L. A. Sartor


was born in Germany and was very lucky to be adopted by an American couple. They lived in Germany for several years, then moved to California and later Colorado. Her parents encouraged her to be creative and nurtured her “Lessie do it” attitude.

She started writing around the age of 4 when she dictated stories to her mother, who patiently wrote them down while L.A. illustrated them. (She generously describes the scribbles she made as “illustrations.”)
After college she moved to Los Angeles but was lured back to Colorado with the promise of managing a new business. There she worked for many years alongside her mother, designing and crafting beautiful jewelry. The women were chosen by the University of Colorado to create their Ceremonial Mace and Presidential Chain of Office, a wonderful legacy.
L.A. lives in Colorado with her husband, whom she met on a blind date—she can't imagine life without her best friend. She plays in the mountains and travels as much as possible.
Now it’s L.A.'s desire to move onward in her writing career and create stories that translate into adventures on the page with her novels and magic on the screen with her screenplays.
Visit her website at: http://www.lasartor.com

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