Kris Bock


After more than a decade and 13 children's books published as Chris Eboch, Kris Bock decided to indulge her passion for romantic suspense novels by writing one. The Treasure Hunters series debuts with Rattled:

Erin isn’t used to adventures—except those in books. But when she uncovers a clue to one of the greatest lost treasures ever, she and her best friend Camie head for the New Mexico desert to search for a secret cave. They’re not the only ones interested in the treasure, however, and they’ll face more dangers than Erin ever imagined, from wild animals, wilder humans, and the wilderness itself. Fortunately Erin and Camie have help, in the form of one sexy helicopter pilot and a surprising orange cat.

Future books in the series will bring back best friends Erin and Camie as they help a new cast of characters hunt for long-lost treasures in the dramatic and deadly southwestern desert.

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