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Smashwords book reviews by Juliann

  • It's Not All About You! on Jan. 24, 2011

    Finally, someone has written a thought provoking realistic view of a journey not often written about, that of a cisgendered wife of a trans woman. The book however is not for the faint of heart as Elisabeth Morrissey leaves the confines of accepted 'transgender community views' and language to express her own raw but realistic view of the personal journey between Elisabeth and her life partner. The book may not for for everyone as the book does depart from more accepted terms and thinking to express her own views in her own words and in her own way. As a trans person, this is what I found especially powerful and appealing. "Its Not All About You" was written for those who may want a different view of the road ahead. This is a no holds barred view of a very personal journey, a journey of commitment, strength, sacrifice, and love in the fast lane of a very critical world (including our own) that comes at times, in the form of advice for other kindred souls on the same journey. Great work and a good read.. Kirsten (reviewed long after purchase)