Klym Polishchuk


Klym Polishchuk (1891-937) was a Ukrainian writer, poet and essayist. He was born in Krasnopil town, Zhytomyr region. Studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Russia. In 1912 he returned home and a couple of years later was arrested and accused of separatist activities. He was exiled from Ukraine.
In 1920 Klym Polishchuk moved to Lviv, western Ukraine, which at the time was not a part of the Soviet Union yet. This period of the author’s life was very fruitful. He published anthologies and magazines; wrote poems, short stories and novels, including "Huliaypilsky Father" and "Otaman Zeleny".
In 1924 Klym Polishchuk returned to the territory of Ukraine that was occupied by the soviet government. On 2 January 1931 he was arrested and accused in “nationalistic activities”. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison camps and was sent serve his sentence in a concentration camp on the Solovetsky Islands, also known as Solovki.
On 9 October 1937 the case of "Ukrainian nationalists" was reviewed, and Klym Polishchuk, along with many other Ukrainian writers, poets and scholars were sentenced to death. On 3 November 1937, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution, 1111 prisoners of the Solovki concentration camp, including Klym Polishchuk, were executed.


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