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  • The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings on March 09, 2012

    Glenn's descriptive lay of the backstretch gives an accurate account of the moral threshold some trainers are willing to cross and the management that is willing to turn a blind eye to repeat offenders. His idea of a Universal Racing Law for pre-race exams and medication should not be overlooked by lawmakers who were quick to appease animal rights groups about overuse of the whip in racing. Sadly state jurisdictions want to make up their own rules and enforce them on select targets and not on the trainers who are having a high percentage of breakdowns; a point well made in this book. Glenn Thompson took a huge risk getting black balled from the racing industry, yet he still proves he can rise above the wrong doing. His love of the sport in it's purest sense and for horses gives him strong creditability as a trainer looking out for the best interest of the horse, jockey, owner and racing fans. Having learned from observation of his horses and being keyed in to their everyday behavior gives him a great edge in soundness issues that a large racing outfit would often ignore. He has rang the bell and let's hope more trainers and owners follow in his steps to make positive changes to racing!