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Hi there, wonderful readers!

My name is Laurean Brooks, And I LOVE it when a story comes together!

I live in rural northwest Tennessee, a stone's throw from the Kentucky state line. Besides writing, I enjoy singing in the choir, reading, browsing flea markets with hubby, and walking in the woods with my two loveable Labs, Yipper and Riley.

After a fifth grade teacher announced to the class, "Someday, Laurie will become an author," I itched to create spunky, unique characters and outlandish situations--always with humor.

I'll introduce you to charming heroes who live to ignite the tempers of spitfire heroines, and to sassy heroines who are always ladies...though they do frequently choke on their own shoe leather.

You can be assured that all my stories will have a G rating. So snuggle up with your daughter, download a story, and get caught up in a sweet romance. Laugh, cry, relax, and enjoy!

Keep checking back. My shortstory "Jonquils in the Snow" will soon be posted here at Smashwords. I loved writing this one. The words flowed like honey. Hope your reading enjoyment equals mine while writing it.

JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS, a historical, inspirational romance set in 1938, and released by White Rose Publishing in 2009, is Laurean Brooks' debut novel.


"Can a young woman with a haunted past embrace a future with the charming man who has stolen her heart? But is that all he has stolen?"

Journey To Forgiveness has received 5-star reviews at "You Gotta Read book reviews" and "Review Your"

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  • Dove Island on Feb. 07, 2010

    Christopher's tenderness toward Roxanne touched my heart. My kind of hero. Christopher risked his own life to rescue her. I'd like to see this one made into a full length, complete with the battle with the pirates and the shark. Miss Mae has done it again! Spun another exciting tale that will keep you on the edge until the very end.
  • Small is Beautiful on Dec. 03, 2010

    I enjoyed this tender romance between Brad, the basketball player and Judy, the petite chemistry major. The way Brad took up for Judy made me long for a simpler time when men were Kights in shining armor who rescued their damsels in distress, and cherished them. The chemistry between Brad and Judy is real enough to be felt. Mr. Hammersley has a gift for vivid description, whether it's a scene or the character's facial expression or his/her stance. I look forward to reading more of this talented writer's work.
  • Through a Glass Darkly on Sep. 05, 2011

    It goes from bad to worse to impossible when Vexen and Remard launch out to deliver a super vaccine to Xendox. A virus invades the controls of their spaceship. When Vexen contacts her husband, Leland for help, he sends a hologram of himself. Wait! Is it really a hologram or is it Leland? Will Vexen discover which is the evil hologram and which is her beloved husband? Complete with visuals of gripping battles between good and evil, edge-of-the chair-suspense and a foul-smelling Gorshah spider that will make you run for cover, Miss Mae has again proven herself. This time in the SF genre. Hang onto your chair and enjoy the ride!
  • Photo Beauty on Oct. 29, 2011

    Smitten with the modeling pictures he's seen of blonde beauty Gena, Dave Canter pays three grand for one dinner date with her. For the Indianapolis wood crafter, that's a large sum. But no amount of money is too much to just meet Gena. Gena's attitude is cool at first and Dave's nervousness is apparent. But he remains the perfect gentleman. It doesn't take long for Gena to realize that Dave's interest in her is genuine. Between Gena's flights to Paris, and other job-related trips, the two find time to be together. Their relationship blossoms. Still, Dave hesitates to pop the question. What would a glamorous lady like Gena want with an ordinary wood crafter? The story holds several surprises. I am impressed with Mr. Hammersley's unique ability to tell a story and his use of vivid description. As a reader I could envision every facial expression and movement. I was pulled into every scene and felt the attraction between Dave and Gena. If you aren't a Larry Hammersley fan yet, you will be. His stories just get better. I highly recommend this sweet romance, "Photo Beauty."
  • Ahoy, Gum Drop! on April 25, 2013

    A cast of quirky characters leave Gum Drop Island to solve a mystery. They set sail for Moldy Corners on the Good Ship Sugar Daddy, having no idea what they will find when they arrive. Mort The Mothball Millionaire charges exorbitant fees for his mothballs. It takes groves of them to protect the mouthwatering goodies that grow on Gum Drop Island--those delectable confectioneries found on bushes and trees. Licorice twists, lollipops, candy canes and chocolate bars, to name a few, thrive on mothballs. Mort the Mothball Millionaire claims he is forced to raise prices due to a mothball shortage. But what...or who...has caused the shortage? Raucous music assaults the crews' eardrums each time someone says, "Gum Drop Island." Who is responsible for this clanging noise that seems to emanate from who knows where? And is there a connection between the ear-splitting music and the mothball shortage? Slimy mold drips from trees as the crew steps from the ship onto the shores of Moldy Corners. A bevy of buzzards greet them on their trek toward Mort's Mansion. When the spooky buzzards swoop toward the crew, they scream and scatter. But this does not deter them from their quest. Yuri O' Wise-guy-eh? leads the gang of unusual characters on their mission. You will meet Cuddles, who protects her little winged creatures; Moose, who seems to have a constant chocolate ring around his mouth; Taz, the woman from "down under" who still walks on her hands; and Heathcliff The Opossum,(who only speaks Possumese) but is the detective hired to crack "The Case of the Mothball Shortage." M.M's. story is filled with adventure, mishaps, and loveable characters whose witty dialogue and misadventures kept me chucking and turning the pages. One minute I laughed, the next minute shivers raced up my spine. I highly recommend this book to everyone aged nine to ninety. You won't be disappointed. This author knows how to carry a plot and build it. I look forward to reading more stories by M.M.
  • Unleashed on Nov. 10, 2017

    Unleashed is a short, but riveting story by suspense author Miss Mae. Some shadowy "THING" is responsible for the disintegration of human flesh. What is it? Will they trap it before it spreads through the entire human race? A better question: Will YOU be the same after you've read Unleashed? Good question.
  • The Timekeeper on April 09, 2018

    Mortimer is a tricky old fella. I would not want him for a neighbor. This short read will make your skin prickle, send tingles down your spine, and give you a phobia of grandfather clocks. One thing about it, old Mortimer knows how to turn a buck. So many customers, too many disappearances. Where did they all go? As with most of Miss Mae's captivating mysteries, the answer is left to your imagination. A wonderful and visual mystery that will keep you glued to the page. I highly recommend it for ages 10 and up.