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My name is Laura Edmonds and I am the author of the children's series, “Building Memories.” I started this series nearly four years ago now whilst on maternity leave with my second child. I have two fabulous children with whom all of the comical bits wouldn't have been created.

We live in West Yorkshire and enjoy everything Yorkshire has to offer, along with two cats, two Hamsters and far too many fish!

From even before leaving school, I have always worked with children, from working in nurseries, babysitting to now working for the Children's Palliative Care Team, I've always wanted to have the chance to explain life events to the children without it being a taboo subject. I had a huge passion for psychology and how children’s minds work and wanted to come up with some great story books to test this.

I have eight children's books so far, consisting of eighty-eight short stories. This book is volume one and I am currently working my way through the ninth series.

I am also writing some great books to accompany these for adults, based on the lives of these families and the gritty details of why these children's lives are turning out the way they have.
I wanted my books to be books the whole family can enjoy. As well as to have an underlying message, they also had to tell a fun story, a story that children would want to read and anyone who has picked one up, soon picks them all up!

My books challenge subjects such as disability, sexuality and death, to show how great children cope in these situations, and how resilient they are to these changes. Children deserve a lot more credit for what they can actually understand and deal with; they are marvelous examples of how we could actually cope ourselves!

Laura Edmonds

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