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It was obvious from an early age that this combination was going to create a lifelong passion that would become a marriage for better or even better.
The first rumblings of this passion happened as Dar.Ra went for an audition with a reggae influence band called Bass Culture, which was a great opportunity and opened up the way to song writing.
Musical influences changed as The US paradise garage sound hit the UK in the early 90’s. A chance meeting with a DJ in a record shop led to collaboration and the release of his first record under the name of ‘Taste of Paradise’. The original white label went to number 1 in the local UK charts and the phone starting ringing from the major labels. Three labels chased after the act, but Chrysalis Records signed them which led to re-releasing the track and getting the record into the UK national charts.
Dar.Ra went on to release dance influenced records throughout the 90’s with Polydor, BMG, 21st Century Records, Mushroom Records and Festival Records in Australia, in that time remixing records by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Tears For Fears and had dance-floor hits with Urban Harmonix and Bliss.
Spending time working in Australia for Festival Records gave Dar.Ra another top 40 track for a band called Ultra Love Machine, and the opportunity to gain more experience with his writing and production skills. Finding himself in Byron Bay the most easterly point of Australia, Dar.Ra worked on a subliminal album called Breath for the K-Collective which worked on the premise that certain frequencies and breathing can bring about great internal release from stress and pressure. The album is one of the first pieces of music to create an organic musical landscape that can bring the listener into a mind and body balance using this enhanced sonic strategy.
After coming back to the UK a second time in 2003, Dar.Ra set up Kusha Deep Music to give an umbrella to all the projects and make it easier to guide the material to the right sources.
Since then, the label secured international distribution through companies in the US, UK, China and Australia and has been pushing forward with the synchronisation side of the business.
Recently, Dar.Ra has released two solo albums called ‘Soul Hours’ and Battle Hymns a more live organic sound. Soul Hours was featured as album and artist of the week on Heart FM in Spain. The album was also used on ABC TV films starring Hilary Duff and been play-listed on UK and European radio stations.
The Soul Hours album has also caught the ears of a film production team in NYC who has asked Dar.Ra to write the score for a new documentary called The City of Hope, which will be filmed in Brazil and has some quality names associated with it.
With new EP Cease Fire Dar.Ra returns to a reggae inspired flavour to brighten up the airwaves with some quality productions and in conjunction with the release has put a new band together called Rebel Flag to go out on the road and play some of these releases to a global audience. The band Rebel Flag
consists of some young up and coming musicians who are quality beyond their years, and bring a whole new level of excitement to the sound of experience.
They have put together a show that pays tribute to some of the greatest soul legends from Otis Reeding, James Brown, To Chic, as a way of saying thank you for the music. The band play a classic soul set and an original set which gives anyone booking the act some serious bang for their buck.
There are shows booked in the UK this summer with Europe and the US to follow.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
Road Tales is based on being on the road touring as a musician through the mid 90's and early 2000's
Its about the amazing people that I met who all had incredible stories of over coming huge hurdles in theirs life.
They read like road to Damascus tales, as their lives changed as a result of their life challenges, from one world to another.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Got tired of Publishers making me wait for a deal.
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