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  • Dirty Little Angels on March 30, 2011
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    I must say, I struggled with this review for quite some time. I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about the book. Entertaining, definitely. Well-written, yes. But it was difficult. Trapped in a section of New Orleans that is decaying, Hailey, her brother, and her friends have little else to do besides sex, drugs, and violence. When Hailey's brother (and ultimately, everyone) becomes entwined with a rogue preacher named Moses, who spews religious venom as an excuse to act badly, the downward spiral quickens. It was a tough read because you felt for the characters, as unlikeable as they were. Each character, at some point in time (with the exception of one that I can think of), wears their heart on their sleeve- and you want to like that part of them. Unfortunately, these good intentions are often wrapped in violent mysteries, horrible choices, and extreme emotions. It makes you think- how would I act if I were stuck in these situations?