Laurelei Lane

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Laurelei Lane lives in a large white walled house on the North Devon coast in the south west of the England, where she shares wonderful views with the many seagulls that like to hang out on the roof.

Now that both her daughters have flown the nest -- away at university or, in the summer months, off travelling -- she finds herself home-alone, more often than not, and so has lots of free time to work on her stories.

She writes whenever she can, beginning many projects but finishing only a few. As a reward for actually completing a story she will allow herself a treat: usually a stroll down to the beach in the late afternoon to appraise the pretty, backpacking year-out students that festoon the North-Devon shore during the summer season. Her latest encounter is a work just completed.

Laurelei's great love is people; they fascinate her. She likes to observe them in all kinds of situations. Long conversations with friends about mutual friends are another of her great pleasures (gossip). But above all she likes to think about making love... to all kinds of people, and occasionally doing so. For her, sex is the marzipan and icing on the already fruit laden cake of life. The simple idea, wish, or possibility of a sexual encounter can open doors in her imagination which take her far beyond mere sexuality. Entire worlds come to exist.

She hopes you have -- or soon will have -- enjoyed accompanying her in exploring what lies over the threshold of her sordid imagination.