Kofi Kat

Smashwords book reviews by Kofi Kat

  • Mermaidenhead: A Sea of Lust Tale on April 02, 2019

    Dina finds herself as an unwitting test subject to a seductive scientist and her unruly assistant at the bottom of the ocean, but things couldn't get any hotter. Seriously, the amount of detail the author used describing the erotic scenes between the three ravaging each other and moments of drifting blissfully in the current had me at the edge of my seat! You have just earned yourself an eager follower.
  • Deep Sea Incubus on June 13, 2022

    An adequate tale to get your rocks off but leaves you wanting for a bit more world-building and loose ends tied. Does Sira get her Floun-- I mean... her fish companion back? Does Sira and Vencel hit it off? What was the angler man's gripe with Mervyn? Was it general unease with another sorcerer in the area, or was he miffed the incubus would steal all the puss in the neighborhood? With all of Sira's concerns about getting pregnant... does she? And if she does, who'd likely be the father? XD Despite all my weird questions, this book was still a delightful read!
  • The Mermaid and the Fisherman on June 13, 2022

    An excellent read!
  • To Catch a Mermaid on June 23, 2022

    A lewd short story about a curious mermaid at the mercy of handsy researchers, and loving every second of it. Much shorter than I'd originally assumed because about half of the page count was advertising for stories from the same publisher...
  • The Harpy on Jan. 01, 2023

    Rarely do I find sexy short stories with harpies in them - let alone lesbian erotica! It was nice :)
  • Taken in His Sleep on Jan. 01, 2023

    Space Commander Finn Garrison is trapped in a cave-in on a strange planet with rescue hours away. With his junior officer and longtime lover Ash as his only company, he seizes this opportunity to satisfy the deepest desires of his insatiable partner. A short and sexy delightful read!
  • Mating Wolves 1 on Jan. 02, 2023

    Decent hot short story. Miranda is partnered with seven different wolf shifters although, between the first and last partner, there isn't much variation in technique with the others in this book. =\