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Lawrence Kane is the author of Surviving Armed Assaults, Martial Arts Instruction, and Blinded by the Night, and co-author of The Way of Kata, The Way to Black Belt, and The Little Black Book of Violence (USA Book News--2009 Best Books Award Finalist; ForeWord Magazine--2010 Book of the Year Award Finalist). A paid book reviewer for ForeWord magazine and Clarion Reviews, he is an advisory board reviewer for YMAA Publication Center and consults with other authors from time to time to help assure realism in their novels, particularly in fight scenes.

The author of numerous articles on violence, martial arts, self-defense, and related topics, Lawrence's work has been featured in prestigious publications such as International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society Journal, Jissen, Fighting Arts, and Traditional Karate magazine. His work has also been included in other author's books (e.g., Ask an Expert, Fighter's Fact Book 2, Wicked Wisdom). He has been interviewed by reporters from Le Matin, Practical Taekwondo, and Traditional Karate Magazine, among others. He has also done podcast and webcast interviews for shows like Ask Dr. Helen, Private Detective Live, Police Magazine, and Warrior Traditions.

Since 1970 Lawrence has studied and taught traditional Asian martial arts, medieval European combat, and modern close-quarter weapon techniques. Working stadium security he has been involved in hundreds of violent altercations, but gets paid to watch football. To cover the bills, he develops sourcing strategies for an aerospace company where he gets to play with billions of dollars of other people's money and make really important decisions.

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