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I am truly never without a book or my Kindle! I cannot remember a time when I didn’t read. My father taught me to read before I went to school. (Thanks, Daddy!) Reading is my solace and my entertainment. I read across many genres, but I am truly a sucker for romantic fiction in all its forms. I’m enchanted by authors who can weave a spell with their storytelling. I enjoy exploring new worlds through the eyes of their colorful characters. I’m also drawn to authors who make me laugh. Love snarky characters with sardonic commentary on the foibles of those around them. Authors who make me laugh and cry are tops on my list.

I am a romance reviewer on the blog! Check it out! I do accept requests for reviews.

I love to cook, enjoy writing reviews and do both while listening to movie scores. Yes, my other obsession, movies! Foreign, silent, classic, modern, I’m addicted to movies.

I hail from Philadelphia, and if you are ever in town, drop me a line. I know where to get the best pretzel, hoagie and steak sandwich. Stick with me, kids, I got the Motts! Be well!

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  • The Assassins' Lover on Aug. 26, 2011

    Favorite Quote: “What I feel for Hattori is the closest I’ve come to understanding what family is.” My thoughts: Ms. Holly’s story starts off innocuously enough, it is Princes Katsu Shinobi’s 30th birthday and she and her young relatives are anticipating an outing together. Ciran and Hattori are to accompany the younger princesses to ensure their safety. From the moment of their meeting, Hattori and Kat are powerfully attracted to each other. Hattori strives to hide his obvious physical attraction but seems unable to resist Kat’s charms. These three characters enjoy an interlude but are parted. Kat is falsely accused of attempted murder and is living in exile. She has rebuilt her life after the devastating accusation, and if not happy, she is content with her lot. There is explosive passion between this trio, but Ms. Holly also provided the reader with Hattori and Ciran’s back story, how they met, the past and the passion and chemistry these two men shared. Sharing their past gave me a greater understanding of the bond that existed between Ciran and Hattori. As we move forward in the story, we find our trio four years into the future, with their paths about to cross one more. Kat’s devious stepmother, wants Kat dead and has hired Ciran and Hattori to do the deed. WOW! Kat is enjoying the freedom that running her own business provides. She has found contentment and acceptance, and yet her thoughts return to the assignation she had previously with Hattori and Ciran. There is quite a bit of intrigue and action in Ms. Holly’s tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exploits of these three as they re-ignited their passion and attempted to rescue Hattori’s twin. The sex was smoking hot, as usual with Ms. Holly’s characters. In all honesty, I do not usually read menage stories, but Ms. Holly has a deft and sure hand with these characters. I cared about these folks and wondered how they were going to navigate the murky waters of a committed relationship. I loved the honesty they displayed about their doubts and how they accepted the faults and frailties of their partners. In conclusion, I heartily recommend this book! It is hot, emotional and involving. Go buy it! Be well!