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Smashwords book reviews by Stormswift

  • Lovely on Feb. 05, 2013
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    A short and rather sad story. Alice is overwhelmed by the emotional and physical abuse inflicted by her parents. She is contemplating suicide as a means of escape and relives one day over and over again. Will she learn from her prior decisions and make the right choice at the end? There are a few spelling errors but these are not distracting.
  • Desperate Rescue - Janet Feldman Series on March 26, 2013
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    My favourite line in this book: “if someone screamed bloody murder in the middle of a forest and no one was there to help, would it make any difference if you screamed at all?” Janet Feldman and her friend Sally are invited by strangers to a party of wealthy socialites. They are discomforted by the use of drugs at the party and try to leave. Sally is distracted when she is asked to dance by a very handsome man. Janet witnesses Sally being kidnapped and promptly chases after the kidnappers. The pursuer becomes the pursued in this fast paced novel. Janet doesn’t know whether she can trust the reclusive mountain main Greg Danes in her increasingly desperate quest to save Sally. Will Janet get to her in time or will she suffer the same fate as her friend? Enjoyed this novel – a strong moral to the story – misplaced trust in strangers can be dangerous. *Review also published on smashwords and diesel e-books.
  • Adelaide Confused on July 25, 2013
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    Enjoyable. Adelaide is an empath who was forced by her mother to use pills and therapy to control her ability. She left home at 18, broke off all contact with her family and moved to a small island where she works as a receptionist of a small hotel. Her gift has made it difficult for her to socialise with others. She is unexpectedly pursued by the charismatic and wealthy Reed Wallace, but he has a hidden agenda. She is very attracted to her taciturn neighbour Lucas who appears to finds socialising just as difficult as she does. Adelaide has to pretend to be Reed’s girlfriend but then has to fend off his jealous secretary and his business rival’s violent cronies. I loved the author’s prose and at times I laughed aloud especially when Adelaide yells at a ghost to prevent him from pointing to letters on the Ouija board as he has to work though her: the medium and not spoil her fun! I hope there’ll be a sequel to this novel as the author has left some unanswered questions: what exactly will Adelaide do with the demon book; is Reed romantically interested in her at all or was he just using her and why can’t she sense Lucas’ emotions? Also published review on
  • Love Through Cobra's Eye on Sep. 11, 2013
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    An unusual paranormal romance. Rashi Sharma prevents some folk from killing a king cobra. That night, she finds the cobra in her bedroom and it starts talking to her – it’s grateful that she saved its life. She’s terrified and asks it to leave. Shortly thereafter she is hired by the wealthy Chauhan family to be the PA of the very handsome and charming Shesh whose two older brothers: friendly Vrithra and his wife Nuwa; the misogynistic Ahi are equally good looking. Aside from being tall and handsome the brothers share another trait: hairless arms and slitted pupil eyes. Rashi starts getting nightly phone calls from Vasu, the were snake she saved, and after months of calls she falls in love with him and wants to meet him in his human form but he seems oddly hesitant. It’s obvious that one of the brothers is Vasu but is it Shesh who is clearly romantically interested in her or could it be Ahi who scolded her for the temerity to enter his office (a domain in which no women are allowed)? Warning: this book needs editing due to the spelling and grammatical errors. Please don’t allow the errors to put you off from reading this and the other books in this series as this is an entertaining read.
  • My guardian angel on Sep. 16, 2013
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    A world where angels save people every day from accidental deaths- for a fee so only the rich can afford to be saved. The angels are very wealthy; live in mansions and drive expensive cars. They also have mega rock star status. Kellen Godson is the “hottest angel boy” on the planet and his first save is coming up. With billions of people eager to be his first save he decides his first save will be based on a lottery and folk can buy as many tickets as they want for a chance to enter the lucky draw. Alyssa Godspeed, orphaned after her parents’ death, was raised by her uncle and lives a humble life comprising school and her work in her uncle’s diner. She is catapaulted to super stardom when her ticket wins Kellen’s lottery and whilst dodging a serial killer she learns the truth about her existence. Warning: this book needs editing due to the spelling and grammatical errors and missing / incorrect words. Despite this I found the story be an unusual and entertaining read.
