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Kristofer Jakobs was born near dublin in 1968. The youngest of Six children he was raised in a family with a deep tradition in story telling and yarn spinning. Being the youngest he probably got the best perspective. His brother Pól used to terrify him at night with the stories he would tell. They all ended the same, with him shining a torch up his ugly face and the Kristofer running screaming to his mother. Kristofer tried to warn his wife when he was getting married, but she did not listen.

Kristofer spent his teenage summers working on trawlers, which gave him great experience, discipline and appreciation. You need to grow thick skin and get a sense of humor quickly if you're to survive the acerbic wit of fishermen on an eighty foot boat thirty miles out from shore.
After a couple of jobs Kristofer leased a bar at the age of twenty one. This was good experience from a business perspective. Learned a lot and after three years he spent some time in southern France and Italy.

On his return he was offered a short contract with an engineering firm. They subsequently extended his contract and sent him to Galway for two weeks work. Leaving that firm and taking a post in an electronics form and stayed in Galway for four years.

Kristofer used his time in Galway to do plenty of night courses in Computers etc and ended up working for Guinness. He left them to set up another business installing gas systems and emergency services for BOC Gases. He was doing this four years when C&C approached him about providing a technical service for their customers and he's in his tenth year this year.

Kristofer Jakabs is currently living in County Cavan Ireland with his wife and two children. Working on his next novel.

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