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I'm Gen Z, indie, and love to read, mostly fiction of all kinds. You'll see I'm open-minded but exacting. Got a problem with that? I'll let you know what I like and don't like. Sure, I have a life and am racking up student loan debt, OK? Anything more is nunya.

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We know that you value your privacy, but readers would still like to know a little something about you to get a better sense of what's behind your reviews. Can we start with a little geography?
Fair 'nuff. Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota. Not necessarily in that order.
Where next?
Maryland or Massachusetts, depending on grad school. Manhattan's just too expensive.
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Latest book: Alive.
Published February 17, 2020.

Smashwords book reviews by Kylie Fells

  • A Little Evo: June-Bug on Jan. 21, 2020

    Can't a gurl just be nozy as we float zilight through Junie's whack, often hostile, daily encounters before picking up on their significance later? There are gobs of reasons to be paranoid in June-Bug's world of Evolutes somewhere in the future. She's desolate, for sure, and even persecuted, both at home and at school. Truet's take is truly talented.
  • Rabbit in Red on Jan. 21, 2020

    Rabbit first pops up as a blush of vague horror behind Bill's drunken mother and next as both an ebook and an app on his smartphone and then as an online contest being conducted by a creepy Hollywood producer. Bill and his bud Jaime are high school seniors living half a continent apart, and they're determined to win as a team of two. All that's jammed into the first dozen paragraphs. Quickly we learn they've met through an online grief recovery site for kids who've lost a loved one and are now drawing on their encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies, books, and songs in their hope of being invited to California, where everything will get really scary. Rabbit? Can't a gurl just be nozy?
  • What's Left on Jan. 22, 2020

    I feel sorry for Cassia when she loses her dada. Divorce is terrible enough. So she's mood, extra, salty, resolving to wear only black for the rest of her life, which she pretty much does. Like so goth. What helps is getting this private cave to retreat into and having those hip cousins and three chill aunts. See, she's not as alone as she thought, and she's saucy. As for her Greek-American family? Can't a gurl just be nozy? I'd love to be part of her squad and do all she has, not that I'll spill the big beans here.
  • Hypocrites on Jan. 23, 2020

    Eighteen and orphaned, Anna, a goody-goody poster child till now, has no clue as to how to handle the mess her parents have left her in. Here are the rules she learns to live by as she copes with survival in our own time. Good thing she has a sense of humor, 'cuz the situation she faces is uber-grim. Not that the rest of us are all that plucky? Can't a gurl just be nozy? Just look at the wisdom bomb she drops here.
  • The Burning of Murder City USA on Jan. 24, 2020

    Nobody taught us this stuff in history class. Maybe they're afraid it will give us ideas. It's like another galaxy, and it's scary. This really happened like when my g-rents were teens? Now I want to know what else we don't know about the Sixties. Can't a gurl just be nozy? These four days of the collapse of Detroit are a real-life dystopia. They're not making this up.
  • Daffodil Uprising on Jan. 25, 2020

    These characters could have been my gramper and gramma back when they were my age. As historic fiction, their revolution is an epifunny but sereus, too. Their lives are geeky and straight until their scene explodes in psychedelic. Were they really so constricted by stupid regulations or things like college curfews and the Vietnam draft? You wouldn't believe it. And then they discover pot and sex like it's a big deal before everything starts blowing up. Cassia is so dope as she uncovers these bits. But when I ask my g-rents about this stuff, they brush me off, like they're embarrassed or don't want me to touch stuff they did. Can't a gurl just be nozy? At least they weren't burdened with student loan debts when they got out of college. Well, I don't tell them about what we're doing, either. I think we need a demo like theirs. Now more than ever.
  • City of Redemption on Jan. 26, 2020

    Nothing like having your '60s Flower Power story start in a California state penitentiary in the '80s and then backtracking to Scotland. Got it? That's all way before my time, so this is history fiction. Can't a gurl just be nozy? The plot strobes on the prison and Glasgow and back and forth before settling in on San Fran and Oakland and a Black Panthers groove. Chocked full of betrayal and loss, it's rlly harrowing by the fin.
  • Breaking Saint Jude on Jan. 26, 2020

    It's about teen identity issues. Meaning gay, mostly. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Let's only say it's a zoo, even when his 'rents approve.
  • Pit-a-Pat High Jinks on Jan. 27, 2020

