in one of two ways, Either: 1. An acerbically great commentary on many sci-fi tv shows/books. A space faring tin can (no windows in cabins); blocks of recycled stuff to eat (and they recycle everything - yes people are their Soylent Green!); cabins that can be sealed by the crew to execute unruly scouts since disobeying an order from the crew is a capital offence.. Or, 2. The equivalent of a very low budget film: 80% sex (fortunately inexplicit scenes) and 20% sci-fi adventure. Only one planet visited (in the whole book) where 2 scouts were eaten by flesh eating alien spores.
  • Summer Redux on July 27, 2020

    An epic conclusion to the Seasons of Elsewhen fantasy adventure saga. Spoilers ahead. Readers please note: you'll follow the Summer Redux story better if you've read the 1st four books of the series. In that case, you'll realise: 1. Who the mysterious young woman is that appears to the (star)ship-wrecked pioneers. 2. What she's endured to get there (and I don't just mean the 5000 year time travel!). The young wizard Astra Fairweather fulfils her destiny and averts a terrible catastrophe at a severe personal cost. A sentient planet deciding to change its atmosphere to make it easier for human settlers to survive..awesome. A bittersweet ending but not entirely unexpected - after all one would guess that a planet's avatar would be immortal!
  • Mystery at Whitetop on July 28, 2020

    A short but entertaining read. Lee,a teenage girl with magically enhanced strength gets into frequent fights with school bullies. Have the impression that this is a prequel of a novel, as there are many unanswered questions about the fantasy world created by the author e.g. what are Game Days and trueone challenges? The morally grey ending makes one wonder - who was more evil: the vile bully accused of murder; the person who actually committed the murder or the person who knew who the killer was and neatly framed another? Proofreading is needed to correct a few spelling errors.
  • I, Monster on Aug. 01, 2020

    Cover art is ideal for this story: a peaceful scene with an abandoned toy being an unsettling touch. A deformed man that hides from people that abuse him and call him a monster. A little girl whose kindness and smile gives him hope for a friend. A charming man that's a demon in human skin. A bittersweet, poignant and well written tale.
  • Three Toads & a Dragon on Aug. 01, 2020

    "The day I lend you my aid is the day I'll sprout wings and fly." Lani's wild magic is strong but uncontrolled, but perhaps she'll learn to focus her power to save an arrogant man. A delightful and well written fantasy tale with unique and appropriate cover art.
  • Fairy World M.D., Boxed Set Two on Aug. 06, 2020

    The thrilling fantasy adventure continues. When her dragon stepfather in human form unexpectedly visits Olive on Earth, she knows that he probably has dire news. She's right, but still can't tell him that Theht (the evil goddess) is hitching a ride in her body. Enjoyed the amusing chapter where her stepdad tasted pizza and coke (trying to sample Earth's cuisine). Her new quest is to steal an object from the silverwitch -a powerful female dragon that's probably insane and definitely cruel and sadistic. Olive is no thief but her stepdad has hired a professional thief to help her. Olive's magic is fluctuating (as if her dwindling funds were not bad enough) when she returns to the magical kingdom of Faythander. Her sweet romance with Kull the Wult King is a bright spark in her life but it's threatened due to Theht's influence; the nasty barbs directed by Kull's mother and the Wult people don't want a half-elf queen. Can the dire prophecy be averted? Is Olive doomed to bring death and destruction to both Earth and Faythander? With breathtakingly exciting scenes including: fighting dragons; racing through a burning city to escape from reygamor (imagine unkillable zombies); dining with cannibals and meeting a living Kitten (no she isn't a garden variety pet cat-if you've read the 1st 3 books - you'll know who I'm referring to) Silverwitch and Deathbringer are just what fantasy readers will enjoy. I didn't enjoy Goblinwraith and Underworld as much as the other books in the set- since these focused on Heidel (Kull's sister) - a terribly abrasive and unlikeable character in my opinion. Preferred reading about Olive's adventures. Proofreading is needed to correct grammar errors.
  • Grayghost on Aug. 07, 2020

