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Lea Karen Kivi, M.A. is the president of Angela’s Heart Communications Inc., a communications and consulting company in Toronto, Canada.Previously, she worked as a technical writer in Silicon Valley, California. Outside of work, her writings touch on both the light side and dark side of community life, with a view to bringing unity, healing, and forgiveness where needed. Topics of her articles range from reporting on community celebrations to the analysis of particularly painful and sensitive issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse by clergy. She has studied philosophy and French literature at the University of Toronto, biblical languages and exegesis at Regis College, and pastoral ministry at Santa Clara University.

Ms. Kivi has provided input to diocesan clergy sexual abuse policies, and provided training material on appropriate boundaries in ministry to the Jesuits of Upper Canada. Currently, she is seeking to advocate on behalf of survivors of clergy abuse, and to work both with survivors and faith community leaders to find ways to prevent abuse of children, men, and women, and, where possible, to support healing and reconciliation of the abused with the individuals and/or institutions responsible for the abuse. Her company is sponsoring a website, http://www.angelasheart.ca, which proposes to launch a non-profit group to provide “healing circles” and other resources for survivors and others impacted by abuse in its various forms and circumstances in society.
In her first book, “One Day at a Time: A Prayerful Journey through the Bible,” and in public appearances, Ms. Kivi encourages faith in a perfect God and prayerful reading of the Scriptures. Faith communities, as all communities, are composed of imperfect people, but, Kivi believes, we can turn to God with confidence for healing, comfort, and guidance even when our faith communities are the source of our suffering. This journey through the entire Bible with daily reflection questions and prayers is available on her personal website, www.ladybutterfly.ca, or can be purchased in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats through various online retailers, as well as traditional bookstores.

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