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  • Hunting Elf, a doggone Christmas story on Dec. 22, 2010

    Hunting Elf This is a light, fun read for the dog lover on your list. Elf is the only male decendant of Tahoe, a Best of Breed silky terrier. When Tahoe dies suddenly while on loan to a breeder, shortly followed by Elf’s owner’s murder, the (arms) race is on for who will control the extraordinary genes this little guy carries. Eager to save himself from the rabid guerilla-style negotiations with other dog breeders, the widower of Elf’s owner decides to sell all the puppies immediately. The McCoys acquire Elf, who promptly turns their lives upside-down. If his own antics weren’t enough, there is a blood-thirsty gaggle of dog breeders that will stop at nothing to control his future as the sire of champions. A story full of adventure and mishaps, the story will entertain young adults most.