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Jenny lives in west Tennessee with her husband. She's a black belt in kyokushin-kai karate, loves to SCUBA dive, sky dive (pretty much any kind of dive but a nose dive), ride Harleys (her own) and LOVES to travel the world. She's visited every location of every book she's written, and, yes, the picture on Lost Yesterday's cover is actually her. Also, the cover art for Spirit of the Ruins was taken by Jenny in an attempt to get "that perfect picture." It's nearly impossible to do that location justice. Jenny has two fantastic kids, one in CA, one in TN. She also is "owned" by the Goddess of the Universe, a 15 year old cat named Mabes, and lives with two Samoyed dogs, Czar and Lexxie, aka Trouble and Chaos, aka Dumb and get the idea.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. I can't say that it influenced my writing. I absolutely loathed English and everything about it, including the mandatory reading list. I even got into an argument with one of my high school English teachers over why in the world anyone would ever need to learn to diagram sentences other than to teach someone ELSE to diagram sentences. I can't believe I passed that class.
When did you first start writing?
I first started "writing" when I got married and moved to the Philippines. This was in the days before computers, email, or even cheap international phone calls. I would write epic length letters home, describing life in the Philippines, from having geckos (lizards) living in the house with us (they ate the bugs, so we were glad to have them), to having to haul drinking water from the Air Force Base in ten gallon containers. People would say, "You write such great letters. Have you ever thought of doing anything with that?" My reaction to that was, "What do you DO with letter writing?" It wasn't until my kids were teenagers and independent before I started writing books. I started my first book with nothing more than a scene in my head, and I started writing it down just to get it out of my system. While I was writing I found a class at University of Memphis which covered ALL the aspects of writing, from how to format the page to writing query/cover letters, to marketing your book once you sold. I found about two dozen kindred spirits in that class, and just kept writing so I could keep meeting with them.
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