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Laura Kragie M.D. is a well-credentialed Physician and Scientist who has contributed significantly to both clinical practice and bench science. She was one of the first doctors in the United States to treat HIV/AIDS patients and more recently, was part of the H1N1 Pandemic Flu Response Team. Throughout her varied and long career in Translational Medicine she tested many new therapeutics, assessing both their beneficial and harmful effects. She compared new products to currently available therapies, including the alternative health practices, in order to assess their strategic value and impact on patient health.

When writing fiction, she uses the name L.A. Kragie, instead of her professional name, Laura Kragie M.D. With "Vampire Chimeras", her first 'Crichtonesque' thriller novel, she hopes to teach the reader about a disease that can potentially affect 40% of the world's population and the cutting edge science being applied to finding its cure.

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