Kitten Delight


Is Kitten Delight naughty or nice? Well, she's both! To all outward appearances, Kitten is an ordinary, everyday woman who is active in her community and well respected by her friends and peers. That's what the public sees, but there is far more to her than meets the eye. When the lights go down and she's by herself, she often feels a lot of sexual tension. Sexual tension she can’t always find a release for if there is no man around! So how does she cope? She writes it down. As she writes about sex she finds all her fantasies and desires come to the surface.

Kitten is now starting to put some of these stories online for others to read. Her hope is that you will enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them. Kitten lives in a quiet central Oklahoma town where she has spent a lot of time wondering if all those nice women around her have the same naughty thoughts she has!

“Some of the stories are true, at least to a degree. Some are my own exploits while others have been told me to me by those as constrained in their own lives as I am. Most are works of pure fantasy, letting my mind go where I would never let my body follow. I think the fun part for you is wondering ‘did that happen or is this just fantasy?’ So curl up comfortably and open up one of my stories, relax and enjoy a fantasy or two.”

Kitten :)


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