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L.S. Walker is a southern girl who has traveled. Sometimes she even traveled outside the South. Blessed with a funny life and exceptional family and friends, she has many stories to tell.
Most of the stories are humorous, some are miraculous, all are adventurous.

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Adventures of a Southern Girl
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 42,070. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Humor and satire
Adventures of a Southern Girl, is a collection of short stories and musings written by a southern girl who has traveled. Most of the short stories are humorous, some are miraculous. All are adventurous. Some stories may even qualify as public service announcements. These stories are relayed in such a way as to keep their southern flavor.

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  • Daughter of Light & Dark on Jan. 24, 2013

    Very interesting book. Great world building in this story. It felt like a Tolkien type world. The creatures were interesting. I like the care of the environment and respect for other life forms that was shown in this book. Spoiler alert: The book is sweetly romantic. There is an absence of blood and gore and graphic sex that gave me a good feeling. While the impending darkness hangs in the background of your mind, the characters are great to each other. They work together, we don't see jealousy or meanness in the primary group of creatures that help the chosen one on her quest. The world and the characters here were very complex. I was worried the chosen would have to make this trek on her own but she has plenty of help, perhaps because she is so gracious and loyal to her friends. I recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a wonderful fantasy with characters on a quest. The main character must constantly choose between good or evil. That is not as easy a choice as you would think it would be. It's a very involved and wonderful world and it is filled with well thought out and complex characters. Very good book.
  • Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts on Sep. 05, 2013

    ftermath and other Zombie Stories by Edwin Stark Very enjoyable read. There are actually three short stories in this little collection. I have to say I think Edwin Stark is brilliant and if he was anywhere besides a tropical rain forest/jungle, somewhere with electricity and a few modern conveniences and a computer that worked and good internet access… you know the things many of us take for granted, if he was anywhere else… he would be a major author by now. English is not his first language, that’s true. But have no fear, he get the stories across, very well. The essences of the stories is pure, Sci-Fi, very well done. Aftermath is a story I really did not want to stop. I wanted to hear a little more about Danny Cargill. This is not a zombie story for the gruesomeness of it but… whatever caused the zombies in the first place, well, it might be wearing off. Could it be? This is a story of how people have dealt with the zombies on a long term basis. They are not doing too badly. However, they may need to change how they view their world. I know all of them won’t be able to do change the way they think, but I think Danny will. I am putting my hope and my faith in Danny in this brave new world. Zombie Cab, oh this one takes me back. I remember reading those little Sci-Fi short stories in elementary school. Not overly long, not overly explained, just enough to make you think and… very, very enjoyable. I love short stories anyway and author Edwin Stark writes some great ones. The Day Zombies Roamed Venezuela is a unique take on a zombie outbreak. I love the way this story is crafted. It is written by someone who is experiencing the first signs of an outbreak. This story made me feel like I was in the middle of it. It’s intense and it’s real. It sounded like a transmission you might actually get from an outpost… in the jungle… by people who had just come to terms with the fact that zombies are now roaming the country side… or in this case, the jungle. Chilling. I highly recommend this book and I’m giving it 5 stars because the stories are so good and after all… these stories are coming out of the jungle… out of a place that some of us would say is uncivilized… no matter that the mind of the author is brilliant… He’s crippled by lack of modern conveniences and communication devices… but the stories… oh the stories… Read them and see for yourself.