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  • The Bluest Eyes in Texas on Feb. 12, 2013

    Tori Scott does an amazing job telling this story. Cooper Saunders pro Bull rider for years and has taken numerous beatings to his body. Cooper is sent to his hometown of Morris Springs for rehab and recovery. Nancy if you've read the previous books moved to town a few years ago to be closer to her college friend. She's looking for a change in occupation. Nancy decides she want to do physical therapy. Cooper becomes one of her patients and the story progresses from there. Determined to return to bull riding, Cooper is stubborn and pushing hard to be ready to finish out the season. Nancy is attracted to him but tells herself he's not the man she's looking for , that he's too stubborn and focused on the rodeo to care about anything else. Cooper is intrigued by the sexy red headed therapist and they work together to get him ready to ride again. After being released he returns to the rodeo to finish out the season. Nancy decides to go to the rodeo in Vegas with her friends and Coopers parents. Determined to fight her attraction for Cooper she gives him the cold shoulder while at the rodeo and is determined to keep her distance until he is badly injured during his second ride. Cooper falls into a slump and basically gives up any chance at recovering again and feels he will be a burden to his family and friends, while Nancy is determined to get him on his feet again and not giving up on him. She pushes him and challenges him along the way and the sparks fly. This story is an emotional ride of courage, loss, determination and love. You feel the characters pains and triumphs, laugh and cry with them, and genuinely feel like part of their story. The Bluest Eyes in Texas is wonderfully written and will leave you wanting more. There are twists and turns and heartwarming surprises as well along the way. I can't wait until the next book in this series to see how these characters are moving forward in their new lives.