    This funky chronicle of young adults trying to get along as buds, lovers, and housemates with their dogs, cats, and chickens out in the hardscrabble countryside is full of slapstick and heartbreak. Did I mention they're really thirsty? Where's this scene now? I wouldn't mind living in a tree house perched out over the river like one of them or joining everyone swimming naked in a mountain lake, either, not when it's all humoroussed like this. Get da picture? Can't a gurl just be nozy? Hop on their hippie bus and ride along in their time. I especially like the dude named Drummer.
  • Monkey Dish on Jan. 28, 2020

    This daft tale starts out with more ancient history starting in the Vietnam era, including being drafted into the army, where he's introduced to then-exotic food like tacos and chili relleno and Southern grits and collards. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Especially when he becomes a full-time waiter for real after his discharge? Just listen to what he has to say about tippers and tipping or toity trends. I'm showing this to a bunch of friends who work in restaurants. Bet they'll like it.
  • Roomies on Jan. 28, 2020

    This gloomy contortion is so tongue-in-cheek and guy-talk snarky, even before we get to the roomies. Living with weirdos (or anyone else) can be messy. (We-ul, I've already learned a few things about that!) As for paying the rent? Can't a gurl just be nozy? I'm sayin' nada about my own conditions, but they wouldn't make you laugh aloud like this does.
  • Subway Visions on Jan. 29, 2020

    Could stinkin' New York really be such a thrill planet, even briefly, like this tells it? I'd be afeared to get on an underground train car but this makes it sound funsies. Maybe if I had a friend like Holly to introduce me, I'd do it. Just don't give me a can of spray paint like T-Rex does later down the line. And then there's London and Paris and lots more destinations. Zooming with these flashes, keepin' your eyes wide open, is beast. Can't a gurl just be nozy? We have no idea what's really under our feet, do we? I'm on a roll with this writer. Each of his books is quite different.
  • Fantasy Games on Jan. 29, 2020

    Flipping between a real world we know and an alternative that's off elsewhere in time and space until the two sides reverse is a common literary trope. That's the trajectory for Dorcaline's ambitious and promising debut novel, but alas, the story is way-way-way too long, twice as many words as a hefty book can manage or four times longer than an average one. Really! Poor dizzy me. Turn this into a series, dear, will you, like how much can anyone nibble on right after a feast? You also need some serious spelling fixes and a slew of hyphens. For starters, don't you mean role-playing rather than roll-playing? Besides, your ebook needs reformatting, including an interactive table of contents. That typewriter face really grates on me suffering eyeballs, too. And who's this first-person narrator who bids us out of the blue to listen, even as the "wide subterranean arcade" starts to sound like a surreal subway tunnel. (Where did I get that idea?) That said, thanks for sharing all this with us. It's a big start. Can't a gurl just be nozy?
  • Ampersand: E'haile & Talia on Jan. 30, 2020

    These two impulsive brats about to enter high school are best buds, daring and adventurous, yet ever so opposite. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Especially when one of their stints goes seriously and spookily askew? That's when they really start needing each other for survival against dark forces.
  • The Library on Jan. 30, 2020

    Moving along a railway in the dark brings our storyteller to a mysterious library where her subconscious both divides and expands into something that just may be a comatose-like state. Penelope is even in two places at once. Can't a gurl just be nozy where this is going? Think how important our personal stories are to us as we live and then imagine how they might function after we're dead. Maybe they're even essential to our release. I also like the importance of book reviews and reviewers in the action itself. The book is short and wondrously provocative.
  • The Struggle Within: The Wind's Divine Melody (Vol. 1) on Jan. 30, 2020

    This memoir tells of long study and practice under the author's celebrity guru in New York City in an effort to overcome heavy drug use, domestic violence, and emotional injuries. Can't a gurl just be nozy? What does Ghose mean by "conquering the ego," for starters? The memoir leads into unfamiliar territory. There's no question he worships his teacher, has him up on a pedestal, but also feels intense hostility toward him (paranoia, maybe?) within his own agonizing psychological struggles. The telling is sincere and personal but feels largely airy to me. I keep wondering what/s missing.
  • Yoga Bootcamp on Jan. 31, 2020

    My hatha teacher is such a stickler for form. I don't think she ever set foot in an ashram, her studio's more like a Japanese tea room or a tasteful gym. Definitely not one like this hairy yoga retreat, where the students aren't in it for the technique, not once they discover what's really happening. It's a whole way of living together, warts and angels and all. Pick you a god, I'm weak. For real! Can't a gurl just be nozy?
  • The Coffee Painter on Jan. 31, 2020

