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  • Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles on June 09, 2011

    Legacy brings us the story of James and Kat, two relatives who are communicating across time and dimension. The premise of the story revolves around the Balancers, who have the role of mediating the supernatural and the natural worlds. It is really a chronology of James life, narrated to Kat through a journal. James is orienting Kat to her new role as a Balancer, due to her untimely death. Chris Adonn gives us extensive descriptions of the supernatural world and Jame's navigation of it. Often, I wished that Kat had a more substantial role in the novel and it appears that in the future she may. Her role as the listener, learner and, finally, unexpected romantic interest, certainly has the basis to grow into a more complex character. There is no harm in having a strong female character. My only suggestion is that the transitions between James narrations to Kat of events versus his explanations of the characteristics of the Balancers and their environment become more integrated. I found myself interested in James' story but when it would segue into details of Balancers and their abilities, I found that it detracted from his story and my interest would wain. A good effort and I will look for future works.