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  • Eternity Embraced on April 20, 2011

    A short and sexy story guaranteed to delight! Andrea and Kaden are both Aegis Guardians who have dedicated their lives to fight evil. When Kaden is captured by vampires while on the job Andrea's worst fear becomes reality when she finds he's been turned into one of the monsters they hunt and kill. How can she carry out her mission and stake the man who has stolen her heart? I loved this short novella but then again I love anything that is written by this author! This is a really fast-paced story with two great characters, my only regret is not being able to read more about them. There is a glimpse of Tayla and E from the first book in the series, Pleasure Unbound, which just made the story better. Andrea and Kaden have sizzling chemistry that keeps you wishing they could get it on more than they did! I went through a bit of withdrawals when I finished this series but this was a great reminder of why I love Larissa Ione and the world she created in the Demonica series. A must read for fans!
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on June 03, 2011

    A fabulous story of magic and first loves! Most girls get a new car or trip on their 16th birthday but not Portia...she gets the news that she's a witch! Portia takes the news pretty well and soon discovers that magic runs in her family, her father and grandmother share her abilities as well. Being a teenage witch comes with perks and one in particular, the attention of the hottest guy in school, Vance Mangum. Vance isn't an ordinary teenage boy either, he's a warlock with powers far beyond his years who has been waiting to get close to Portia and make her his. When Vance and Portia meet, sparks fly! Her relationship with Vance is a dream come true, their connection surpasses the usual teen crush and Portia believes they truly are soul mates...but when Vance's dark past comes back to haunt him, their power and love will be put to the test. This isn't your usual young adult novel with sad and whinny teenagers. It's a beautiful story between two young people who fall in love and will do anything to protect that love. Portia and Vance are very likeable characters, they're very mature for their ages and know that sometimes sacrifices must be made in the name of love, their relationship develops quickly and is pretty intense but totally believable. Bad boy Vance had my heart from the first chapter, even when he turns out to be a total romantic! His willpower he exudes in his desire for Portia was torturous at times and had me thinking he might be a vampire and not a warlock by he way he craved her! Portia is a confident and strong willed heroine whose commitment to do right is commendable. Their bond grows stronger even in the midst of danger and their passionate kisses will make you swoon to say the least! The story is well paced and I especially like the involvement of Portia's family and friends, this isn't just a young girl who's left on her own to do whatever she wants, she's well rounded and comes from a tight knit family with responsibilities. The author does a great job in describing the magical elements throughout without losing the reader and I thank her for that. A bit of mystery, some twists and turns add to the excitement of it all and the ending will leave you breathless! The Trouble With Spells will bewitch you with its magical charms and have you running out to get the sequel!
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Demon Kiss on June 03, 2011

    An emotional journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation! The Demon Kiss picks up right where The Trouble With Spells left off. After overcoming a near demon conversion, Vance Mangum has left his girlfriend Portia and his coven in search of his now demon father. Not one to sit around, Portia enlists the help of her friends Shelly and Brad to join her in finding Vance. What starts off as a simple mission to retrieve Vance, soon turns into an unexpected battle against evil that will test the power of love between Portia and Vance once again. This book was a whirlwind of emotions! As Vance and Portia embark on their journey to find his father, their bond becomes stronger than ever. Vance is still dealing with his withdrawals from his blood lust and while he tries to keep his distance from Portia, she is determined to stand by his side and help him through this difficult time by using her magical powers to heal him. It's great to see their romance blossoming with each chapter and how protective they are of each other. We finally get to see more of Vance's father Damien in this story and he is quite the villain! He's ruthless, devious and probably the only character you love to hate. There are tender moments, moments of suspense and a cliffhanger I didn't see coming! Lacey Weatherford has created a great love story with fascinating characters that will have you addicted to the series in no time. There was a lot more action in this installment which made it more exciting to read. The storytelling draws you in to the point of becoming emotionally invested in the main characters and wishing for a happy ending. I was fond of Vance while reading The Trouble With Spells but I completely fell in love with him in this book...he's one dreamy warlock! This is truly a story that will tug on your heart strings whether you're 16 or 36 and I am highly anticipating the next chapter in this magical romance! {Courtesy of author for review}
  • Save My Soul (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Book 2) on June 08, 2011

    A haunting read you will devour! After many long years and the death of her father, Anna Worthington has returned to her hometown down South to set her father's affairs in order. After seeing her dream home up for sale, Anna decides to purchase it despite all the rumors of it being haunted. Anna happily moves into her new home and soon starts to realize the town's rumors might not be rumors after all. Her dream house comes with it's own sexy incubus named Luc that has been trapped in the house for over fifty years by an awful curse. Anna is instantly attracted to the smart mouthed Luc but is determined to find a way to get him out of her house and out of her life, in her attempts to "exorcise" the incubus she'll learn it's no mere coincidence she's bought this house. Anna holds the key in breaking Luc's curse but the price for his freedom is something she's not willing to pay. The beginning of this book was such a surprise! I don't scare easily but I must admit I wanted to sleep with the nightlight on after reading the first few chapters of this book, luckily it got less creepy the more I read and I was able to sleep with the lights out (haha). That being said, I found this to be an intriguing read. I want to say this is my first paranormal romance with an incubus and I found the concept very original. The author's writing style of mixing humor and mystery pulls you in and keeps your interest until the final page. Anna and Luc are fun and lovable characters. The sexual tension between these two is first class! The slow build of their relationship gives you a better look inside the characters and their emotions. I loved that Anna isn't a "loner" heroine and has a best friend that sticks by her in good times and bad. The secondary characters are just as entertaining and add a little spice to the plot. There are plenty of twists and turns that keep you engaged and reveal a climactic ending! Save My Soul is a heartwarming love story with memorable characters that is brilliantly written. I love a book with an unpredictable ending and this was just that. It's a top notch paranormal romance with the best of elements: mystery, steamy romance and great humor! A must-read in my book, trust me, you won't be disappointed. Although second in the series, Save My Soul can be read as a stand-alone without a problem.
  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on Aug. 12, 2011

