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Kylie Hillman is an International Bestselling Author who lives in South Australia. After spending the past fifteen years moving around the east coast of Australia, she has recently returned to her home state and plans to finally put down roots until her children finish school.

Wife to a Harley-riding, boating and fishing, four-wheel driving, quintessential Aussie bloke and mum to two crazy, adorable, and eccentric kids, Kylie is also a Crohn's Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner. When she's not writing, she can be found sipping tea while she literally "Netflix and Chills" or sharing her appreciation for heavy metal and hard rock music with her neighbours. As a devotee to the use of sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo, it is for the best that she chooses to venture outside her home only on special occasions.

Kylie is represented by Sarah Hershman of Hershman Rights Management.

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Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I was a corporate accountant in my previous career. At the grand old age of twenty-eight, I was forced into early retirement after having four back-to-back surgeries for Crohn's Disease. I was left at home, while my husband was at work and my kids at school, bored out of my brains and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I needed something to do so I started reading again and was then inspired to pick up a pen and put down some words.
I had a lot of stops and starts until I had a dream (nightmare?) one night and Seizing Control was born. I typed out 115,000 words in two months, leaving the story to perish on my computer, until I decided one night to put my big girl panties on and independently publish.
I knew that with the story being so dark and having a lot of triggering scenes that I'd be wasting my time trying to get a publishing contract, so I researched how to find editors, cover designers, and all the other people you need to put out a quality product. And here I am, five books and nine months later, having the time of my life.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Oh, this question is always tricky.

1, Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti. Her words evoke emotions in me that no author ever has before. Vivid imagery, dynamic characters, and potent storylines that haven't been done to death.
2, Rage by Jonathan Kellerman. This book was one of the first to give me goosebumps while I was reading. The series is over 20 books long now and each story manages to be unique and enthralling.
3, Flowers in the Attic series by VC Andrews. This series awakened my love for "darker" books.
4, The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy. Two words. Jack Ryan.
5, Storm Bay by Patricia Shaw. Her words inspired me to learn more about my country and how it was settled.
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