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Lee's mother had a ruptured appendix soon after she became pregnant with him. Doctors said that because of the poisons from the burst appendix, and the subsequent medication required by his mother, he would not survive. Defying odds, Jackson was born.

He was a sickly weak child and could not even run until about the age of 10. Determined not to be a weak and sickly boy, he pushed himself physically, becoming proficient at climbing, jumping, gymnastics and even broke the world record in sit-ups.

In school, he started out very slowly. The teachers continually advised his mother that he should be held back. She told them she would work with him, and to keep him with his peers. Eventually, he went from the bottom of the class to near the top, winning the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award Medal in high school.

Next he wanted to develop his hands on abilities and joined the US Marines. He excelled in studies and broke academic records in the military schools he attended, but working in the field, his lack of hands on experience really showed up. Jackson gained the nickname of Murphy, because he broke everything on the helicopters when he tried to work on them.

When he disabled a helicopter just by trying to change a light bulb, a special investigation was run on him because it was believed he was a Soviet spy whose mission was to cripple the Marine Corp Air Fleet. It seems that nobody could purposely repeat the accidental damage that Jackson had caused. He was suspected to be a high trained Soviet Operative.

Having a completely clean background, Jackson was moved to the military intelligence unit where he was put in charge of Classified Material Control. Unlike doing the hands on work where he unintentionally grounded squadron helicopters, Jackson was proficient at his work in the intelligence unit. Within 3 months of being put in charge of Classified Material, he moved the inspection rating from failing to Noteworthy (highest rank given).

After the Marines, Jackson did dozens of manual labor jobs before wandering out to California and attending college there. Not wanting to place a financial burden on his parents who were paying for the college expenses of 3 of his siblings simultaneously, he did not reveal that he was attending college, merely that he was doing work in California. His parents only found out he was a college student when they received the invitation to his graduation ceremony.

Eventually, Jackson attended several different schools, colleges, and universities earning over 400 semester credit hours of college. If anyone asks him about his academic accomplishments, he just laughs and says the only thing that all the diplomas and certificates are good for is to wall paper an ugly wall, and that a moron with persistence can outperform a college graduate on most days.

Jackson writes part time and runs several businesses in the USA and Japan, and plans on expanding into other countries with a growing economy. One of his life goals is to plant a forest in the desert.

Book Series by Jackson: True but Unusual Series
Inspirational Series
Save the Planet Series

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
I do not consider people to be fans, I consider them students. I am sharing information with them that can expand their understanding of the world and the very unusual people in it. In some cases, the information can help protect them from potential dangers they would have not known otherwise.
What are you working on next?
I have several books already written. Many of these have been written long ago, but I never had a chance until now to publish them. They range from helpful and inspirational to shocking. Some books already finished but not yet available for sale are: From Hobo to Millionaire (true story about a man who at the age of 25 lived in the forest under a lean to, and at the age of 85 was worth millions) From Nerd to Jarhead (True and comical story of bookworm type kids who joined the Marines, this is a very factual hence NON politically correct story) Aliens Among Us (Kind of spooky and verified account of non humans living openly among us...You can SELF VERIFY) There are others as well, but these are among my favorites.
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"When the door opened on the other side of the room, everything stopped, like time was frozen. It felt like liquid darkness had just gushed through a gaping chasm. Cold chills raced up my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I desperately wanted to flee from the room, but I was nearly paralyzed by feelings of extreme nausea. I had just sensed an evil force enter the room."

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