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Lorraine K. Sigle says the first thing folks should know about her is that she’s stubborn. Persistence may be a kinder word, but the truth is when the name “Elyana” popped into her head one day as she was walking down the street, she was determined to know who Elyana was. It took several years and many drafts, but Sigle didn’t give up. Stubborn.
What helped bring Elyana into focus was Sigle’s growing concern about the environment. It’s funny how the mind works. She began reading a lot of books on the environment, and all that information got mixed up with her thoughts about Elyana. Now Sigle not only wanted to tell Elyana’s story, but she also wanted to let Elyana inform readers about our changing world.
Climate change is not only a concern for humans, but for the creatures who share the planet with us. Sigle’s back yard is daily visited by a variety of birds and squirrels and raccoons and sometimes ground hogs and possums chowing down on the feed she puts out. Plus a Red Tail Hawk swoops in for a warm dinner.
Her cat, Mackenzie, shares Sigle’s interest, if not her love, for these creatures. He probably wouldn’t care about polar bears threatened by extension if he knew about them, but Sigle does. Remember, she’s stubborn, and she hopes her book is not only a great read, but an igniter of passion for a better world.

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