    A stunning conclusion to an epic fantasy series. Favourite lines: “Smiling, she revealed rows of serrated dragon’s teeth.” “I’ve been tortured, nearly burned at the stake, fought with various nasty creatures, and stabbed through the heart, and this will be my hardest quest?” Olive Kennedy saved the world 4 years ago but destroyed the portals between Earth and Faythander. She’s trapped on Earth unable to see her beloved Kull the Wult warrior king and her stepdad Fan’twar the sky king dragon. A magical being (the Grayghost) is murdering young women and Olive’s determined to find and stop it. She promptly chases it through a portal (that it created) to Faythander. But it’s a nightmarish version of the beautiful world once infused with magic. Shockingly a character that Olive loves dearly has been murdered by the elven empress (yeah – the same empress in "Deathbringer" that ordered the slaughter of babies – so we readers shouldn’t be surprised at her continued atrocities). I was gobsmacked though- at the demise of one of my favourite characters in the series. Overall impression of the Fairy World MD series: entertaining fantasy read with plenty of action and adventure. Many magical beings (good and evil and some a combination of both!); great descriptions of places/cities. A refreshingly clean romance for the main character. I was lucky to buy the discounted series during the Smashwords’ sales. Books do need proofreading to correct the spelling/grammar errors.
  • Save Desdemona on Aug. 11, 2020

    Short and exciting adventure novella. In a dystopian future, every 4 years young people are forced to compete in a survival "game" whereby they hunt for 5 runes in a kill or be killed scenario. Charlotte Brown is a healer but she also can also use Lightning to attack. Will she be able to work well with the arrogant mage who hails from a wealthy family as opposed to her humble background? Will this ragtag team prevail and win? Fans of the Hunger Games series, will enjoy this. There are unanswered questions though: would've liked to know what was the ultimate prize for obtaining all the runes and who was Charlotte's ex..
  • Don't Belong to No City on Aug. 12, 2020

    Wow! A fast paced action packed fantasy set in post-apocalyptic Chicago. You'll want to read this book in one sitting. Favourite line "My caretaker told me a story once of a cat with nine lives...she was talking about me." Liked the unusual spin on magic/magical abilities in this book (like the guy whose hair grows when he uses magic!). Rue tries to blend in by pretending to be a dud (a non-magic user); working hard as a bartender and getting inked as often as possible. One night, she's mugged and luckily saved by a duo who want her help. She's going to use her powerful gift, but can she control it? Does she even want to? This can be read as a stand alone story but I hope that the author will expand it into a series about Rue and her new territory (at least the building's above ground) as some questions could be answered e.g. will she exact revenge on the person who arranged her mugging? Will she conquer the other territories? Book needs proofreading to correct spelling and grammar errors. In case some readers may be dissuaded due to the gay & lesbian fiction tag: Rue is in a lesbian relationship and she is bi-sexual. However romantic/sexual relationships are a minor part of the book and such scenes are inexplicit.
  • The Runestone Guardians: Secrets of Sølvefalske on Aug. 13, 2020

    Enjoyable fantasy adventure blending shapeshifters with Norse mythology and the talking animals add plenty of whimsy! Favourite lines by various characters: Pine the cute little fox: "Then how do you explain that freaky head-spinny thing?" Manen the motherly barn owl "For the last time: I have extra bones in my neck!" Ylvana "Thou hast little faith in mine own dumb luck." Skoll the mighty wolf "You shall live, chained to this world to watch the consequences of what you have done." Two princesses: Miria who'll inherit the throne and her cousin Ylvana a shapeshifter. Kidnapping by the Crows (a rival tribe of shapeshifters) and treasonous betrayal await the girls. Will they and their loyal companions survive to return home? Will Manen need to prove why owls have no predators? This is book 1 of the Runestone Guardian series and the end is a cliffhanger so I hope the rest of series will soon be available to purchase via smashwords. Book needs proofreading to correct spelling; grammar and homophone errors.
  • Portal Mage on Aug. 24, 2020

