L. Sengul


I've always had a colorful imagination where I would often see stories play out in my mind. It's almost like having my very own movie on the go and how it pans out is up to me!
I am inspired by life and all the challenges that we as a human race have to overcome, which will hopefully show in my writing.
I have a beautiful family that keeps me on my toes and my feet very much grounded.
I am currently writing Julian, the second part to The Danfians Prophecy.

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The Danfians Prophecy Book Trailer
A Prophecy says Chloe is Destined for Greatness And the hardened bounty hunter who can't decide whether to love her or kill her must play is part in the Prophecy unwittingly.

The Danfians Prophecy ( An Epic Scifi Fantasy Romance ebook)
Part Two Of the Trailer for The Danfians Prophecy - Choose Thy Enemy or Stay Loyal to The Prophecy


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