  • A Lesson for the Cyclops on Nov. 02, 2013
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    Maria suffered horrific torture and mutilation as a teen and now ekes a meagre living in the circus as a Cyclops sideshow attraction. She is infatuated with the recent addition to the circus, the young and handsome daredevil D’Arbignal. Whilst Maria admires him from afar, Conchinara the gorgeous wife of the brutish Alfredo the swordsman is eager to have an affair with D’Arbignal. The ending was unexpected (not the usual HEA) but it was a happy ending nonetheless. Entertaining read, wish it was longer! * Also published on
  • Rooted on Nov. 02, 2013
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    Loved this! Unusual concept – Chloe is a tree spirit or dryad who was orphaned and is now living in foster care with ten other foster kids. Her foster parents don’t have much money so Chloe’s hungry most of the time and generally neglected. She depends wholly on Lillian her sole friend for company but Lillian turns out to be a backstabber of the worst kind. Grayson, the son of the local werewolf alpha, seems strangely attracted to Chloe but she is terrified of him. The hunters that arrive in their small town cause Chloe more uneasiness as they are trying to kill off the supernatural folk. A bright spark for Chloe is kind Rebecca and her dad who at least try to ensure that Chloe gets to eat regularly. The themes of neglect; peer pressure and bullying are realistic. The only downside to this book was that matters were not wholly resolved (and there appears to be no sequel at present) leaving unanswered questions e.g. was Rebecca’s dad healed or not; what lies ahead for Chloe? The book has a few editing errors i.e. missing words and the use of incorrect words however these did not detract from the absorbing storyline.
  • Vampire University (Book One in the Vampire University Series) on Nov. 02, 2013
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    Taylor’s first week as a university freshman reveals a new world to her: the existence of vampires; gargoyles and leprechauns. Her gregarious roommate Hannah is oddly controlling in her opinions as to whom Taylor should befriend which Taylor naturally resents. Friendly Eric Evans and his dour twin brother Joseph are freshmen who both show an interest in Taylor but whilst both of them are dangerous, one intends to harm her. Between discovering her immunity to the vampires’ enthrallment; the fact that her blood seems to be a “cure” for vampirism; her resident advisor’s snarky behaviour and the freshman Dean’s obnoxious manner, Taylor will be lucky to survive her first week at university. I enjoy the paranormal genre and this novel was entertaining. I did hope that Taylor would have a romantic interest with a certain Evan’s brother but when he noticed his RA Tom’s beautiful green eyes, it was clear that he would not be interested in her.
  • Sanity Siphoned on Nov. 04, 2013
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    Well written story with realistic themes. Severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of a cruel bully; self harming; subsequent sexual relationship with said bully (a type of Stockholm syndrome!); underage and unprotected sex (luckily heroine was not impregnated); attempted suicide. Even the heroine admits that it’s weird for her to be attracted to the bully. Julienne has been emotionally and physically abused by Michael for two years in guise of “bullying” at school. Their mothers become friends and Michael insults Julienne in her own home. She’s so upset that she cuts herself. Michael later feels physically attracted to her and starts exerting sexual pressure upon her. She’s so emotionally starved that she fails to recognise another form of control being exercised over her. He declares that he’s in love with her yet he fails to make their relationship public and fails to provide her with the emotional support she needs – she’s essentially his booty call. He doesn’t even visit her in the psychiatric facility after her attempted suicide. I think that her HEA with Michael was unbelievable and frankly scary (since realistically it’s like a woman remaining with an abusive partner after he promises that he’s changed). The only bright threads that I could discern in this book were her sincere friendship with Nick Sheldon (a lifeline that Julienne needs) and the fact that she receives the psychiatric care she so desperately needs.
  • Heart of Stone on Nov. 06, 2013
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    Gabby is sweet and wears her heart on her sleeve though she’d better develop that filter between her brain and her mouth as she blurts out whatever she’s thinking resulting in embarrassment. Aiden is sophisticated, domineering and definitely controls the relationship. Hot romance with a bitter end. Luckily this is only part one. Liked it, but the frequent use of incorrect words eg. idol vs idle; thou vs though ; dual vs duel was distracting – book needs editing since spell checker will not correct such errors.