    Review contains spoilers. Entertaining book that fans of the fantasy genre will enjoy. The first portal that young Cassandra opened lead to her long lost grandparents and cousin - in a parallel medieval world -no plumbing or electricity but many guns (reminded me of steampunk novels). Intriguing characters are introduced in the book: elves; orcs; werewolves - each of whom play a role (good or bad) in Cassandra's future. Her powers increase with age and she becomes the portal guardian. Also, with the guidance of an possessed/haunted sword, she becomes a portal mage able to time travel. Many people on the council want to control Cassandra, so she's forced to flee. Book needs proofreading as the entertainment was marred by many errors (thus deduction of 1 star): spelling; grammar; missing words; homophone errors (e.g. coop vs coup) .
  • Twelve Horses Rocking on Sep. 08, 2020

    A chilling and gritty tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering who the serial killer is ...until his identity is which point you'll think...he was literally the last one I'd suspected of such vile acts. You'll want to cheer for Sam when she has the sheer pluck to argue with her kidnapper and torturer!
  • Bounty on Dec. 23, 2020

    Entertaining scifi action book that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Awesome cover art and a refreshingly well written book. A respected police detective is actually Bounty a cyborg superhero who patrols the streets of Baltimore at night armed with a katana. No one knows her secret identity except for a trusted mentor, until he betrays her and she shares her secret with her closest friend. To certain people she is Patient Zero - the first and only successful experiment, and they don't want her to survive. The book is the first in an exciting series.
  • Silver's Redemption on Dec. 26, 2020

    “A new beginning has no age limit.” Georgianna “Silver” Fellowes was an executive of a successful PR company. She spent years getting to the top only to be forced out at the age of 55 due to ageism – her boss preferred a young brassy blonde to be the face of the company. Silver moved out west to a ranch bequeathed by her father and lived a simple solitary life with the unconditional love and support of her mule Joey. Her life became more exciting when she met Ash, a handsome resident of the small western town. Unfortunately, everyone in that small town is hiding something and some secrets are dangerous. An entertaining book with the right blend of action; clean romance; and soul searching- you’ll want to read it in one sitting. Proofreading is needed to correct grammar errors in the 2nd half of the book.
  • Highland Oath (Highland Treasures Book One) on Jan. 02, 2021

    A scorching hot time travel romance. Lila’s a skilled surgeon that unwillingly travels back in time to the 1600s where Angus a sexy highlander realises she’s fated to be with him. Angus is in love with her but she wants to return to her own time to achieve the pinnacle of her career. Will she break his heart?
  • Shadows in the Soul on Jan. 02, 2021

    Favourite quote “..what she did hold against them was how they judged and condemned people when that was God’s job, not theirs.” Review contains spoilers. A great and well-written novel. In this time of increased activism against abuse, I think the story will resonate with readers- the heroine is a woman that endured 20 years of psychological abuse by her spouse. One hopes for her success from page 1! Amy is a divorced mother of one. She works at a firm that prints religious pamphlets and by skimping on food and basic necessities she manages to keep her son at university. As for her family – I’m too polite to describe her son and her father!! She scrounges up her courage to apply for a 2nd job as a dishwasher at Serenity, an upmarket strip club and through the kindness of her employers she slowly starts to emerge from the shell around her heart. Her path is made more difficult by the viciousness of some of her co-workers at both jobs are cruel. Amy is about to learn a shocking secret about her employers. As the book is tagged supernatural - I expected a certain type of "species" but there is a twist I didn't see coming!
  • Alice Rising on Jan. 02, 2021

    Spoilers ahead: A scary tale of 2 young witches: one grossly evil and the other of a lesser evil. Novella needs proofreading to correct grammar and other errors.
  • F-ing Freddy Fisher on Jan. 03, 2021

