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  • The Inconvenience of Arranged Marriage on July 09, 2012

    'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.' - Helen Keller. So true for a brave person like Bennet! He is a person with passion for life, strong-minded and always interested in details. There is no way the book would not turn out to be the best read for anyone! The book portrays his excellency in story telling with humor in the most interesting ways. A number of characters get introduced as the story unwraps. The description of the characters; is so intense; I can picture them while reading. Bennet has been able to show various features of all individuals in this story and support the main character to learn and grow with his experiences. The best part I believe is the end of each phase of the story, indicating what Alvin learns at every step of his life. This is amazing as the language is very simple and the scenarios are very real like that all readers can relate to someone in their lives with similar nature and personalities. This is not only because I have been following Bennett’s blogs. :) Bennet has touched basis with some of the very sensitive areas of a person’s life specially when going through the phases of marriage and who is determined to achieve his/her professional goals at the same time. I bet you can’t say you have not met at least one person similar to one characters in the this book! Excellent work Bravo Bennet!