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Smashwords book reviews by Kitty Honeybrook

  • Moonhag and The Monster Monkey on June 20, 2012

    I found "Moonhag and the Monster Monkey" when looking up Janet Keegan's book 'Kubuka and the Magic Calabash', which I have read - and enjoyed - already. 'Moonhag and the Monster Monkey' is utterly delightful. The author really brings the African bush alive; she writes engagingly and knowledgeably, and the reader will find themselves chuckling and learning about the animals at the same time. Kids and adults will love it. (I wish this sort of book had been around when I was growing up in Africa, years ago.) It makes me want to be in the bush again :)
  • Kubuka & The Magic Calabash on June 23, 2012

    Combine a cheeky young monkey, a heroic quest, a little African magic, lots of funny bits, gorgeous illustrations, and you have the perfect children’s story. Adults will also enjoy it (as I did!) One of the things I most like about Janet Keegan’s writing is her faithful depiction of the African landscape and it’s creatures. Whilst anthropomorphised, her animals nevertheless stay true to their natural character. Kubuka, for instance, loves fruit and is not above stealing some bananas from an African village! I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a book, which I originally bought for my nieces. Not to be missed.