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Krysi is a human, who lives on the planet Earth. She dislikes the term “earthling” and avoids it at all costs. As a wife and mother, she enjoys writing a variety of styles and genres. This is her first attempt at anything resembling romance. Her children will be grown soon, and begin their own adventures into the world of being an adult. According to her kids, she is super old. But her husband is older, so she enjoys giving him grief for it.

Thrill rides, walking, video games, and writing are the things Krysi spends all her time with. She also hates author bio’s and thinks they are nothing more than a waste of writing energy. Her other books include a humor series in a quasi-fantasy setting, and a young adult series with a supernatural twist.

She enjoys reading indie books, and any in the genre of mystery, thrills, the occasional horror, young adult, middle grade, and even the rare “cozy” romance. She’s always willing to read something new, and is forever on the lookout for new material. She has been an avid reader from a young age, and wishes to continue the trend with future generations.

She asks that you not waste your time following her on facebook ( ) or her twitter ( ). She also has an email, but let’s be honest. She never uses it unless it is a business related communication. She finds the oddest things amusing, has a rather off color sense of humor, and tends to rile people up with her lack of brain-mouth filter. But if you chose to follow or friend her, you have been warned. She has a personal page too, but chooses not to divulge that info… as if you couldn’t find her anyways

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