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Liam S. Blades (1992-present, amazingly), was born in a hospital in Edinburgh. Grew up in various locations throughout the island of the United Kingdom. Studied in various locations within the UK, and ended up returning to Edinburgh in 2010, graduating from Napier University with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2014. By profession he has worked as a contract driver and security staff in various locations. He started writing his book series 'The Rings Of The Lords' (TROTL) in college, and completed it during his university years in his spare time. Liam believes that no time is wasted time, that there is never enough time, and that every unit of time must be appreciated and made use of.

Trance music is life,
Motorcycles are awesome,
and the possessed, deranged screaming of a goat is proof that they understand the foundations of comedic value in this world.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing, and what inspired you?
I started with my first title 'The Rings Of The Lords', while I was in college, and finished it while completing my mechanical engineering degree. I wrote the book in my free time, and basically I wrote this fantasy/epic that became an increasingly twisted spoof of the whole genre; cramming various funny and weird ideas I'd come up with over the years, and adapted it into the book. The project was delayed due to a variety of unfortunate events (including road accidents), and after I recovered I resumed the work. No matter how bad things get, I've tried to see the funny side of things, and this is reflected by the unfortunate events and occurrences that the characters in my book go through; emphasising the brutal realities of life while at the same time creating a twisted, comical escalation to the story.
What is your opinion of the fantasy epic genre? What do you think of other fantasy epics?
Overall I'd say positive. I admire technical and scientific achievements, so for example when I see a highly graphical portrayal of non-existent mythical creatures in film or video games, I appreciate the effort that the engineers and designers had to go through to create that. Normally in terms of films or games, I respect how well something is made by how realistic or 'believable' it is, and this is the one genre I give an exception to, because to me the fantasy/epic genre is inherently purposely silly. In other genres of films, I will pick apart the 'movie mistakes' mercilessly, and similarly for books, or games. But with fantasy epics, for example the Lord Of The Rings films, the graphical portrayal of a talking tree overcomes the fact that it's a talking tree. Or in the game series Elder Scrolls; it's fun (although unrealistic) to blast small animals away with ridiculously powerful lightning spells if it is graphically impressive. Not that I would advocate the electrocution of small animals in real life. I have never been a fan of the Harry Potter series; I remember after seeing the first film as a kid with my mother in the cinema, we went outside and I said "The best thing about that film was the popcorn", to which she agreed. Overall I think the fantasy genre is too romanticised, things go way too smoothly; in reality bad things happen, people suffer severe injuries, disease, agonising deaths, and even do the inescapable act of going to the toilet. This is reflected in my book.
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The Rings Of The Lords: The Recycling Of The Rings
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 161,710. Language: English. Published: July 12, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Fantasy » General
An unsuspecting peacekeeping task force led by a substance-abusing wizard sets out to stop a looming invasion. Their mission becomes increasingly sidetracked as they find themselves in a bizarre variety of situations, encountering many questionable creatures and characters along the way.

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