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Married for 22 wonderful years. 1 Amazing grandson. Love holidaying in Florida. Hope to retire their. Dream of winning the lottery like most people. Love reading amazing books. Also like to collect Autographs. Watching movies with my husband and Grandson.

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  • Thou Shalt Not Kill on June 30, 2013
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    Just finished "Thou Shalt Not Kill" by Theresa Oliver. Action from start to finish. Faith and love throughout the book. New found friendships formed from a bad situation. Kids fighting for their freedom, family, friends, their whole way of life. Its an amazing book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a bit of action and romance all rolled into one. Many thanks to Theresa Oliver for giving me the chance to read.
  • Angels Among Us on July 06, 2013
    (no rating)
    When I first started to read these stories I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it. Just with the Title. Once I got into the stories I was like OMG these are fantastic was hoping that the stories would give more. It made me look back on things that have happened in my own life and made me wonder maybe I had a Guardian Angel who looked after me when I was in a car crash. The stories are fantastic. Gives you an idea or even a strong feeling of what happens to you and when is really looking out for you when something bad happens and you make it through. I would like to thank all Authors for their stories and for helping me realise I don't have to struggle alone.
  • Cambria, Cambria Series, Book 1 on July 10, 2013

    Just finished reading today. If you like stories about Dragons, Castles, knights, Princesses, friends or even True love stories that span time then this is the perfect book for you. Seth is sent to his Great Uncle Hermans for the summer only to find that he has to help on the farm. During his time there Seth finds out that his uncle is a Sorcerer Seth and Briana are from different Eras but end up falling in Love due to Seths being sent back in time to a place called Cambria in 1128. Ends up meeting the father he thought was a Bum and his True Love Briana. With the help of a Magical Medallion that can sent someone through time to another place and back. In Cambria Seth again works on the farm with Colin (his father), Briana, Bryce and Reese (both become like brothers) Draco killed Briana's family when Briana was just a baby. She was saved by Colin and is the only father figure she has ever known. They must all fight to save Cambria and Briana after she is kidnapped by Draco to become his queen (they must save her as she is the rightful Heir). OMG I could go on and on about this wonderful book. Please please read it. I have to say towards the end i felt a lump in my throat. I'm not going to Spoil things for you but this book is a MUST read. When I finished it today I was down because I wanted to know more. So guess what i'll be doing I'm going to purchase the next book as soon as it comes out, Hoping thats not to far in the future.
  • Destined Oracle on July 19, 2013

    Made me Laugh and Cry, made me get into trouble at work cos I couldn't stop reading and went over my Tea/Lunch Breaks. The book is about a young girl who has to move to a new home because her uncle passed away and she didn't even know him. Not realising that the home she was moving to was actually a School. or that Her mother was a fallen Angel. Savina learns alot about her family once she is at this school and that she is actually half angel half wizard, who has to save her school/family/friends Savina has also fallen in love with Michael whos he finds out is also an Angel. If you like Love Stories, Action, Romance and suspence then this is definately the book for you. I so want to read the next chaper in this wonderful adventure.
  • Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles) on July 31, 2013

    Was a little diappointed when I first started to read this as the story seamed to jump about but it all came together and I was overjoyed. I've been interested in Vampires since watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This book has a mixture of action, romance and Vampires turning humans. The Story is about trying to get back the Soul of the Clan Elders Daughter who had a spell put on herself after she kept trying to run away. The Soul jumped from human girl to human girl and part of her soul remained within them. Damian used his gifts to seduce the women into thinking that they knew him and that they were in love with him to make it easier for him to take them back to his Clan Elders. Some of the women were turned and some that were was done against their law. This book is just about being turned into a Vampire but about Falling in love and joining the different Clans together to prevent war. If you like romance, love, vampire action and much more then this is definately the book for you.
  • Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer on Jan. 05, 2014

    Wow. This is a excellent story how a Rape and abuse survivor can show strength of will to survive. Caitlin was kidnapped and repeatedly raped and abused. She had to suffer at the hands of 4 different men who broker some of her bones and made her get to the point that she wanted to end it all. She was found of the beach by Nathan who also lost his Sister. Caitlin became close to Nathan who helped her from the time he found her until she went away with her friend Jo. The Twist at the end of the book was just amazing. The story really draws you in and keeps you captivated until you find that you have read the full story.