Laura Beckder


While I never dreamed I'd be a writer when I planned my future, it has become one of my passions in life. Sharing information about sex and intimacy in marriage is a topic I've fallen in love with and one that truly needs to be spoken about openly and unashamedly. It's time to educate couples about the godly aspects of sex for marriage and how couples can embrace this gift for their relationship.

As a teacher in the area of sexuality and marriage, many couples are surprised and shocked to learn just how much the world has tainted and corrupted this beautiful gift. It's always fun for me to share just how much freedom there is in the bedroom, yet it is one that few couples realize or understand.

As a happily married woman to the same man for 38 years, much of what I write about deals with things I've learned over the years-lessons I've personally experienced and truths I've discovered through extensive reading and attending conferences. My books are an effort to share with couples who want to learn more about how to enrich their marriage, bless their mate, and rekindle the flame to bring sizzle back into the marriage bed.


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