  • The Darkest Gate on Nov. 06, 2013
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    Each book in the series is great! Anthony has killed one daimarachnid (giant spider) with Elise’s help so as the shield to her sword, he’s rather lacking but he’s still trying his best as would any good sidekick. Dr. Stephanie’s jealousy of the relationship between James and Elise continues to drive a wedge between them leading Elise to rely less and less upon James. My heart broke for Elise when she tells James that he’s all she needs and asks why she isn’t enough and he responds with his need to marry and have children. A low blow since no female kopis is able to bear children. The introduction of the sexy, mysterious and frankly dangerous Thom adds a possible future love interest for Elise, unfortunately he’s in service to the Night Hag who’s awoken and is rather vicious after her long hibernation. In this book the reader is given hints as to why Elise was surrounded by a dozen dead angels in Death’s Hand; the reason that she always wears gloves and why she is accorded the title of “Godslayer”. She endures blow after blow including the loss of her business; her apartment and worst of all the loss of someone she loves. *Review also published on
  • Dark Union on Nov. 06, 2013
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    The sword and her shield. “The relationship between a kopis and an aspis is more permanent than marriage; more fatal than family, closer than the oldest friends” says McIntyre – kopis in this novel. Unfortunately the rift James Faulkner (aspis) and his kopis (Elise) is widening. James is away meeting his girlfriend Stephanie’s parents and Elise has no alternative but to continue her task as kopis with the assistance of her boyfriend, Anthony. Anthony is grieving for the loss of his cousin Betty (see the Darkest Gate) and is pressing Elise to marry him and start a family – his reaction to being told that she cannot have children is less than supportive and I started hoping that she’d simply dump him. McIntyre’s lies leads to the Union (of kopis and aspis)’s capture of Elise and Anthony prior to the bi-centennial meeting between the humans; infernals (demons) and the ethereals (angels). My only complaint with this book was that it’s too short!! Sad to see that books 4 to 7 in the Descent Series were not sold per Smashwords but I found these on the amazon and kobo sites. *Review also published on
  • Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, Book 2) on Nov. 06, 2013
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    The CDC and the National Guard descend on the town of Fallen Oaks, South Carolina In the aftermath of the unleashed Jenny Pox that caused the deaths of over 200 of the town’s not so fine and upstanding citizens. Jenny starts doubting the security of her relationship with Seth as his dad is sending him to college in a large town that Jenny fears due to the proximity of crowds. Unfortunately Darcy blabs to the CDC about Jenny and federal agents begin to trail Jenny. New supernaturals are introduced in this book: Esmeralda who can speak to the dead and transfer souls from one body to another; Tommy whose touch causes people to see their worst nightmares and Alexander (El Brujo) who controls the dead (i.e. he raises and controls zombies). Sadly Ashleigh makes a comeback with even worse plans for Jenny and she recruits other supernaturals to her cause. *Review also published on
  • Lovers on Nov. 06, 2013
    Elaina Freeman is emotionally scarred from childhood sexual abuse. As an adult, she picks up men for one night stands of unprotected sex whilst teasing her married boss Felix de La Cruz. Elaina also initiates sex with her boss. This error culminates in a vicious assault as her boss is not all that he originally appears to be – he’s a remorseless serial killer. Thereafter even she admits that she erred. Duh! Christian Dubois and Malachi Porter are very attractive and wealthy best friends who share Christian’s house and later also share Elaina. The book ends with the three of them in a merrily committed relationship cemented by the exchange of rings and the signature of a palimony agreement to protect her interests and that of their children. A score of 1 is given as whilst the book was a piece of erotic fiction (focusing more on erotica than the background story), the spelling and grammar in this book were very poor. Book desperately needs editing. Heroine was not sympathetic; had a non-existent moral compass and was very aggressive toward women she viewed as rivals. *Scenes of explicit sex and violence. For over 18s only.
