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  • Syzygy on Sep. 04, 2010
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    Syzygy is as unusual as its title. Uniquely presented as a story told to Miriam, an old woman in a mental hospital, by a new patient, the reader is taken along with Miriam into a world of tension, conflict, mad scientists, and the sacrifices that can only be made for true love. Syzygy is an exciting tale of a paranormal organized crime family pitted against two young lovers, told in a fresh and enchanting new voice. The characters are fun and well developed, the plot intriguing, with numerous twists and turns. Can true romance survive evil and betrayal? Is the love of one woman enough to help a disturbed young man reclaim his honor and integrity? Or will the betrayal of both good and evil ruin our hero’s chance to be more than he ever believed he could be, even as he tried to be less than he is? And can the price of having superpowers ever really be too high? For all these answers and more, Syzygy is a must read. Definitely worth the time.