    As a young Canadian making a life in the New York art gallery world, her choices often rub raw. She knows what she wants and goes for it, especially sex rather than love, never mind how they tangle in degrees of desire. And a couple of stiff shots or more, for another. It ain't purty. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Well, once the said artist does exactly that and finds pervy fotos secreted in her lover's bedroom, her paintings splash T and A bigtime while the rest of her life gets more and more soused and ripped by jealousy. The overall hit is unforgiving.
  • Bed & Breakfast & Bondage on Jan. 31, 2020

    Here we are in Napa wine country, except that this hundred-year-old shed's no longer going to house a winery. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Its new owner guides us through far more than I ever imagined as she converts the property to a destination for a select circle of kinky guests. For her, it's a business opportunity plus much more. But then there's the cad who still owns her. And she accepts it! This kind of situation is all new to me. Does it make anyone else feel tingly?
  • Hooking Judith: A Secret Life of Systematic Seduction Into Submission on Jan. 31, 2020

    Holy smokes! I can't believe this wallflower would actually d0o dat! I mean, he's so hot and all romancey and she's all over him but then she curves him. Good for her, on that count. But then, look! She comes crawling back when he beckons. Why doesn't she stand up for herself? Instead, she leaps in. We should be disgusted, I know, but I can't stop wondering what's next, now that I've taken it up. The book, I mean. I guess if I wanted to try this stuff, I wouldn't want to be introduced by a beginner. No, I'd want a confident adept like Primo. But I'd certainly not allow myself to continue, not the way she does. How low can this BB go on with this man? Even after she meets his wife? I mean, can't a gurl just be nozy? This revelation is so lit in spite of everything. You've been warned. Her ex-boyfie is no match. Phew, phew, phewy!
  • Fifteen Layers Deep on Feb. 01, 2020

    Fifty Shades fans, do note this takes place in Seattle. And then it's Abigail, not Anastasia. As a parody of Grey, it's awesome and sly and better written. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Better yet, the shocking climax won't be what you're expecting. It's a much more logical ending, in fact, than its rival.
  • Hometown News on Feb. 01, 2020

    Dead A, I don't read newspapers, not much, apart from Sudoku and the crosswords and comix, but I know Dear Abby is not Dear Prudie. I'm just not into sports, apart from tennis, or politics, either. What I do know is that my peeps are stuck in McJobs, if that much, far into our dim McFutures. This book drops tons about the grim global forces devasting the neighborhoods wherein we growed up. Can't a gurl just be nozy as to why? The office where the reporters and news editors work goes steroids, doolally. This book covers a lot more than the shrinking news business. Need I say more? It's altogether dystopian, altogether too close to home. Read this book if you dare.
  • Cat Patrol Delta, Episode #1: Earthfall on Feb. 01, 2020

    I've been accused of being catty. Can you believe it? So, of course, I had to pick this up. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Still, I don't think dogs or cats would converse like this, much less fly traditional spacecraft.
  • Akhadya on Feb. 02, 2020

    Food – good or bad, bland or tasty, or religiously or perhaps even medically prohibited – all comes down to personal taste, according to this prolific storyteller in India. With that as this book's opening premise, can't a gurl just be nozy? I can list my own fav yummy grub, but there's a world of dishes I've not yet tried. So Borah cooks up a strange, daft trip through the menus and recipes he trusts and many meals in his past, but most of it's hard to swallow, err, follow, even though he's very well-mannered.
  • F*ck Love on Feb. 02, 2020

    There are two men in her love life, and she's married to one and maybe divorced from the other. This seems to be about what's real and realer, or also unreal, the way dreams are. Can't a gurl just be nozy? This is very strange and original and somehow likeable, too. Plus it plays out in the Pacific Northwest, which seems to be pretty cool.
  • The World Peace Journals on Feb. 03, 2020

    I recently read of a girl who lost her father in an avalanche in the Himalayas and now this. They are the world's tallest mountains and home to some spiritually high gurus. Can't a gurl just be nozy? This telling returns to the scene of the disaster. I'd say they're good notes awaiting a more compelling presentation.
  • The Law & Annabelle on Feb. 03, 2020

    How about a young widow's romance in 1880s Dakotas? Can't a gurl just be nozy? Especially when murder is involved? Kinda like Cinderella in its own hokey Wild West way. This was fun, anyway.
  • All Flavors on Feb. 04, 2020

