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I Love Reading of Course... Reviewing Books & trying to make sense of all the words in my head & turnning them into some sort of legible
Currently working on Le trou de la mort which translates to The Pit Of Death, it's just getting started. my other story that's just sitting there is a YA romance between a drug dealer & prostitute... & it's not what you might think.
I love chatting to other book nuts, so feel free to get in touch either here goodreads or twitter : )

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  • Aventurine Heart on July 09, 2012

    *Some Little Spoilers Flittered Though Out, So You Have Been Warned! * Alexa Mayfair is about to be just another high-school graduate when a tornado strikes her hometown of Fortraven, almost killing her. This one incident changes everything Alexa has ever thought, felt or know & she struggles to grasp this new & baffling world.   Saved my an Angel, Doomed by a Devil & in Love with The Fallen Alexa must Must Push the boundaries of Common Sense & fall whole heartedly into love if she's to survive. Carol really brought back the feelings of first love which will emerge young & old,  while avoiding being condescending & playing into too much teenage angst.  "The sun broke through the clouds & appeared to burn them away in a matter of seconds. Warmth returned to the chilled air but my body still felt cold & numb. Droplets turned to diamonds on each blade of grass. I closed my eyes in an effort to change what was in front of me but when I opened them again the scene remained the same -  an empty space where he had stood"   It's the kind of book to read while lounging in a hammock sipping ice tea on holidays.........I would label it as "put-down-able" but that doesn't make it a bad book in ways sort of the opposite it was quite a refreshing read that I could brisk through in my luxurious spare time through out the day. The pocket size chapters just added to the appeal.  The Writing styles flows nicely & is easy to read, while still being engaging, tho the ending did tend to drag on...But the ending was juicy enough to want more! Alexa is a delightful, kind hearted & amicable recluse. I personally found her to be one of the most realistic  & relatable female leads that I've  read in YA in some time.....l.She's by no means perfect but that's part of the charm I guess.
  • Riley's Curse, A Moon's Glow Prequel on Jan. 09, 2013

    3.5 Stars Christina did a really good job writing riley's curse. It cant have been easy writing through a males point of view, especially a teenaged males point of view but she really pulled it off, even if at times the narration seemed flat. I loved seeing Nate grow,  evolve and go through what most people would associate with becoming a werewolf, he felt real human emotions, regret, loss, self pity, anger & loneliness my only complaint would be that sometimes I felt that the story Was rushed particularly at  key moments. Riley's Curse isn't a full novel it's a novella that gives some back ground info on Nathaniel Riley, so in that respect it very much delivers what it promised and now I'm all clued up on the werewolf cutie Nate & I'm off to read Riley's Secret! Would I recommend it?  Yes (but if I had the choice again I would read Riley's secret first) Would I re-read it?  Probably not. Am I Excited about the Second Book?  Very Much So.