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Smashwords book reviews by Yulande Lindsay

  • Simon and the Wardrobe of Destiny on Jan. 21, 2012

    Where to begin? With how absolutely unoriginal this story is? The NUMEROUS anachronisms (where does a girl who grew up in a primitive society learn about "testosterone-laden males", the narrative structure, the language, the gay stereotyping (yes, it was there). There was so much potential for character development, with the exception of the main character Simon, there was none. As for Simon, when you wait on the last 50 pages to redeem your main character you run the risk that the reader will cheer for and encourage his demise-injury-whatever. I mean Simon was the whiniest, most annoying character! I do not expect automatic heroism or heroism at all but... The language was all cliched and taken from every 'B' sword and sorcery movie ever made. Also the book could have done with some serious editing both in terms of grammar and ideas. I gave this two stars because Smashwords doesn't allow for 1/2 stars. Mr. Green is advised that if he is to continue doing fantasy to do his research, develop his characters, create and develop his worlds to a greater degree all of which will allow readers to invest more in what happens. Also, the lecture/foreword at the beginning was simply annoying as it was too long and in the end heightened the disappointment in the book.