    Domestic violence and child abuse - a story unusually told from the perspective of disinterested spectators. Spoilers ahead It's told from the POV of various teenagers in 1 school day of the abused Freddy Fischer's life. The teens and their teachers are so self absorbed that none of them even notice that Freddy is hurt. Only Olivia notices and cares enough to seek help for him. If you're expecting a HEA - abandon that hope. The abuse victim does not escape. Depressing ending.
  • DIY High on Jan. 04, 2021

    Enjoyable coming of age drama. Gabby's in her final year of high school when she becomes financially and emotionally responsible for her 3 younger siblings as her addict mother fails to look after her children. Spoilers ahead She wants to drop out of school so that she can work full time to keep the family going. Her mother refuses this saying she'll home school Gabby. That was a laugh - that woman didn't homeschool the girl - Gabby studied and strived on her own and took care of the household and her younger sibs. Poor Gabby had to make so many sacrifices to keep the family going - including using her saved money to prevent them being evicted. Loved the part where her little sister (usually an incredibly whiny brat) said Gabby was more of a mother to them than their actual mother - too true. Irritated at parts of the book that devolved into a boring commentary of the traditional US schooling system.
  • Deal with the Devil on Jan. 14, 2021

    A scorching hot and steamy romance between a vampire and a werewolf. Their liaison is forbidden by both vampire and werewolf culture. Luz's anxiety was caused by a trauma the origins of which are sickening. Jude's secret could cause his own heartbreak if Luz ever finds out. Can they find their HEA?
  • Seeker on March 13, 2021

    A well written and unusual grim reaper romance. Mila's choices were stubbornly unwise but appropriate for a teenage mindset. Silas was an odd character whose development was both amusing and interesting. A strong religious theme expressed throughout the book. A twist in the tale that I didn't expect made the ending seem abrupt but appropriate.
  • Snowed in with the Alien Warlord on March 14, 2021

    A steamy, well written scifi romance in the Warlord Brides series. Penny's scavenging for food and other supplies unaware that Kol an alien warrior has sensed that she's his mate. After he's injured saving her from the vicious Suhliks, she drags him back to her shelter. Penny's trying to repay the favour by not letting him freeze to death. She's certainly not interested in the big red guy's declaration that she's his mate. How long can she withstand an undeniable attraction when he's trying to win her heart?
  • Jaxar: Warlord Brides on March 14, 2021

    A steamy, well written scifi romance in the Warlord Brides series. Review contains spoilers. All Mahdfel warriors want a mate who will give them sons. Vanessa's first match with a Madhfel warrior ended in disaster when she lost her baby and almost died. She's unwilling to risk her life to have another child. Story dealt with that sensitive topic well Grumpy Van's ready for a short fling with the gorgeous engineer Jaxar but he wants forever. Can she let him win her heart when he manipulated her into working aboard Judgment, the immense starship where he lives?
  • Pearl's Dragon: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 10 on March 16, 2021

    I read the synopsis and expected the 1st story to be a steamy paranormal romance with an older couple - which would be an interesting twist on this genre that usually focusses on younger pairings or May - December pairings. Story disappointingly fell short of my expectations. Two stars for unique twist of a trio of personalities: the man; the dragon and the playful symbiont. Spoilers ahead Pearl and Asim (a dragon shapeshifter) are an older couple and there were steamy scenes but there was no romance. Asim kidnaps her; there is no courting; she consents to being bitten and turned into a shapeshifter the same day of her kidnapping; and then they're intimate. Her granddaughter only bothers to find her the next day. Cue eyeroll.
  • Naya on March 20, 2021

    Entertaining fantasy read that you'll want to read in one sitting. Talking animals add a delightful piece of whimsy. Naya Sheydaughter whilst grieving for the loss of her aunt, is happy with her trade as a vegetable seller. Unfortunately when a Warden realises she is a Super Receptive that can hear more than one animal, he takes away her home and her livelihood to force her to go with him to become a Warden. Naya's courage in dealing with this devastating blow will have you cheering for her success. During her travels she encounters kindness and danger. She refused outright to have anything to do with Wardens who ruined her happiness. How long will she be able to resist their persuasions?
  • Venomous Hearts, Stories from Vaelyn City on Aug. 28, 2021

