L. M. May


L. M. May is the former pen name of Lynn Kilmore. Under her first pen name she wrote science fiction & fantasy for teens and adults, contemporary stories, and mysteries. Stories published include novels such as Cubicles, Blood, and Magic and Soul Cages. Her short stories appeared in publications such as Albuquerque The Magazine.

L. M. earned degrees in geography and physics. She worked as a research assistant and software quality engineer before becoming a full-time writer. She and her family live in the New Mexico desert.

Visit her website at lynnkilmore.com for more information, free stories, and upcoming book releases.

Under the pen name of L. M. May, Lynn Kilmore published two novels (Cubicles, Blood, and Magic; Soul Cages), one collection (Tales from the Threshold), and eight short stories (Parallels; Writer's Flight; Green Grow the Rushes; The Enchantment of Coyotes; Shade Town; Just One Date; King of All He Surveyed; A Maze of Cubicles). Everything was either reissued under Lynn Kilmore or taken off sale.

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