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Lana Davison is married, a mother of two children and a dog owner. She is Australian and has lived in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and now resides in the UK. She loves to travel, people watch, go on long bike rides, walk on the beach, drink good wine, and hang out with family and friends.

Avalon Roulette (Book 2, Avalon)
A life with Leo was all Holly ever wanted and she got it, at a price.
Did Leo really think his parents; the King and Queen of Avalon would sit back and let him stay on earth? After all Leo, the Prince of Avalon had future responsibilities and he has been promised to another.
The Royal League instructions from the King and Queen are clear, bring their son home and eliminate the problem; Holly.
Leo and Holly find themselves on the run, always looking over their shoulder, trying to stay safe from the threat of being torn apart.
Released Mid November 2012

Avalon Condemnation (Book 3, Avalon) Due for Release Jan 2013

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Jen and Johnny

Best friends Jen and Johnny have grown up living next door to each other. Trying to make life better for the both of them, Johnny temporarily leaves Jen to pursue his music career. But an unfortunate and misleading accident leads Johnny to believe Jen; the girl he loves is dead.
Good girl Jen relocates and believes Johnny, a successful musician no longer has time for a small town girl like her and as hard as it is, she must try and find a way to move on.
Johnny is sexy, successful, wealthy, and an international renowned musician. He has everything he ever wanted, except Jen.
A decade passes, covering their time apart, as their career paths develop, and as they try and find love with other partners.
A chance meeting means Jen and Johnny must face the truth. This is a love story that defies time.
Old Title: Don't You Remember? Re-released with new title, some new text and Epilogue March 2013

C.E.O of Parenting & Domestic Services

Stay at home mum, Anna Dawson is searching for something more than domestic life. Anna's kids are eight and ten and growing up fast. With a little more time on her hands, Anna wants more from her life. She considers going back to her roots as a writer albeit only wants to work on her terms, but can she given she hasn't been in the work force for 10 years? Anna writes an exceptionally funny and entertaining journal, with comical narrative from the whole family, as they wind each other up but also love each other very much. OUT NOW

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