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  • An Awakened Life - A Journey of Transformation on July 07, 2010

    While I was tempted to savor "An Awakened Life" over a weekend afternoon, my inner voice directed me to witness Julie's spiritual transformation over the span of two weeks. Following this directive I found myself musing over her shares during my daily activities, "unforgetting" similar episodes experienced on my own path and heeding an inner call to bring renewed enthusiasm to my practice. Julie's journey inspires me to do the self-inquiry work needed to transmute shadow areas of my life into Light. Much like her "Living in Alignment" course lessons, "An Awakened Life" vibrates with the shakti of profound grace and the blessings of the Enlightened Masters. Feeling this energy of infinite consciousness, we come to know that Julie's story is as much ours as ours as it is hers. We're further reminded that those who have walked the path to enlightenment lifetimes before remain at our side offering unending guidance and support. With much love and appreciation, I thank Julie for her work in helping my-Self and others realize That. :r New York City