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  • Rock & Roll (Vol. I of the Savannah Rossi Chronicles) on Dec. 31, 2012

    Rock and Roll by Deliza Rafferty is short, sweet and certainly sexy at a perfect 10 pages long. Centred around Savannah Rossi a strong independent lead singer, there is no pop princess diva in sight, instead we are presented with a gorgeous deviant woman. I love her sexually commanding aggression as she pronounces ‘Bring him to me.’ Rafferty found interesting and original descriptions for her characters, describing Savannah as ‘a lusty slice of tiramisu’. Yes, the guy in this is built, with chiselled good looks and a massive cock, but there are some stereotypes that I am happy for authors to stick to! At times some of the language made me chuckle, but I appreciate that Rafferty has kept her descriptions in line with her characters, which I actually enjoyed. This all added to the atmosphere and I was impressed with her inventiveness. The mystery of the man added to the sexiness of the story and I got thoroughly lost within the descriptions of him teasing her and the power play between the two of them. This is certainly a character I would return to and I look forward to reading more tantalising escapades by Deliza Rafferty