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  • In the Doghouse on Nov. 27, 2018
    (no rating)
    I loved the ending, Where her dad swaps his own daughter back into princesses doggy body. Poor Jenny trapped forever as Princess. Maybe the new jenny will have the new Princess bred for some puppies.
  • The New Mom on Nov. 27, 2018
    (no rating)
    I enjoyed the female to female swap very much. How each personality changed with the new bodies. Especially mom losing her own daughters virginity and ending up pregnant which sealed both their fates.
  • Enchanted on Nov. 27, 2018
    (no rating)
    I just finished To Be Young Again, Loved how it ended with her grandfather remaining a teenager girl and losing her virginity to the boyfriend. Then getting her memories once her cherry got popped.
  • In the Doghouse on May 19, 2019
    (no rating)
    I would have liked to have read about Princess experiancing sex in her new human body for the first time.
  • Student Teacher (M2F Body Theft) on July 15, 2019

    So basically Laurens BFF Amber and the art teacher Chris take advantage of her at a weaken moment in her life to steal her body. I enjoy stories like this very much, especially as she watches Chris in her body, walk out the door to enjoy his new life as the girl he idolized.
  • What's Yours Is Mine on Aug. 15, 2020
    (no rating)
    I like how the son, not only got his stepmoms body and life, but used the crystal he found to make them swap memories. This made it easier to pass of as the stepmom to her friend and especially the husband. Where yeah, he's sleeping with his dad, but got over that thought cause his Dad is his lover.