    Favourite lines: 'I am the spectre of night-time terror returned to bring horror to their day.' 'As a result, I will take your life seven times.' A well written; very dark and steamy paranormal romance. The author has created a unique heroine whose dependence on venom to survive is the least of her unusual traits. Hart's betrayal 10 years ago, resulted in Madelyn becoming a Justice, a rare and powerful being. This power came at a a terrible and painful cost. Hart knows that Madelyn's his one true love. He's desperate to win her back, but can she ever forgive him? This is a stand alone novel without a cliff hanger ending.
  • Nexus Point on Dec. 20, 2021

    Wow! Non stop adventure with a hint of romance. A book that grasps your attention from the start and you'll want to read it in one sitting. When I finished book one, I immediately wanted to read the rest of the series. All books in the series are individually published via this site, but the 2 omnibus editions (i.e. books 1 to 5 and 6 to 11 that I bought) were unfortunately unavailable here.
  • Doors on Dec. 28, 2021

    A well written contemporary romance. Noelle's life is divided into two sections: before and after. She's a smart professional woman who was vivacious before the home invasion. Now, years later she's on the verge of being a shut- in. Then she hires Levi a professional cuddler to help her get back to being her old self. Levi's heavily tatooed body is due to trying to overcome the many demons in his past. Perhaps together this injured couple from opposite sides of the tracks will forge a new path to trust and happiness. Noelle's extended family was a wholly unexpected twist.
  • Choice Cut on Dec. 30, 2021

    Creepy quotes: ‘Are they going to suffer?’ ‘No, dude. We run a humane slaughterhouse here. Besides it can ruin the meat.’ Author created an intriguing world whereby the living alive (LA) and the living dead (LD) co-exist. This co-existence is not harmonious. The LDs need to feed and they prefer human flesh hence the title Choice Cut. LDs, unlike ordinary zombies in the horror genre, are sentient and intelligent- making them far more dangerous. Private detective Jim Keaton is hired by the wealthy Mr. Davies to protect his daughter Ruth, a typical spoilt rich girl. Keaton is well past his prime but demonstrates that’s he’s still an excellent shot when he fends off a gang comprising both LAs and LDs. Some people's secrets result in multiple deaths. It's a horror novel, I didn't expect a HEA but after the 2nd chapter I hoped for some evildoers to get their just desserts i.e. BE dessert for a LD. In the last chapter it seems as though the author erred in repeating paragraphs from an earlier chapter, but this was deliberate as the addition of a sentence changed everything a reader knows about a character who is actually a LD. I reacted with an expletive. A few editing issues can be corrected with proofreading.
  • Deceit on Dec. 31, 2021

    A sweet second chance romance novelette. The romance is refreshingly non-explicit. After 21 years of marriage, Martha is on her first solo vacation, at her husband’s suggestion. Her two-week vacation at a cabin in the woods might just change her life – but will it be for the better or worse? A reader has to wonder – was Martha really the only one guilty of deceit? I doubt it, there were many warning signals that trusting Martha didn’t recognise.
  • Shadows in the Night on Jan. 03, 2022

    Favourite quote: '..the elegant classics enticed invisible fingers to open and savor them like a fine rare wine.' Well written, poignant ghost story.
  • Savior on Jan. 03, 2022

    Well written scifi short story. Josie's decrepit ship crashes on to a barren planet. She searches for a possible escape from the planet but finds other survivors instead, and they need her help. Kindness and trust may give her a new hope for the future. I would've liked this to be a longer story.
  • Who is Tracy Shaw? on Jan. 04, 2022