    A wonderful debut filled with magic, mystery and romance! In Illicit Magic we're introduced to Stella Mayweather, a twenty four year old who lives a solitary life in England due to her special abilities that she brushes off as her simply being accident prone. Her boring life soon becomes quite the opposite on a night when she's followed and nearly kidnapped by a group of men called the Brotherhood, who believe she is a witch. Barely escaping, Stella rushes home where she encounters a young woman by the name of √Čtoile, who has come to take her to American in order to protect her from the evil hunters that wish her dead. In her journey to America, Stella will uncover the truth about herself, her family and be introduced to a world far beyond her wildest dreams. This book starts off a little slow for me and I have to admit I didn't feel a connection to the heroine in the beginning. While in England, Stella comes off as bitter, lonely and quite boring. Everything changes when the story shifts to America. We finally begin to see her true personality and the story takes off. Her growth throughout the book is notable and what won me over when I was on the fence about liking her. √Čtoile is a fascinating character with plenty of charisma that plays a key role in Stella's "personality makeover" and helps her adapt to her new life and surroundings. Stella's love interests Marc and Evan are total opposites but each has their own mysterious charm and sex appeal that can make it hard to choose between the two; my favorite of the two is the suave and sexy Evan! Ms. Chafer gives plenty of depth to her characters and slowly divulges tidbits of their lives that flawlessly tie everything together. Throwing a semi-love triangle into the mix adds uncertainty and a bit of drama to the romance of the story which I love! The action and constant suspense are thrilling and keep you guessing until the very end. The magical element in the story is described thoroughly, giving the reader a bit more insight into this paranormal world of witches, vampires and daemons the author has created. Plenty of loose ends will leave you wanting to start the next installment right away. Illicit Magic is a perfect read for those who love their magic with a little danger!
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: Blood of the White Witch on Aug. 14, 2011

    Another bewitching hit for Lacey Weatherford! In this third installment of the series, we find Portia and Vance's relationship leading to an intense and surprisingly new level. Both are extremely young to embark on this huge commitment, but their characters and personalities are definitely old souls so their union seems natural and not questionable. What should be the happiest of days for them quickly turns into a full blown action-adventure when their ongoing search for Vance's mother takes them to Scottland, where he is reunited with his paternal grandparents. When his demonic side resurfaces, Portia and Vance learn this long awaited family reunion is nothing more than a trap and must put their love and lives to the test in order to prevent an ancient evil ritual that will separate them forever, from being performed. What an emotional roller coaster! There are books that grip you from the first page, pull you into the story and make you forget about your surroundings and Blood of the White Witch did just that. I did not put this one down until I reached the very last page...and even then I wanted more! The relationship between Portia and Vance has never been so intense and solidifies these two are indeed soul-mates. I love their passion and how they stop at nothing to protect their love for one another. We finally see them in an intimate setting and Lacey does a spectacular job in unveiling their first time together...utter perfection! Portia has definitely grown as a heroine and surprised me with her bold moves and perseverance. Vance is ever the sexy, bad boy hero who you fall in love with all over again. His dark family history is exposed a little deeper in this book and Vance is caught between the family he's always yearned for and his new life with Portia, but always manages to charm you with his strength and choices. This story is filled with an abundance of emotion, intensity and passion, all while staying true to the young adult audience. That being said, it's also a story that will easily engage adult paranormal romance lovers within the first few pages, due to Ms. Weatherford's eloquent writing style. The events that unfold are never foreseen and the ending will blow your mind. Blood of the White Witch has all the great elements of a captivating story and Lacey Weatherford is a forced to be reckoned with!
  • Roses & Thorns on March 17, 2012

    Roses & Thorns is the perfect follow up to the first book in the Rose Trilogy, Scent of a White Rose. In this short but heart-warming novella we get a deeper look into Rose and Christian's romance and how it all began. I love that we get both characters' perspectives on their developing romance and how each interacts within their family circles. While Rose and Christian's love story touches your heart, the special bond between Rose and her mother Loraine is exceptionally touching. Tish really captures the love and devotion these two share and really tugs at your heart strings with her vivid writing style. Roses & Thorns moves at a quick pace but makes up for it with plenty of details that tie right into the original giving the reader a deeper look into the Rose and Christian's bewitching romance! If you're a romantic at heart you'll love this forbidden vampire romance filled with emotion and enchanting characters. Roses & Thorns is a companion to the first book in the series but is so well written it doubles as a prequel (definitely can be read as a stand alone). One thing's for sure, once you step into Tish's captivating world there's no going back!