I am an avid reader. My life's goals have only been partially met. The main goal of a devoted wife and mother of a large family has been fulfilled so I feel I have succeeded.
The third on my list of "Dream Jobs" was to work in a publishing house and edit and review books of most genres. I have succeeded in partially fulfilling that goal...I review books and have my own Book Review Blog.
I love people and am interested in their individual lives. I love to do Interviews and my Blog goal is to promote talented authors and their books. I am still learning and my goal is to gain the knowledge I need to truly excel in this endeavor.
I love music, singing, dancing, family activities, church events, volleyball, badminton, hiking, swimming, camping, nature, organizing events, catering, cooking, and constant learning.

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  • Advertising for Love on March 09, 2013

    This was a story depicting the lack of understanding and miscommunication  that often happens between people, especially men & women. It is also a story of woman who, after many years, is still traumatized from an act of  violence against her. The story emphasizes how judgmental people often are on appearances. Someone may not dress well, wear thick glasses, may have a speech impediment or a muscular disease, but that doesn't mean they are unintelligent nor incapable. There are a lot of good discussion points for Book Clubs and clean enough for YA to read.                                                       There were a lot of grammatical & typographical errors which was distracting but this was a proof draft so, hopefully, the many errors will be corrected.
  • Broken City on May 09, 2013

    I give this a strong four star rating. Why? The story was told in the first person present tense, which I am not o big fan of but D.D. does it very well. Toward the end a second voice in the first person was added but it was still very good when it was tied into the action. There were a few minor grammar mistakes. The story slightly dragged in a few places but was still very well-written. I am ecstatic that is is only a beginning of a series. I feel it will be exciting following the character's lives ad the tribes development. This is a story of a futuristic time and the separation of tree distinct class situations. It has drama, romance, intrigue, mystery and action.