    The accidental death of a toddler soon leads to questions about how a God could allow such tragedies to occur. For Rylee, already trying to make sense of life in a splintered family in Florida, this now includes trying to sort out the varied explanations of God she encounters, from the born-again version to the regular Christian version to the Catholic version to the Jewish version and an expectation of a Hindu version just over the horizon. Can't a gurl just be nozy? She's got my full attention, especially when a wise grandmother weighs in on the case.
  • Sweet Sleep on Feb. 04, 2020

    This paranormal fantasy features marked teens living in tombs and moving among dead spirits. When they're among the living, death and dying follows them around. Can't a gurl just be nozy? This is really creepy, no matter how optimistically the author tries to spin it.
  • The Demon Hunter: 21 Days on Feb. 05, 2020

    From the cover, you'd never guess this is about a Catholic priest. Well, him and the demon hunter Blake and the battle they're waging against a dystopian satanic evil that threatens to destroy all life as we know it. Can't a gurl just be nozy? The poor padre insists that ritual is essential for the survival of good in this struggle. Rotsa ruck. Go for it, dude!
  • Jesus in Sheol on Feb. 05, 2020

    Ah, hell. Can't a gurl just be nozy? This feels like a tonic after the scares I've just read, but I do get stuck in the Bible diatripe here, so I'm asking some Jesus kids I know how this stands, and they, too, are baffed. The words are pretty colorful, though, if you look at them as fantasy. Will somebody make a movie of it?
  • Bloodless on Feb. 06, 2020

    I'm giving this book five stars right at its startling opening paragraph. The book's about sexual abuse and sexual predators and an adolescent victim's unending shame and horror. Can't a gurl just be nozy? No, this is intense. There's nothing consensual in this girl's date rape and subsequent abuse or all the consequences. The book deserves five stars all the way through. Brace yourself when you open it, all the way to the ending.
  • The Red Coat on Feb. 07, 2020

    Nine sensitively drawn portraits of young East Indian women deal with the difficulties of daily survival, both around the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and elsewhere in Europe as well as back in South Asia. Can't a gurl just be nozy? I feel sympathy pains over their lonely hookups via social media, learn that the "g" in Edinburgh is silent and Berwick is pronounced Berrick, and am aghast at conventions in India, where women and girls are treated as second-class humans. Mohan writes authoritatively in a distinctive, disarming, often understated voice. Her points are skeery.
  • Nearly Canaan on Feb. 08, 2020

    If anyone deserves hot romance, it's Jaya. When Josh comes flitting into her life, she's laboring hard to balance a spiritual discipline and social activism as well as her private interior and her all too public face. See, she's sacrificing material success while helping the poor and needy around her. As career doors open and then close for her in nonprofits management, she and her beau move, first to the Ozarks and eventually to the Pacific Northwest, each one with promises of sustaining her soul and raising her professional reputation. They sound like neat places, quite different from the small town where the couple meets. Not that any of it's easy. And then tragedy strikes. That's when ships really count, even if her peeps need adulting. Whew! Makes me wonder just where I'm going when I get outa here. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Each one of this author's books is sooooh different. This one really has me reconsidering what I want to make out of my life.
  • Three Heads on Feb. 09, 2020

    Having read about Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, I was primed to learn about tribes and their culture in the Southwest. Can't a gurl just be nozy? In this book's gritty style, we start out with the harsh side of the City of Angels before tripping into Navajo country. I don't like the ways "Frank" looks at women, and I nearly quit reading before the end of the first chapter. But I stuck around for the whole buzzed trip. There's not a lot about Navajos or any other Natives, by the way.
  • Tunkashilah on Feb. 09, 2020

    In these 23 chapters – visualizations or utterances would be a better description – a mythical blue warrior ranges across North American landscape and history. Spirit figures and animals interact as equals with the two-legged peoples, meaning humankind. Can't a gurl just be nozy? The thinking and sensibility are often really out there, arising in a different awareness than we're accustomed to. The writing springs from a Native understanding of how things are and the great destruction that's ahead for many. Pay attention.
  • Making You Mine (The Moreno Brothers) on Feb. 10, 2020

    Between the tension at home and the Mexican restaurant where Grace finds work, the plot is always boiling. Can't a gurl just be nozy? I couldn't put this one down, it's so sizzling! BTW, the ambiguity of the "you" in the title is Delish. It works both ways. Whew! I'd give this book six stars if I could.
  • What Varietal is That? A Beginners Guide to the Most Important Wine Grape Varieties on Feb. 10, 2020

