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My name is Maxine Sarr and I'm a former criminal defence lawyer from Manchester. Moral Justice grew from a throwaway conversation I had with another lawyer about a particular acquittal. That was over ten years ago.

I'm now an English teacher living in Ecuador and I decided that the time was right to write. I have just self-published Moral Justice on Amazon. My pen name, Catherine Michael, is in memory of my sister and brother.

I have lived in Ecuador for just over four years now and I love it here. I didn't pick Ecuador, Ecuador picked me. After leaving my dream job as a lawyer I drifted from temp job to temp job trying to find something I felt passionate about. Three years later I hadn't found it and then I had a conversation with a good friend, Catherine, and she was heading to Thailand to teach English. The lightbulb went on and, as I love Thailand, decided to go there. I went to bed and had the most vivid dream I have ever had; the colours the shimmering are still very difficult for me to describe. I woke up and the first word I said was Ecuador; as I didn't know what the word was I googled it and found out it was a country! The weekend was spent reading as much as I could about the country and by Monday I had decided that was where I would go. My family and friends didn't understand the strength of the dream and thought (some still think) I'm crazy.

A year later I had given away all my possessions, packed everything else in two rucksacks and arrived in Quito on a one-way ticket. That was when I started to panic; I didn't know Spanish, I'd never been to South America before, I didn't have a job, I didn’t know anyone. It took a while to settle but I've carved myself a little niche in a countryside village called Bucay where the local refer to me as the Inglesa who walks. I love walking in the countryside here, by the rivers, near the mountains, beautiful - I suppose the grass is greener. They think life must be better in the Western World but they are proud that I chose their pueblo to be my home.

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I've always wanted to write but the idea of submitting my novel to a publisher, waiting forever for the unwritten letter to arrive would have caused me way too much angst.

The idea, when I left England was to work as a teacher but, more importantly, to write the several novels that have been bouncing around inside my head. I came to Ecuador with stories that I'd started and then left them, collecting dust.

I have an Ecuadorian friend who I met six months after I arrived here. She was working in a job that she didn't like and we got chatting and she told me because there was very little work for her to do she writes novels. We got on like a house on fire; she left her job and has now published 17 novels (romance novels in Spanish). She gave me the kick up the pants to forge forward and publish my novels myself. Once I made the decision to finally follow my dream and write it took from sitting down at the computer to actual publication on Amazon ten weeks.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy for me is creating something in writing that I find difficult to verbalise. Moral Justice stemmed from a conversation I had with a former work colleague, it probably wasn't memorable to him but to me, I grasped it and stored it away inside my head. I knew I would write a book about it actually, it will be a trilogy by the time I've finished, but that's the beauty of writing.

If you're telling a story to someone and they can't disguise their boredom then it stops you from telling that story; if you write the story they can choose to read or not, but at least you have been able to release the words.
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