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  • Wormwood on Aug. 19, 2017

    Wormwood by D.H. Nevins is a skillfully-written post-apocalyptic story about angels, a demon, and a girl. Kali Michaels is a very likable solid female lead who isn't your customary damsel in distress. She leads us through the very evocative story of her world, well the whole world, falling apart beneath their feet. As she stands on a ledge one day, she finds herself facing Tiamat whom she met 10 years previously on this very same ledge. Kali leads us through her adventure with Tiamat and 99 other half human Nephilim whose assignment from the powers that be is to cleanse the earth of all humans and send them to their judgment day. Surprisingly, I found out only after reading the book that this is Nevins first try and fiction writing. I found the pages to be filled with descriptions that made it easy for the reader to enact the story in their mind as they read. Not being fond of romance, I was only slightly skeptical about reading this book as it had all the rest of the makings of a great read. The storyline was simply about more than just two people coming together, the gravity of the circumstances at the forefront. The story was so captivating that I often had to force myself to put the book down to sleep, to go to work, to eat or to pull myself back into reality. Chapter 22 was by far my favorite part of the book. Without giving anything away, in this chapter, something happened that I really did not expect. It felt like it came out of nowhere even though for many chapters before the story was building right up to this moment. My heart broke and my mind raced through what had already happened and how the story could possibly go on. Yet move on it did. And the end came with a bang. While Wormwood by D. H. Nevins is the first book of a 3 part series, if all you wanted to read was this one book, you’d be satisfied with the ending. However, if you are like me, you’ll crave more. I *always* want to know more about the characters, even with non-series books and so this ending has me hoping that D. H. Nevins has her fingers busy typing every day to bring us the next book ever so quickly and not keep us waiting too much longer. I was given a copy of Wormwood by D. H. Nevins and I am giving an honest review.