    Is this a linguistics class or a wine sipping session? I keep hoping these dry pages will prove helpful, now that I can legally drink. Can't a gurl just be nozy? My advice? Skip all the intro. Think of it as a reference book, not something you read start to finish. I'm setting out to try them all. See what kinds I like best. Or even if I can tell one grape from another. Use this as a checklist.
  • Her Descent Accelerates on Feb. 11, 2020

    This chiquita is definitely in trouble. Yaas! She's thicc and cray. He's dime and bougie. Yaas! Their ship takes a sharp turn when she moves off to his private like country estate like forever. What she endures in his service would destroy anyone else. Yaas! She insists it's all trill. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Don't tell me I'm having a morbid fascination, even if the events are utterly appalling. She really glows up under his pointedly decadent requestions. And she's only starting? Holy, fill in the blanks!!!
  • Futa Boxing Gym - Conquering Ines on Feb. 12, 2020

    The book publisher Girls Carrying Books in Thailand derives its name, I quote, from the fact that girls who look all innocent carrying books in their hands often have their backpacks stuffed with dildos and clear heels. I can identify. Can't a gurl just feel naughty? Even when learning about Japanese culture, like we do here? Besides, I lurve their trashy comic book covers. This title, please note, has an additional meaning once you look up "futanari" online. I doubt poor Ines had a clue when she stepped into the gym. For shizzle, nor did I.
  • Revenge Wore Lipstick on Feb. 12, 2020

    When your ex-lover plays dirty after the breakup, your life can be hell. Can't a gurl just be nozy about protecting herself from such obsessed slime? This has one wild office romance in ashes, plus a whole lot more. Some passions are absolutely insane.
  • His Favorite Mistake Part 1 (After School Special vol 1) on Feb. 13, 2020

    Lots of ways a crush on a hot high school teacher could go (as I remember). There are all kinds of conflicted interests to steer clear of. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Of course, it's no secret where this story is headed in its superficially predictable track. He doesn't get fired or physically tired and she doesn't get knocked up. This situation would be more gripping if it were far more realistic. You know, where things can trip up.
  • Sweet Desire Part 1 and 2 on Feb. 13, 2020

    She's independent except for one desire, and that's where she'll do anything he demands. Can't we just be nozy about that kind of imbalance? The tensions and emotions are intense. I can thoroughly identify, though not from personal experience.
  • Phone Phun on Feb. 14, 2020

    The cover also sez, "Phone sex, the way it used to be." Like long before I was born. Can't a gurl just be nozy? But this isn't about those pay-by-the-minute conversations that used to fill the back pages of greasy smut mags, either. Don't ask how I know about those. No, this one includes Polaroid film, like in the days before smartphones and selfies. And it's nasty.
  • Naughty Fantasies: Erotica Bundle on Feb. 15, 2020

    Can't a gurl just feel naughty? So here we go, five stories by three writers, presumably female, though I'm not so sure about Ivana Shaft. I vanna shaft? Come on! Ditto for Anita Swirl. I need a swirl? Oh, sigh. Their stories don't reflect feminine sensibilities, OK, but don't they revel in males' stereotypes? Rowena, however, gets into some real complications and is the star of this trio. Rowena's first story involves an emerging infidelity as a woman's affections clandestinely turn to her fiance's best friend. Yes, it happens and is hard to explain. Dear John. The second is also a triangular affair, a story invoking yet another billionaire playboy (oh, the stereotype!) but not the way you'd imagine. (They seem to be everywhere when it comes to kink, don't they?) The situation is something like an escape room with an invisible voyeur and only one way to unlock their captivity. And then Rowena drops a bombshell. Literally.
  • Mumbo Jumbo on Feb. 16, 2020

    A London hipster, best I can tell, presents a hypnotic blend of dark travels. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Some are factual, others fictional. The lines blur, but the characters don't.
  • Bring Out Your Dead on Feb. 18, 2020

    Invisible frenemies aren't the worst part of being a 13-year-old in this wicked setup. Can't a gurl just be nozy? Finding escape by joining a gang is a common option for saving your skin. But the price can be steep. This turns deadly funny before going utterly scary, leading on into one dark series, if you dare continue.
  • White Swan Wishes on Feb. 19, 2020

    A misty pond, a lonely swan, and an old folk adage create a moody backdrop for this unabashed love story. Can't a gurl just be nozy? An English boy and a French girl meet on its dock, and all the rest really takes off.