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Smashwords book reviews by K.S. Haigwood

  • Elfbitten on Jan. 02, 2012

    Leila hooked me right away with this explosion of a club scene. I felt as if I was taking every step with Taryn; it was almost as if I was Taryn myself. Elfbitten is a very well written short story, but I crave more of the world that she has created. I would like to read a full novel of the Fae, Vampires and Shapeshifters that she has portrayed to her readers. It left me wanting more.
  • What Every Married Woman Needs on March 16, 2012

    I was absolutely in awe at the devotion Steve shows to his wife and children. I solely believe that if every man were this loving, we may just have world peace. lol. Well, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but it would certainly be a better place to live. Some people take for granted, (not only men) that all they have to do is say their vows and their significant other will always be there. True love only grows if both participants are striving for the same goal. You can only be truly have if your one and only love is truly happy, so why not go a little out of your way to make that happen. You can't put a price on the reward you will get.
  • Roses At Dusk on Sep. 13, 2012

    A Heart Pounding Original: I must take a moment to catch my breath. Ms. Russell definitely put a spin on evil with this one, and it's hard for me to believe this was her debut novel, although she is not new to writing. The way I hear it she has another novel about to break into the publishing world, with another two works in progress. Wow! Sounds like an author that could keep a reader satisfied to me. Anyway, I must move on and tell you a bit about why my heart is still in my throat and I may or may not be looking over my shoulder right now. And I will try my best not to spoil it for you. Hannah Malcolm attempts to start her life anew in a slower-paced town. Bar Harbor isn't at all what she was used to in Chicago, but that was the point. She had to find a way to escape, and possibly forget, the horrible memories she had of the death of her family. With the case closed, and no answers found, staying would have only been the end of her sanity. With a brand new job and a few friends made, Hannah agrees to be dragged against her will to a club with new friend and co-worker, Penny Pilkington. What she found there was Marcus, a guy that any girl in the club or town would have done just about anything just to get his attention. Hannah was shocked by the evident fact that Marcus didn't seem to notice anyone but her. Marcus' interest seemed to grow even more through the weeks, and Hannah found that she was completely besotted with the devastatingly handsome rogue. Strange things began to happen, but ignoring them was a whole lot easier than facing them and ruining what seemed to be the perfect relationship. A brutal murder and a serious accident that almost took the life of Penny, had her nerves on end. And she realized when the bruises lasted longer and Marcus' words sounded more possessive than loving, that she may not have been seeing the real Marcus at all. She also realized that the only way to get out of the relationship may cost her her life. With the help of a friend, and some disturbing discoveries about Marcus' secret life and her own past, she takes the chance and runs. I can't tell you anymore, because it would spoil it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who craves a little danger in their life. Roses at Dusk will have you dreading the setting sun. It receives 5 stars from me.