  • State of Grace on Nov. 06, 2013
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    Grace time travels to ±1800 years to the past where she meets the sexy but aloof vampire Roman. Her stays with him in the past grow longer and she falls in love with him. The problem is that in the present day, Grace is a former airline pilot who had to quit her job due to a malignant brain tumor. She and her small close-knit family have difficulty coming to terms with this situation. Her love-rat ex-boyfriend dumped her shortly after she was first diagnosed and this dealt a severe blow to her self-confidence. At the end the implication was that all her encounters with Roman were in her mind culminating in a very sad ending to the book. Well written novel. *Review also published on
  • A Plain Jane Book Two on Nov. 06, 2013
    star star star star
    Story is fast paced and exciting – more so than the first book. Jane finally accepts that she is not plain at all aside from the embarrassing blue spots that are a dead giveaway of her emotional state (eek!) and the shimmering blue streaks in her hair! She becomes more decisive and essentially her own person, now that the nasty “assister” has been removed from her brain – pity she lost the speed, agility and kick a** abilities though! Jane is revealed to be the last of the Paran monarchy (from admin assistant to space princess in less than a month!) and has 9 super powerful robots (and one assassin robot) at her beck and call. Lucas and Jane’s relationship is finally progressing as they rid themselves of doubts and uncertainties. Lucas seems less arrogant and less of the perfect soldier than he was in the first book and becomes more emotional and likeable. Book ends on an utter cliffhanger scene and I’ve already bought book 3 to see what happens next. I think the greatest praise that I can give any book is that I think these books would be a great series of movies. The Galactic Senate scene description reminded me of the Galactic Senate in Star Wars (perhaps that’s where author got the idea?). Grammatical errors are distracting, book needs editing. *Review also published on
  • The Accidental Prophetess on March 05, 2014
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    A secret society has the best surveillance and monitoring capability of any agency or organisation in the world. Big Brother on worldwide scale. They are elite vigilantes and they’ve been waiting ± 70 years for the prophetess. They’ve monitored what people are writing and saying in hopes of finding her. Then one evening Natalie ad-libs whilst singing karaoke and within hours she’s abducted and taken to the society’s underground headquarters. Some people welcome her as the foretold prophetess but others are sceptical of her abilities. Her BFF and flatmate Carla has incredible lie detecting abilities, and takes classes from yodelling to skydiving when she’s not trying to defend Natalie. Marc is the head of security for the Society and Ethan leads one of the security teams. Natalie is attracted to both of these hunky male specimens and they’re equally interested in her. Unfortunately one of them may not be all he seems. Adventure; romance and a generous sprinkling of humour, the book grabbed my attention from start to finish. * Review also published on
  • Niko on March 10, 2014
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    Post-apocalyptic world where the government created acid rain to destroy the Slithers (a type of mutated human cannibal). This method was partially successful as hordes of Slithers were destroyed but many still survived. Acid rain continues to fall and fresh water is sold at a premium to those outside the cities (i.e. the Outsiders) who scrounge for existence. People can enter the cities where there is an abundance of food and fresh water in 3 three ways: a privileged few can pay 5000 per person for entry; people can volunteer to become Grey People who will work in the cities salting the ground to cover the acidic rain water puddles for a time (indentured labour) until they can bring their families to the cities or one can be recruited as a Slither killer. Niko has been killing Slithers since she was fourteen: she is the only caregiver for her two younger brothers. After a horrific attack at her home in which her youngest brother is killed and her remaining brother is mysteriously missing, she is evacuated to the city where she finds that Slither killers enjoy luxuries undreamt of by Outsiders. She longs to find her brother and discovers that her new friends amongst the Order of the Black Rose are hiding deadly secrets. This was an entertaining read that was difficult to put down and I’ve already bought the next book to find out what happens to Niko. Book needs professional editing due to the various errors e.g. missing words etc. *Review posted on smashwords; and diesel ebooks.
  • Colossus on March 11, 2014
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    The first half of this novel was rather like a fairytale: with the friendship between young Alice Kenworth and a timid mythical stone man who is thousands of years old yet still a child amongst the other Collossi . This was no fairytale however as the last half quickly descended into an all too grim and brutal reality. It was a poignant ending. Well written and absorbing fantasy tale. *Review also published on diesel ebooks.
  • The Amber Ring (A Novella) on April 01, 2014
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    A well written fairy tale about Maya, a sceptical heroine reluctantly taking up the reins after the death of her heroic sister. There’s a dash of death; a significant betrayal and plenty of whimsy. Loved the cute pet names that the cobbler couple had for each other and try saying Gnarlington Gnibblemeister the Geographer Gnome 3 times fast! Enjoyed the novel, hoping that author will publish more in this genre. *Also published review on