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Larry Bonner earned degrees in Economics and Political Science from New York University before launching a life-long career in the precious metal, diamond and commodities industries.
Soleil Tangiere and the sequel, Soleil, Too! follow the thrilling life and adventures of Soleil as she rockets along on her brutal yet beautiful journey of self-discovery. Asked about the future of the Canadian beauty, Bonner says, "I just keep my eye on Soleil and write down whatever situations she gets herself into. I'm always surprised..."
Bonner is presently working on bringing Soleil Tangiere to the screen as a feature-length film.
Larry Bonner has one son, and lives with his wife, two dogs and a parrot somewhere near Miami.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in and around the New York metropolitan area. From a young age, I was a subway rat, and spent summers working as a runner, shuttling between New York's two main jewelry districts, 47th Street and Canal Street. I was a messenger and independent hustler, and when I finally got through college at NYU, I went into the precious metals and commodities business full time.
The backdrop for the Soleil Tangiere series is based on those industries. I finally started slowing down (a little) after decades in the business, so I picked up a keyboard and started writing about it.
Soleil herself is based on the character traits of a real woman in my life. Her name is on the dedication page of each novel.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I'm an Indie author for a few reasons.
One: I don't have the time to waste begging, pleading, querying, and sucking up to third-level lackies at publishing houses whose primary focus is keeping their phony baloney jobs.
Two: Since I have the means and motivation to have my works thoroughly copyedited, content edited and professionally critiqued by neutral third parties (not family, friends, social media cronies--all useless at best, dangerous at worst), I don't have the slightest need for a mainstream publisher to "fix" my work to align with his or her punch list of corporate guidelines.
Three: As a man who has been in business many years, I know how to manage the business end of self-publishing. It's all common sense coupled with the willingness to invest in yourself and your work. (And its hard work. If you don't want to work hard at self-publishing or anything worthwhile, go back to watching TV.)
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