    A harrowing and engrossing tale of an innocent young woman’s life being destroyed due to being mistaken for a fraudster. Will the authorities and her ensuing anxiety allow her to regain a normal life? Proofreading is needed to correct many spelling and grammar errors that detract from enjoyment of the story.
  • Kea's Flight (Second Edition) on Jan. 04, 2022

    Wow! A well written and captivating scifi adventure. Favourite lines ‘One thing never seems to occur to people who try to control mentally disabled children – the fact that many of us are devastatingly cunning.’ ‘I love the building blocks. Some other kids would take them away from me sometimes. Then the next day, I would feel completely justified in taking them away from whatever kid was playing with them – because that kid was Not-Me, and Not-Me had taken them from me the previous day.’ Review contains spoilers. Author created a futuristic society and an unusual heroine: Kea has Asperger’s syndrome. In this society an alternative to abortion is remove and cryogenically freeze unwanted (due to ‘Earth’s intolerance for mental disorders’) embryos that are placed on a starship destined for a new planet. The embryos are then artificially gestated, and the children are raised by robots (who enforce the rules) and adults (BGs) who are less than the best humanity has to offer in terms of raising intellectually disabled children. On the surface this process seems to afford a decent future to thousands of children (who would not otherwise exist) but there is a dark aspect to the starship’s 21 year journey that Kea is discovering. Kea slowly befriends other teens and albeit they are sometimes intolerant of each other's disabilities, they form a close knit group. What does the future hold in store for this circle of friends? I didn’t like the book cover albeit distinctive, it seems too plain to convey how good the story is! For readers who may be initially confused (as I was) as to the following acronyms: BG = Benevolent Guardians; rems = removals (it’s frequently used but only explained in chapter 10). A nice long book at 526 pages excluding the preview of the 2nd book in the series: Kea’s Landing – that I’m looking forward to reading.
  • Green House Hospitality on Jan. 05, 2022

    A well written, delightfully whimsical short story for adults. Quotes: ‘The truth was a little more complicated, as such things often are.’ ‘A tavern, a boarding house, a village inn and now a bed and breakfast.’ The Green House has existed for almost 400 years. The staff is unchanging, it's unsurprising as they’re not human.
  • Sloan's Mercy on Jan. 07, 2022

    A dark well written short story set during the time of the Vietnam war. A man has committed atrocities and one superpowered girl is a vigilante who knows the truth. How far will she go to ensure justice?
  • Hunted: The World of the Changelings on Jan. 10, 2022

    Short fantasy tale of the time travelling druid Alasdair's adventure during WW2. A few spelling errors can be corrected with proofreading. An English translation of the German sentences should be provided.
  • Fairhaven's Forsaken on Jan. 10, 2022

    Entertaining fantasy adventure. Book 1 of Eva’s story. Review contains spoilers. 17 Years ago a baby girl was abandoned on the steps of an abbey in the small town of Fairhaven. The baby exhibited paranormal abilities. Two of the nuns declared the child to be evil, but the other abbey residents loved and raised little Eva. After being home schooled, Eva is enrolled at the local school for her senior year. Sadly Fairhaven’s residents are small minded and cruel to a lonely girl. Her only friends outside the abbey are the crows. Her untrained but powerful magic attracts an evil being and the attention of others of her kind. Will she win the final battle?
  • Fractured and Forsaken on Jan. 10, 2022

    Entertaining fantasy adventure. Book 2 of Eva’s story. Review contains spoilers. Favourite quotes: ‘You do not want to threaten our daughter.’ ‘It will not go well for you.’ Things changed for Eva after she banished the Immortal One. Her tentative romance with Tristan is a welcome distraction from the constant pain of her injury. She finally meets other people with magical abilities, but they have a penchant for cruelty exceeding that which she's endured from the citizens of Fairhaven. She's betrayed by people she trusted, yet those that truly loved her offer their unfailing support. Liked the mischievous duo - sisters Mary and Agnes and their excitement over Eva's suitors. Eva's true nemesis is vicious and powerful. A character will die. The story has not yet ended, as Eva has choices to make and battles to win. Eagerly anticipating book 3 of the series.
  • Legacy of Stone on Jan. 10, 2022

