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Smashwords book reviews by Lynn Mize

  • Land A Stranded Novel on Dec. 27, 2012

    This book is well written. The characters are well developed and the story line pulls the reader along at a comfortable pace with no dead spots. I loved the novel and couldn't put it down until I reached the last page...and such a disappointment! The novel is completely unfinished! There is no "end" of the story or resolution whatsoever. The reader is left completely caught by surprise. I thought my e-reader was malfunctioning. Then I thought I just needed to go back to Smashwords and purchase the next novel in the series but there isn't one! How disappointing.. In my opinion, Theresa should have waited to publish this until she had written the rest of the novel. My rating for this book goes from a five to a three for being incomplete.
  • The End of The World on June 02, 2013

    This was a terribly disappointing novel. It has a very interesting beginning and I was really enjoying it but I kept looking at where I was in the book versus the end of the novel, wondering how it could possibly be ending. Well, guess this author decided to end this project without much ado and she did.