    Well written, entertaining fantasy story. A powerful sorcerer; a weary dragon and a pompous king. Whose wishes should reign supreme? The names of the mountains made me smile as they were appropriate for the story.
  • The Colds on Jan. 11, 2022

    Unique concept of a Cold (with paranormal abilities e.g. enhanced hearing) - a human that's enslaved to a ghost. Review contains spoilers. Unfortunately the concept and purpose of a Cold was only briefly discussed in the book, the balance was the main character's sexual relationships (sans romance). The attempted rape scene was disturbing and Aniella's easy acceptance of Davis (her attacker)'s weak explanation is frankly creepy.
  • Me Too on Jan. 12, 2022

    A harrowing short story of a woman's endurance of extreme domestic abuse. The author conveys a well written and disturbing tale sans resorting to explicit descriptions (a refreshing change from the usual psychological thriller genre). A reader is left to wonder: can silence truly be worth a luxurious lifestyle?
  • Opus on Jan. 13, 2022

    Fast paced dystopian story. Note for sensitive readers: novella contains explicit scenes of sex; violence; self-mutilation and LGBTQ liaisons. Review contains spoilers. Caelina's fourth in line for the throne and has an obsession with the number 4. A serial killer is murdering previous winners of the game. Kendrick realised this before he became the next victim. She wants to win the game so she can exact revenge for Kendrick. Proofreading is needed to correct editing issues.
  • Vengeance on July 05, 2022

    Intriguing dark fantasy novel that caught and held my attention from the 1st page. Review contains spoilers: Lyria is a strong female mage who seeks to build a new life in Lord Andru's city. Will working for the man who caused the deaths of so many of her kind change her perspective of right and wrong? The romance aspect was negligible in my opinion - as it was a disappointingly "insta-love" scenario. Wholly unexpected ending. I thought that Alysse was the most useless clairvoyant ever! Sensitive readers: book contains descriptions of gore; violence and torture.
  • A New Day on July 13, 2022

    An interesting read with a mishmash of genres: scifi; fantasy; adventure. Review contains spoilers: The story is set in a dystopian alternate reality where furry cat people are just one of the dominant alien bipedal species on the planet. Humans are a slave race with a few exceptions. Young Miona is the only slave in her class at school – a class geared for freeborn alien students. She is subjected to bullying at home and at school. The sheer cruelty of her classmates and of her master’s mother and daughter is disgusting. Her dream is to learn to pilot a spaceship, yet her master will never allow that. Perhaps her only hope at freedom is to throw her lot in with the shadowy organisation ‘Renaissance’ (a type of human resistance) – but Miona may be placing her trust in the wrong people. Book is the 1st in a series and ends abruptly.
  • Fateful Impact (Crimson Nightmare #1) on July 19, 2022

    Book 1 of the Crimson Nightmare series. Exciting sci-fi adventure that you’ll want to read in one sitting. Cress and her classmates were born and raised on a space station. Review contains spoilers. A field trip to a military station is a welcome diversion for Cress and her classmates. Unfortunately, the military base is the surface level of a prison. A prison break results in the student’s shuttle being hijacked and the students are taken hostage. After the shuttle crashes on an uninhabited planet the students must endure a daily struggle for water; food and shelter whilst falling prey to the dangers of the planet and the armed prisoners. Some students will not survive. Cress must set aside her prejudices as they can only survive by working together.
  • The Time She Dies on Aug. 01, 2022

    A well written thought-provoking short story. Review contains spoilers If you consistently dreamed of the day you’d die and knew that this future would occur – what would you do? Fourteen-year-old Quinn’s only stress should be starting high school, instead she’s being plagued by a recurring dream of her death on a specific date. The end is left to the reader’s imagination.